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The Cube Boardgame

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Brand: Ideal

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2013 10:20
      Very helpful



      A good game as long as you can get it at a good price and don't take it too seriously!

      One of the things that were on my son's Christmas list this year was the cube board game. He adores watching the show when it is on and it is one of those occasions where we are both sat down being drawn in to the same programme and so when he asked for the game for Christmas I knew that I wanted to buy it for him. I had seen mixed reviews on the game and so wanted to get it at a good price. In the end I ordered it online from one of my catalogues with a ten pounds off code and so I got it for just under twenty pounds. I have noticed it is selling for around £13-£15 on amazon currently should you be interested in purchasing it.

      ==What is it?==

      For those who may not be aware the cube is a programme on itv in which people complete a series of physical and mental challenges within a cube to try and win money. For so many people the pressure is too much when they enter the cube and they can often lose lives on what would seem to be the more simple tasks. It was with this is mind that I wondered how they would replicate that feeling for a board game!

      The game is made by ideal and comes in a sturdy cardboard box which features a picture of the cube on the front as well as the female who shows contestants how to do the challenges-think the stig from top gear in terms of costume only she is a woman!

      The game is marketed as a family challenge game where you have to try and beat the electronic cube. I would say the key word here is "family" because I don't think it is the kind of game a child would get much out of playing with just another child personally. The game box tells us that the game is suitable for those aged eight plus and for 2-6 players. My son is seven but I felt he would be ok to have a go at this game because he is quite bright.

      ==Our opinion==

      On Christmas day when we have had our meal and had time just to chill for a while we like to play board games. As I make the Christmas dinner for all of my family they are generally round at my house from lunch time onwards and whilst my Dad and Brother tend to disappear in the early evening my Mum and Sister stay at my house until much later so we can play games. The cube was actually the first game my son wanted to have a go at on Christmas day and I was pleased really as I felt it would work best with a few of us playing!

      We actually had my sisters rabbit at my house on Christmas day too and he is the only reason we decided to play the game at the dining table because he tends to be a bit mischievous but as we began opening the box and taking out the pieces it was clear that it is best played at a table anyway. Inside the box there are various pieces of kit including an electronic cube which requires three AAA batteries which aren't included, as well as pieces of plastic tubing, balls, boards and other such things used for creating and completing challenges and so you need a good area of space to play this game.

      We decided to spread out the pieces around the table leaving only the electronic cube and the money board in the middle so that we had space to play and this worked quite well. The instructions for play are quite comprehensive but not the easiest to read and digest all at once and so we took in the basic elements and then just checked back to the instructions when there was something that we weren't too sure about and this worked well for us. I would imagine the more you play the game the less you need to check little things on the instructions anyway.

      The basics of this game is that each player is given nine lives, a simplify card and a trial run card. There are two separate sets of cards which are designed to give you challenges and the first set is used until you are up to the £20,000 mark and then the second set are used for the rest of the challenges up to £250,000 as they are more difficult apparently. Each player has to complete the same challenge and you are only out of the game should you decide to stick on a certain money level because you feel you will not complete the next task or if you lose all of your lives.

      There is a mixture of physical and electronic tasks within this game and I have to say you will find some that are reasonably ok to complete, some which are hard and some which are down right impossible to do. Examples of electronic games may be where a series of letters are flashed at you in quick succession and then you have to repeat them or repeat them backwards! You may be asked to predict when a flashing line will reach a target area or be asked to count out ten seconds and hit the timer when you think the time has passed. For the most part I think it is fair to say that the electronic games, whilst some are tricky, are more likely to be completed without losing all of your lives! The physical games in this board game can be quite difficult and a challenge for adults so they are so much more difficult for a child. An example would be balancing a small plastic ball on a long tube with a small plate at the top for thirty seconds or balancing a tower of tubes on just one finger for thirty seconds! There are some challenges in this game which I have to say really are impossible and I noticed this when I was reading reviews prior to purchasing it for my son so I cannot say I was misinformed when I purchased it.

      On Christmas day when we first played this game you could see the concentration on everyone's faces as we played and due to the fact that some of the challenges were impossible for us as adults as well as for my son he wasn't left feeling useless by the game and so was happy to play again. Of course as adults we all got a little competitive with one another and yet we were really rallying for one another as well and so if one of us did manage to complete the challenge there was pure elation on our faces and everyone else was pleased for us too!

      My son and I have played this game a couple of times since Christmas just the two of us and he has beaten me on both occasions and so whilst I think some of the games have an adult focus it is clear that in some cases children have the upper hand with this! He enjoys the challenges and even though they may seem impossible sometimes he likes having a go anyway and doesn't become despondent when he can't do it because he knows that his mummy can't do them any better!

      Considering that this game was selling for up to thirty pounds before Christmas I have to say that at that price it was certainly over priced. Basically all you get in the box are bits of plastic, balls, challenge cards and a electronic device but for the £13-£15 I have seen it for sale for since I think you can have a lot of fun with this game. It is the kind of game that despite being purchased for my son I would get out if I had friends round for a get together and a few drinks because I think adults would enjoy having a go as much as children would! I think as long as you don't go in to this game thinking that it is going to be a breeze or take it personally when you cannot get the small ball to bounce in to the cube for the 9th time then you will have a giggle playing this game!

      Recommended but don't take it too seriously!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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