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The Hamburger Board Game

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Brand: Spears Games / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2012 19:49
      Very helpful



      Building a burger has never been so much fun

      Just seeing the name of this game makes me hungry, seeing the board makes me even more hungry. Course it isn't a good idea to eat the small counters that come with this game, even if they do have pictures of burgers, buns, cheese and other tasty food. So instead I shall tell you about this great game!
      This game is for 2-4 players, aged 6 to adult.

      In the box:
      1 board
      1 dice
      Counters (ingredients)
      4 playing pieces

      The box:
      The box is bright red and has an image of a Hamburger on the front. It also shows all the ingredients heading towards the bun. A simple but effective design that appeals to children.

      The board:
      Each corner is a different colour to match the playing pieces. The board has 4 images of burger buns in these corners with circles on that contain different ingredients for your hamburger. In the middle of the board there is a load of white circles where your counters will go. In between are many squares with images of the ingredients for your burger and one square in front of each player's bun which contains a plate.

      The images are all cartoon drawings and the colours are bold and bright so it certainly appeals to children. The food is kind of made to seem human with faces and hands - it almost seems wrong that they still make you feel hungry!

      Setting the game up:
      First time you play it you will have to sort the counters out and place the images of the ingredients on them. Once you have them on you can then turn the counters over (so they are face down) and place them on the white circles. After placing the images on the counters the first time it'll be much quicker to set up next time you want to play as you only have to do this once. Make sure you don't know what ingredients are placed where.

      Playing the game:
      Playing the game is simple. The aim is to find all the ingredients you need for the burger and place them on your bun before the other players. The winner is the first to have a completed hamburger.

      The rules that come with this game are on just one sheet of paper, but they tell you everything you need to know.

      Each player chooses a colour and places their playing piece on the plate in front of the bun which matches the colour they choose. So for example, if you were the blue playing piece you'd have the bun in the blue corner and place the piece on the blue plate in front.

      Your aim is to get all 7 ingredients; the bun, pickles, onions, ketchup, cheese, meat (burger) and the tomatoes. It's really obvious which ingredient is which and each is colourful with a different expression. For example, the meat (burger) has flames around it and looks worried while the nice red tomato looks quite happy.

      Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice. There are 3 different types of squares.

      Ingredients squares:
      On ingredients squares you take one counter from the middle and look at it (make sure no one else sees) and if it is the ingredient matches the square you are on you can place it down on your burger. You can then have another turn. Otherwise you must place the counter back. Try and remember what it is and where it is though as you may be needing it later on!

      Bun squares:
      The bun square is a useful square if you know where a certain ingredient is that you need. On this square you must say the ingredient you are looking for then attempt to find it. Sometimes you won't know where any are and it is just luck whether you actually pick up what you are looking for.

      Plate squares:
      These are the best squares. Obviously with having up to 4 players there are 4 plate squares in the game. It doesn't matter if 4 people aren't playing though. When you land on a plate you can pick up any counter. If it is an ingredient you don't have you can keep it. Unlike the bun there is no need to say what you are looking for. What makes the plates even better is that if there is someone building a burger on that corner you can take any ingredient from their plate (assuming you don't already have it, of course). This makes the game much more interesting.

      If at any point you find an ingredient you already have it must be placed back in the centre. If you've landed on an ingredients square and already have that ingredient you can take a look at any counter. You can't take that counter, but you may find it is one that you need in which case you can remember it for later.

      This is a fun game to play even with just 2 players and even though it is aimed at children it's fun for adults too. It certainly tests your memory so it is a great way to keep your mind active.

      How long it takes to play a game depends on how many people are playing and how good their memory is, plus how lucky you are. Games can last from around 10 minutes, but if you have 4 children who can't remember where things are or they keep stealing ingredients off each other you may find the game lasts much longer.

      This game is quite durable. As with most boards it is likely to wear slightly over time. The main problem, especially with kids, is you are likely to lose the counters. The counters are all yellow on the back and they are fairly big counters, but if you drop one it could easily roll off and be hard to find.

      This game is definitely aimed towards children, but it is a game that is fun for all and is a great way to test your memory. If you want a game with more to do then Hamburger isn't really the game for you. But for those who want a simple yet challenging game that you can just pick up and play then this is a great game. I highly recommend this game, especially if you have kids.


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