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The Million Pound Drop Board Game

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Manufacturer: Drummond Park / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2012 09:13
      Very helpful



      A good game

      Like many families we all play board games at Christmas, its one of the only times the whole family are together for any period of time and so playing games is something we all enjoy rather than just chatting or watching the tv! Every year for Christmas my mum buys me a game, even now at 32 I still get them! This year apparently my mum had planned to buy me The Cube board game but after reading reviews (yep, I have now got her into reading up on everything before buying!!!) on it and seeing how negative they were she changed her mind and bought me The Million Pound Drop game.

      What is The Million Pound Drop?
      For those of you who haven't come across The Million Pound Drop, it is a live television game show hosted by Davina McCall. The idea of the game is two players start with a million pounds and have to answer eight questions, keeping as much money in play as they can. There is a choice of two categories to choose the question from and all of the questions are sort of multiple choice, in that there are four possible answers to choose from. The clock will start once the question is asked and the contestants have a minute to move their money onto the trapdoors containing the answers. One drop must be left clear at all times (so you can't make sure that by putting money on every answer you are through to the next question!). After question 4 the possible answers drops to three and then on the final question, number 8, there are just two answers to choose from.

      The Million Pound Drop board game comes packaged as any board game does, in a strong cardboard box and features the logo from the tv show alongside a picture of Davina. Inside the box you will find the board, question cards, egg timer and money. Building the game board was a lot trickier than I expected and I ended up just giving up and my brother built it up for us. It comes in several cardboard pieces which only fit together one way and the large piece with the "drops" fits on top of the tall base. The million pounds are tiny little £25K pound notes which need popping out of a cardboard sheet in order to play.

      How To Play
      Playing the game is just identical to the television show. One person should be "Davina" and two players (minimum) should form the playing team. Of course you can play with more people should you so wish, one particular game we had four players on a team. Alternatively you could play alone, you just obviously have nobody to confer with! One thing I was surprised about was the questions, it was a little confusing at first which question and answer related to which. Each side of the card has a category and question with four possible answers underneath. However, the answers relate to the opposite side of the card (along with the answer to the question you are asking - if that makes sense!).

      When moving the money onto the drops we found that as they are so small and fiddly there really wasn't enough time to move them all and balance them without them just falling off all over the place so we resorted to using some of my daughters mini hair bobbles to keep them in bundles of £100K. When the money has all been placed on the drops, it is down to "Davina" to reveal which answers drop, and this is done by just pressing gently on the drops and the trapdoor opens, dropping the money underneath and out of play. The idea is to complete all eight questions with as much money in play as possible, and anything you have after the final question is the winnings.

      An example of the questions:

      What is the colour Y on the Ebay logo? A) Blue B) Red C) Yellow D) Green. You can then place as much money as you like on one or more of the answers, leaving one drop clear.

      Playing the game was actually really good fun, my brother plays the part of Davina a little too well and tried to make it all tense, especially when there was large amounts of money on certain answers. Some of the questions are really simple and so you feel you can put the full amount on the correct answer, others are ridiculously hard and so you have to split your money up (leaving one drop clear). It was quite amusing how nervous we all felt at times when playing the game, as if we were playing with real money so I dread to think how it must be actually being on the show and playing for such a huge amount of money!!

      This game is a really fun one to play with the family but it definitely has some negative points. Firstly the money, it is tiny and you are supplied with a million only so if you were to lose any of the little cards then it is tough luck really as you have no spares which I think is quite disappointing really. Secondly, while it looks good the board is very poor quality. It unfortunately has to be built up every time you want to play the game and it is quite flimsy cardboard so already it is looking a little shabby (and that is only being played over the Christmas period!). The drops are even worse, one slight touch and they fall down and on the second day of playing one of them had snapped off completely with no force whatsoever.

      Negatives aside I would still happily recommend The Million Pound Drop as we enjoyed playing it and it was one that everyone wanted to play. You can find the game on Amazon from £14.99 which isn't a bad price considering the price that you can expect to pay in the shops.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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