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The Simpsons Board Game

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Winning Moves / Family Games

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    4 Reviews
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      08.02.2010 14:04
      Very helpful



      A great, unique game for all the family.

      This game is a fun, fast paced game. It contains six mini games to play within the game. The object of the game is to collect as many tokens as possible, relevant to your character. So if you are Bart, you are collecting skateboards and if you are Lisa, you collect Saxo-ma-phones. There are so many spaces for all the players tokens and once this spaces has been filled up, the game ends. The player with the most tokens at the end of the game, wins.

      You move your piece around the middle and land on spaces that send you to one of the mini games. The mini games are quite different to one another. The sub games might have you taking an IQ test in Springfield Elementary (questions are about the show), playing a snakes and ladders type game at the Nuclear Power Plant, betting for tokens on the school field trip or controlling the other players as the Mayor. But my personal favourite is Moe Tavern which has players doing silly things such as gargling the national anthem, tap dancing for a minute or juggling with ice cubes.

      This game can be slow to start with as there are many little games that you need to understand, but once you've got it, it is fast paced with characters moving all over the place.

      It can be frustrating sometimes as you often end up in the same places and these places seem to take longer than the ones you never end up in but want to. But this is a great game for children, and also makes a good drinking game if you add vodka (and minus the children of course). It is a unique game and is very fun.

      the game is for 2 - 6 players and is recommended for ages 8+, but younger players could play with some help.


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      06.07.2009 00:02



      Loved this game. On the face of it there seem to be a lot of rules, but really it's very much throw the dice and move to the right space, with the Power Plant, for example, just really being 'Snakes and Ladders'. Moe's Tavern is the most hilarious and my nine year old was on the floor laughing at one point. Definite fun for all the family (and not too time consuming either!).My son just came over and told me he'd give it ten out of ten!


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      12.08.2008 09:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Superb! Buy it!

      This is a great game. I absolutely love it! It looks pretty complicated at first sight but it is really easy to pick up once you get started. You pick a character from the Simpsons family and move your character around the board collecting tokens and performing tasks.

      Off from the main board are a series of mini games that you have to go and play if you land on certain squares. Each of these seven games has its own set of rules... now don't look like that! It's simple to follow. Honestly! It certainly isn't boring because you never know what course the game will take and which mini games you will end up playing.

      The main board is the Simpson's front room. You win token by completing tasks and you deposit these on the front room carpet. The game is over once the carpet is full. The winner is the person with the most tokens on the carpet. You see, easy!!

      Ok, I'll level with you. the first time we played this we had to sit with the instructions and take every move really slowly and read up each step of the way. But it honestly was worth it because after that initial go, there was no stopping us! Also, you do tend to remember the rules when you go back to the game after a few months of not playing it, so it really can't be that complicated.

      BEST BIT
      It is so funny! You could be elected Mayor and have control over the other players, perform karaoke or perrform stunts at Moe's tavern, take Skinner's IQ test or even go on a school trip. The board game really uses the personalities of the characters in planning the various mini games.

      You will need to sit down with the instructions for the first go. You can't just read and play because there are 7 games in one. It is worth the effort though.

      Ages 8+
      2-6 players
      Tokens are cardboard but very robust

      Excellent for adults and kids. I love it! Would make a really novel gift. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Enjoy!


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        02.10.2007 10:37
        Very helpful



        A fun filled family board game

        Even though we now live in a computer and console dominated world my boys still love an old fashioned board game. Don't get me wrong they love their X-box but are just as happy to play monopoly, payday, cluedo and a range of the new DVD board games that are taking up space in their bedroom!

        My eldest actually got this game for his birthday last year; both my boys are big fans of the Simpson's so when he saw this game advertised he wanted it. As I usually end up having to referee between them when they play these games it also needs to be a game that I would enjoy! I prefer faster paced games that are also fun and do not have to many complicated rules, not that I am thick or anything but my youngest loses interest very quickly so I need to be able to hold his attention.

        So did this game tick all the boxes?


        The box itself is a bit different to the one shown in the picture and is very colourful with a picture of a load of Simpson's residents watching the telly in the Simpson's house. The actual game board is very colourful and looks busy, it folds into 4 to fit in the box. You then have 6 pop out character cards, these you then fix into a little plastic holder so they can stand up, you can either be Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie or grandpa.

        There is also a dice, number spinner, a pack of Moe's tavern cards and principal Skinners IQ test cards and lot's of pop out small tokens with different pictures on them these are slightly bigger than a penny so I would keep them away from little monsters as they could be easily swallowed.

        SETTING UP

        One of the great things about this game is there is very little to set up, I can't stand those games where it takes longer to set then the game actually lasts! You just chose who you want to be, or if you are in my house argue for 10 minutes because both the boys want to be Bart! Then after we have sorted that out you each have your tokens that represent your character:

        Bart has skateboard tokens
        Lisa has saxophone tokens
        Marge has string of pearl tokens
        Homer has duff beer tokens
        Maggie has dummy tokens and
        Grandpa has glasses tokens

        You then place your character on the Simpson's sofa in the middle of the board and you are then ready to play!

        HOW TO WIN

        Basically the winner is whoever gets the most of their tokens to fill up the Simpson's front room in the middle of the board; there are 36 squares to fill up. To do this you have to play 2 games, first you move around the inner square with the usual dice and carry out the instruction of the square you land on, this can be anything from getting a token or putting another player back on the settee! Or you can be sent to play one of the mini games, which are on the outside of the board, there are 6 different mini games you can end up in. Pending on which square you land on in the inner square is which of the mini games you play.


        This is just like snakes and ladders except you go up plutonium rods and down 3-eyed fish! You can also pick up a few tokens here which is good.

        FIELD TRIP

        This is a betting game and you need the number spinner, you just bet on which number you want the spinner to land on using however many tokens you have accumulated, you don't have to use them all. The higher the number you bet on the more tokens you can win but the sections on the spinner get smaller as the numbers increase.


        I always seem to spend most of the game in here! Every time you land on a music note you pick up a special Moe card and have to complete the task that corresponds to your character. Sounds easy but you could end up pretending you are a tap dancer and dancing for 1 minute, get 3 ice cubes and juggle them, pretend you are a secret agent until someone throws a 6 and my personal favourite sip water (or vodka if you prefer!) and gargle the national anthem!
        For completing your task you receive 1 token.


        This is the best one to play as you get a lot of tokens and can upset the other players by moving them to other places on the board.


        The worst game as most of the spaces mean you have to part with well-earned tokens.


        This is another card game, every time you land on a question mark you have to answer a question. Just roll the dice and whichever number comes up is the question you answer, obviously someone else has to read the question as the answer is written in red. The questions are mostly about various Simpson's episodes and you need to be a big fan to be able to answer some of them, the boys usually get them right which has started to get me worried just how much they watch the Simpson's!!!

        So that's more or less how you play the game, it's not complicated with lot's of rules and there is enough going on to keep the boys interested and entertained. The Moe's tavern seems to be the one that causes the most laughing, as the boys love seeing mum and occasionally dad having to do really stupid tasks but that all adds to the fun of this game.

        This board game is by Winning moves, which I thought must be a new company but apparently not. They are behind some big selling games such as Top trumps which we have a draw full off! And also Sudoku and more surprisingly Monopoly!

        This game is for 2-6 players and for ages 8 and over. Currently on good old Amazon the prices range from £8.74 so pretty good value.

        So does it tick all the boxes?

        In a word yes! It doesn't last for ages and is fast paced, most of the time we end up in fits of giggles with some of the tasks! Obviously it helps if you are a fan of the Simpson's to really enjoy this game especially for answering the questions, I would definitely recommend this game for all ages including grown up fans!

        Property of madmum71 & lisa 8871


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      • Product Details

        Players choose a character, either Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie or Grampa, and throughout the game collect relevant tokens (Saxaphone for Lisa and Duff Beer for Homer!). Play begins on the sofa, in front of the TV, with a clean carpet - but not for long! Throughout the game you will win tokens, which are placed on the carpet. The player with the most tokens on the carpet at the end of the game wins. Play begins, and revolves, in the main game, on the roll of a die determining the next move. There are six sub games in addition, all with their own simple rules. You could find yourself on a Springfield Elementary Field Trip, at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, or at Moe’s Tavern Karaoke, to name a few. Wherever the game takes you, you are sure to lose tokens as well as win them, but remember, the game ends when the carpet is full!

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