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Thomas The Tank Engine - Make A Match Game

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Brand: Mattel

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2012 20:52
      Very helpful



      Great traditional game with a Thomas twist

      My daughter was given this game for her fourth birthday, at the time she liked Thomas the tank and she also loves playing games and I liked the idea of this game as it doesn't have to take too long to play. I bought this game from our local B and M discount store and it cost me about £6 which I think is a good price especially as it is a game of a well known character.

      The game comes packaged in a decently strong box which has make a match on the front in brightly coloured letters and tiles with letters on, the box shows Thomas the Tank smiling on one side of the box and on the other it shows two of the pairs that are enclosed in the game. Along the bottom of the box there is a little band which tells you the game is created by Fisherprice, it is for children aged 3 plus, the game can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players and finally that the game takes around ten minutes to play.

      On the back of the box you find the instructions rather than there being an instruction leaflet, I quite like this idea as then you don't lose the instructions of course it only works for very simple games otherwise there wouldn't be space on the box. The instructions are "can you remember where Thomas, James, percy, harold and all of theier friends are hiding? Find their pictures and match them up, whoever matches the most pictures is the winner."

      Inside the box you find 54 cards each one being about 1 1/2 inches square, the cards are seperated into 3 different sets of cards, there are 18 cards with pictures on a blue background, 18 cards with pictures on a green background and 18 cards with pictures on an orange background. The back of each card is exactly the same and is bright red in colour with Thomas in the Middle and James and percy either side of him. I like the way the cards are split into three sets as it means that whilst your child is getting to grips with the game you can play with just 18 cards and as their memory improves you can play with 36 and then 54 cards.

      Each card has a picture on it of a character from the show, there are the popular characters everyone knows such as Thomas, Percy and James but then there are also cards with the less known characters on such as Toby and Emily. My daughter is forever asking me who characters are and as I only remember a few of the characters from when I was a girl we have to look them up on the internet.

      The cards of made of cardboard but the cardboard is pretty thick and sturdy and none of our cards have been damaged, the game is easy to play and we generally play with 36 cards as my daughters memory isn't quite good enough for 54 cards. My daughter enjoys playing this game and I am pleased with the game as we can have a quick go before bed so she feels she has had my time but I still manage to get everything done. The pictures are exactly like on the TV show so you know this is a genuine product and each little card has a railway line running around the outside of it aswell as the main picture so the cards are quite detailed. If you really wanted you could try playing snap with these cards although the pile is a little too thick for little hands to hold but my daughter just pikles them on the table in front of her to play. This game was well worth the price we paid and it is a game that is brought out frequently in our house so I know my daughter really enjoys playing it.


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