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Tobar Mr Funny Face

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Brand: Tobar

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    2 Reviews
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      08.12.2012 20:47
      Very helpful



      A classic family game.

      Mr Funny Face is another game I remember from my childhood (starting to feel old now) and yet another game I have brought my kids.

      The great thing about Mr Funny Face is that it doesn't need batteries, which are always something I seem to run out of, and can be played more or less anytime anywhere. Which is great when we get the inevitable power cuts that winter brings each year.

      Mr Funny Face does take a little time to set up, but as it is a one time only set up it is easily forgiven, all the stickers need placing onto the different face pieces. It is important to stick the stickers down correctly as the stickers are unforgiving of peeling to be adjusted. Once the game is set up the fun can begin.

      The game can be played with 2-4 players aged 5 years and upwards, I think it can be played alone to if no-one wants to join in but any more than 4 players and waiting for your turn becomes boring.

      The game has 23 face pieces and 12 face cards to pick from, some of the cards look quite easy but as time starts to run out and the panic sets in it can be really hard to find the missing moustache and fit it in to place.

      When we play we like to mix all the facial features up, making it a bit harder to find the correct piece, but if you were playing with younger players you could group the facial features into groups to make it slightly easier.

      The idea is to pick a card and proceed to place all the features on Mr Funny Face in the correct way, the only hazard is that Mr Funny Face is spring loaded and on a timer, don't build his face fast enough and he will spring forward and launch his facial features across the table, usually making everyone playing and watching jump. If you do manage to build his face in time the timer can be stopped, but where is the fun in that?

      The only down side for me is that I suffer from the fear of Clowns (Coulrophobia) and I think Mr Funny Face looks very clown like, which only doubles the tension for me as a half built clown face springing up at me is very scary.

      In conclusion I think this is another great family game and appeals to people of all ages, things can get very competitive in our household with the loser banished to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

      Mr Funny Face can be purchased for £10.00 + £3.50 postage from amazon.co.uk. which to me seems a bit expensive. I have just found the Chad valley version on the Argos website for £4.99.

      A recommended game, Thank you for reading.


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        03.12.2012 19:45
        Very helpful



        Have you seen this man..? if so please do not approuch, call the police....

        Board games. Everybody plays them, many people own them, and most people enjoy them.
        There are just so many board games these days that it's hard to figure out what to play and if it's be fun to play or bring friction throughout what was once a happy family home.
        But what it a board game?
        Is it a game that has a board, hence, the name Board game. Or does the word 'board game' cover any game that is played with or without a board?
        I Haven't got a clue, but I will say that there are some games that come under the guise of board games yet are not actually played on boards. Yet they are still board games.... Silly or what?

        One particular game that could be a board game, but is not played on a board, is a game that is played using a plastic face on a spring like mechanism that you have to put pieces onto in a set time or face having to pick everything up off the floor with a bit of a grunt.
        The game that I am talking about. Which is a game that my family and I have owned, and played, many times over the years and still drag it out of the cupboard for a bit of harmless fun. Although to be honest it does come out of the cupboard more often when my wife and I, with a few friends around, and a few tipples later, and decide to have a bit of a giggle.
        The game that I am talking about is a game called Mr Funny Face and, as the name suggests, is a face that you have to make as funny as possible.

        So what is in the box...?
        Firstly, there's a bare plastic face that is on a spring type mechanism which does have to be slotted into place. The face itself, when placed in the base, stands at about 250mm high, which isn't too bad really.
        Then there's 21 pieces of facial parts, (none of these pieces are real facial pieces, they are all made of plastic), these pieces include, nose, eyes, glasses, eyebrows, hair, hats, sideburns and more. In fact it's anything that makes up a face really, with each piece being as daft as each other, creating a box full of the strangest pieces that you'll ever come across.
        There also a selection of strange looking faces on playing cards. These pictures of the faces are very important indeed and you will notice that the faces on the cards can be made on the bare plastic face using the 23 pieces that are in the box.
        Finally, there's a sheet of stickers which you have to stick onto the 23 pieces of facial parts to make them look like they are supposed to look.
        You only have to stick these stickers on once, but be careful a little as once they are on they are tricky to peel back off, so if you mess it up you may rip the stickers when peeling back off.

        How do we play this game then..?
        This is the easy part, or hard part, depending on how you look at it.
        What I mean by that is that playing the game sounds easier than it actually is to play as the timer runs a lot quicker than you can get the little bits onto the face.
        To actually play the game you simply push the face backwards until it clicks into position. Then a player, who ever it is to have a go, chooses a card from the pile, with that card having a picture of one of the rather strange looking face on it.
        Then you push the timer lever to set the clock running by pushing the little button on the front from the 'end' position to the 'start' position, then press the 'on' button to set the timer running. When the timer runs out the face pops forwards, splattering all the bits everywhere.

        And how do we find a winner..?
        The winner is the person who can make the face that is on their card before the timer splats the pieces off. Which sounds easy, but it is quite frustrating indeed.
        And it could have your eye out if you're not too careful.

        Is there anything else..?
        I do have to mention that, according the box, this is a game for 1-4 players aged 5 years and above.
        But this confuses me slightly, especially the player numbers as we've had several people playing it at one time. With each person taking it in turns to try and make the face before the timer runs out.
        As for the aged recommendation. Well, I'd stick with that as there are a few small pieces that could pose a choking hazard for smaller people, and some drunken adults too if you're not too careful.

        My Opinion...
        This is one of the silliest games that I have ever played, which makes it one of the funniest and simplest games on the market. It's one of those games that, even if you don't manage to make the face on the card it really doesn't matter as it is fun trying.

        As I said, it may sound simple to play, look at the face on a card and then try to recreate it on the plastic face itself. But once you start, and the timer runs down, ticking away ever second, the panic sets in, the fingers start to shake, eyes begin to water, nerves begin to fray and then.... The time runs out and the face pops forward. Sending the few bits that you managed to get onto the face splattering all over the place.
        Then you have to pick them all up and start again.
        But that doesn't matter really. It's all part of the fun and once you've played it you'll want to play it again, even if it's just to try and beat that damned timer... which is pretty hard to do.

        As for the games construction, well, the pieces fit in slots perfectly well, with each slot being the right size. But they don't snag enough to keep a grip when, not if, but when, the face pops forwards, so every piece flies in every direction.
        Most of the slots are simply that, a slot, but the nose one is a cross which sits right in the centre of the plastic face.

        Some of the faces are so ridiculous, but then again some of them do remind me of people I know, mentioning no names of course but there's bound to be someone that you know who has bushy side burns, squinty eyes, a mass of bushy hair growing from just below the nose and glasses that come from the 1920's, (and that's just the mother-in-law). So if any of those people come round to your house for any reason then don't be dragging this game out of the cupboard as it may offend them.

        I have to admit that this does tend to come out of the closet more time after we've had a few drinky-poohs, which for me adds to the fun as the silliness really does kick in, leaving us all giggling and rolling about all over the floor. (When I say 'we' I mean my wife, some friends and myself as my kids don't drink the strong stuff, as far as I know anyway).
        It's the pressure of it all that gets to me, especially after one or two adult beverages, (which you know what I mean by that), and it's that pressure that makes my hands begin to wobble, my mind crumbles and the panic sets in. so it's time for another drink and another go at beating Mr Funny Face.

        So how much does this face of fun sell at..?
        At the moment places like amazon and some high street retailers are selling this little gem off for about a tenner. Yes, £10, or even less if you shop around.
        And is it worth the money..?
        I'm going to have to say a big fat YES on this one as it is so much fun to play, even if there's more chance of winning the lottery three weeks on the trot than actually making the face on the card appear on the plastic man. But it's the fun that matters in this case, unless you are the type that believes it's the winning that counts and not the taking part.

        Would I recommend this one then..?
        Well, for an hour or so of complete fun and laughter then this is a must as it will bring a lot of smiles indeed, with some frayed nerves too.
        On the other hand, if you don't like fun then avoid this like the plague as laughter may just crack your face if the wind changes.

        Go for it, see if you can make the face as funny as the mother in laws. But try not to laugh too much.

        ©Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      Beat the clock and complete Mr Funny's Face or he'll flip the pieces off Players choose a card and attempt to recreate the picture on Mr Funny Face using a selection from 21 facial features. This must be performed before the timer winds down, at which point Mr Funny Face flips forward, scattering any placed eyes, hats, moustaches or grins onto the table. We love a little healthy competition! Requires a range of skills such as concentration, strategy and a steady hand. With simple rules and interactive, moving parts the whole family will enjoy taking part. Features Add features to Mr Funny Face as shown on picture cards 21 facial features to choose from When timer winds down the face flips forward Winning players manage to assemble the face before the timer runs out For 2 or more players 25cm

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