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Brand: Tomy

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    1 Review
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      04.06.2009 15:21
      Very helpful



      A real blast from the past and a fabulous pinball game for those of you who like Screwball Scramble!

      Board Game: Kong Man
      Company: Tomy
      How to buy: Cannot be bought new and have only found it on E-Bay.


      This is a classic pinball game and has become very rare but thought I would do a review and see if anyone still has this or if anyone remembers it.
      Basically the game was very similar to Screwball Scramble mainly because it involved a metal ball and having to push lots of buttons.

      Also this game uses the same rules as Screwball Scramble in that you had to complete the circuit before the timer ended. It was also noisy and often added extra pressure increasing tensions.

      ~What skills are required~

      To complete the game you need lots of patience, co-ordination and timing skills. I used to prefer this over Screwball Scramble in terms of using your skills as it was harder to finish.

      ~Hardest part of the game~

      In my opinion the hardest part of the course was trying to manoeuvre your metal ball onto the blue swing with a magnet attached to it. If you mastered this then your half way there to winning.


      This was an upright version of Screwball Scramble in a way but much better from my experience of playing this game. Basically the game had flippers, magnets, a sliding balloon which would lift your metal ball (I loved this part of the game) and as you got to the very top a large metal monkey like King Kong which was called Kongman.


      To buy it off E-Bay today you are looking at 10 Euros which isn't too bad but it isn't new as you cannot get hold of a new version anymore which is sad because I loved this pinball game.

      ~Is it noisy~

      I found it a bit noisier than Screwball Scramble but enjoyed this more as there were more tricks and exciting sections to Kong Man.


      The game comes with simple instructions which do make it look easier than it actually is during gameplay and with the added pressure of the timer.


      This is my all time favourite pinball board game and is sad to see that you cannot actually buy it new anymore. I spent many hours playing this game and would recommend this to anyone who does come across it maybe at a car boot or in a shop.

      This is a truly addictive game and is fabulous for young kids and is a great addition to your board games collection.

      ~My Rating~


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