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Tomy Sssh! Don't Wake Dad

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7 Reviews

Brand: Tomy / Board Game / Age: 6 years+

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    7 Reviews
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      22.07.2014 19:35
      Very helpful



      Causes tantrums as it can't be engineered by parents!

      Why did I get this game?

      This game was the first board game I ever received as a present (when I was about 5 years old, about 20 years ago!) and it still comes out when we have visiting children over. Frankly, I am very surprised it is still being sold, and it doesn't look like the design has changed at all.

      What's in the Box?

      The game has a board, a "dad" figure which is in a bed, a cloth sleeping hat which goes on his head, a spinner, pieces for the players and cards with pictures on.
      The board is brightly coloured, and fairly retro looking now! The game is very quick and easy to set up, unlike many board games. The set is pretty durable - it has survived 20 years in this house without looking too old.

      Playing the Game

      The game is pretty straightforward. You spin a spinner and move to the next space that is the same colour as the spinner landed on. There is also a star on the spinner, if you get that you move in front of the leading player. If you land on a square with a number you have to click Dad's alarm clock that number of times. He may or may not spring up, flinging his nightcap across the room. If this happens you have to go back to the beginning (cue tantrum).

      This is quite simple for young children as it uses colours not numbers, so it's a good introduction to board games. Unfortunately it is also a good introduction to losing, as you have to go all the way back to the beginning when dad wakes up.

      Price and Availability

      This game is currently available on Amazon for £17.47.

      Would I recommend this game?

      Probably not. The concept is a bit simple for older children as it is entirely a matter of chance rather than strategy, so it doesn't make them think at all, and can therefore be boring. For younger children, adults often want to let them win sometimes, and this is completely impossible with this game, as you have no control over when "Dad" is going to wake up. I remember having some huge tantrums over this game when I was younger!


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      20.03.2011 17:45
      Very helpful



      Good game for all the family

      I bought this game on a whim having seen it in Waitrose (of all places) for the princely sum of £3.75 having been reduced and reduced and reduced again from its original RRP. How there were any left at all I do not know as right from looking at the packaging it seemed like a fun game and so it proved.

      The aim of the game is, as it says on the box, to get to the fridge without waking a sleeping Dad... to that end the game mirrors reality to a remarkable level!

      The external packaging is sturdy enough... this isn't really of much consequence unless you're looking for some resale value, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when considering the rate kids go through toys. The game board is similarly tough, though being your standard flat game board folded in half and then folding again, it has three 'weak points' which may well succumb to the rigours of being manhandled by small children.

      The centre piece of the game is a bed into which half a Dad is attached relatively easily (presumably the other half of the dad is tucked safe and sound into the bottom of the bed!), however the bed is supplied featureless and as such it's necessary to stick the enclosed stickers into the correct positions... comparatively easy for an adult but if the kids grab the stickers first you could be in trouble or have a very wonky looking bed. Whilst a child applied (wonky) set of stickers may only be cosmetic, for some this may reduce the appeal, therefore adult application is recommended.

      The game pieces are children on moulded stands in primary colours red, green and blue with a fourth piece in yellow. The game pieces appear to be pretty solid and well made, therefore should stand the test of time. You also get a series of game cards and a spinning wheel in place of a dice - always a good idea as it prevents the problem of losing dice when over excited children start flinging them about 'willy nilly'.

      Another well thought out aspect is the fact that all the game pieces fit into a drawer under the bed, meaning the likelihood of losing the pieces is minimised.

      Once the game board is laid out, the bed put in place, the dad 'laid down' and the game pieces placed on to their starting points you're ready to go... or are you? In my desperation to place straight away (my Daughter was also excited though probably not quite as much) we played the first game without game cards.

      The wheel is divided into six segments - one of each colour (red, blue, yellow and green) and two 'star' segments. Each player takes it in turn to spin the wheel and then move to the first available game space of the colour spun. This makes the game essentially very simple (though there are complications to the rules) and therefore enjoyable from the very bottom of the recommended age bracket (no difficulties with adding up to know which space to move to).

      Each coloured space has a 'noisy' picture on (such as a cat wailing, a window breaking, etc) and a number which is the number of times you must press Dads alarm clock. If you successfully press Dads alarm clock the requisite number of times without waking him you stay in place, however if he wakes its back to bed for you, you naughty child! If you do wake Dad, all is not lost... spin a 'star' and you get to move one place in front of the leading player, even if that means you win!

      The winner, as previously stated is the person who reaches the fridge without waking Dad.

      The bed, more specifically the alarm clock, is totally random in how many times it allows itself to be pressed without Dad springing up... press it softly or with all your might and it'll make no difference, it'll only set off the bed when it's good and ready. This isn't battery operated and as such the game can be played without batteries, though if you install the batteries (not included) you'll hear Dad snoring, as well as the occasional random loud noise.

      Dad will stop snoring after five minutes of inactivity which is a great idea as the game very rarely goes beyond a few minutes without waking Dad so this is more of a battery saving solution than a hinderance to the game.

      As previously mentioned, there are game cards which can be used to 'spice up' the game... these cards match the images on the board spaces and when held by a player allow him or her to land on the space without having to press the alarm clock. In my personal experience the cards don't really add or take anything away from the game but I would imagine would make the game more interesting and challenging for the older player and would therefore add longevity to the game.

      In all the times I've played this game I've only beaten my five year old daughter once or twice and as it's a game of luck as much as judgement (unless you can master the art of spinning 'stars') this isn't for lack of trying! Whilst this means you aren't advantaged by being older it also makes it that much more difficult to let your child win, as such be prepared for wild mood swings as their character gets sent back to bed again and again only to spin a 'star' and end up back in the lead!

      Overall I'll give this game four stars as as much fun as it is, the fact it's almost entirely luck based does mean that your child will not really 'grow' into the game... if you buy it for a four year old the chances are they'll not be playing it as eight as it'll be exactly the same game, based on luck, as it was when bought.


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      23.06.2009 11:00
      Very helpful



      A fantastic game for children of all ages.

      Sssh! Don't Wake Dad is a game from Tomy and the box advises that it is suitable for 6+ years (although the Tomy website says 4+) and it's designed for 2-4 players.

      The game comes within a thick cardboard box and you get a dice with coloured dots, different coloured cards, game counters, plastic board & bed with Dad and when you have finished playing the game the plastic pieces fit underneath the bed for easy storage and everything fits back in to the box with ease which makes storage very simple.

      The game is very simple to set up as you just need to pick a counter & lay down Dad & the aim of the game is to get to the fridge for a midnight snack before Dad wakes up. If Dad wakes up before you get there then you will be sent back to bed and have to start over again. The winner of the game is the person who arrives at the fridge first. There are various cards that you will need to use throughout the game with different consequences and I always find that this game ends up being very hurried as everyone wants to make it to the fridge as soon as possible.

      I love this game as it's so simple to start and is not too time consuming at all which means that my younger nieces & nephews don't get bored and there's a good chance for anybody to be the winner in this game. I often find myself really getting in to this game and my competitive streak comes out a little as I know it's fair & square if I win this game and not just because I am older than everyone else playing! Also, I love the way Dad jumps up and makes everyone jump out of their skin!

      This game is currently available for £14.99 from Amazon.co.uk or from the Tomy website and I think this is a great price for such a fun filled game.

      I am rating this game 5/5 as it's one that I enjoy playing again and again and would thoroughly recommend it for children & big kids alike (like me!).


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      22.01.2009 13:16
      Very helpful



      You'll never be board with this game...

      This is my first review on a board game, let alone a childrens board game, but I feel that I had to write a review on this brilliantly funny, but sometimes frustrating game...allegedly for kids..?
      The game I am talking about is Tomy's 'Don't Wake Dad' ...

      My Mother-in-law bought this game as a Christmas present for my youngest daughter and she simply loves playing it and even just loves waking 'dad'.

      * WHAT IS IT..?

      Don't wake dad is, as I said, a board game for two to four players ages 4+...
      The aim of the game is to go around the small board and get to the fridge without, as the title says, waking dad...(although why the developers chose dad as the lazy grumpy one and not mum I don't know)...

      *WHAT'S IN THE BOX..?

      When you first open the box it contains...
      * A playing board, (other wise it wouldn't be a board game),
      * 4 playing figures, (basic plastic figure moulds in four colours, red, green, blue and yellow).
      * A bed with a startled looking man in it.
      * A yellow cloth hat, which fits over the startled looking mans face when he's asleep. * 16 playing cards, each with a different picture on it, such as a football bouncing or a telephone ringing, with each picture representing a picture on the playing board.
      * A red arrow with a click on base, which is used as a form of dice, (this can easily be lost so take care with it)
      * Instructions on how to play the game...which can seem a little confusing at first but are simple once you start playing the game.

      *** but you will need to supply 2 1.5 AA batteries which fit inside the underneath of the bed, (small cross head screwdriver also required).

      * SETTING UP...

      There is a sheet of stickers which need placing onto and around the bed, such as an alarm clock face, a pillow, a blanket and a bedside table, (this only takes a moment and the Fit the batteries into the bed and switch the bed on, (this is done by a switch above the alarm clock next to the mans bed), place the yellow hat over 'dads' head, covering his eyes, and then push him down into position until you hear a click...
      instruction sheet tells you where each sticker goes).
      Then you unfold the board and place the bed and red arrow into there places, (There are small slots in the board to tell you where to put things).
      Each player picks a coloured play piece and places the chosen piece at the beginning of the game play, (represented by the coloured beds and a white arrow)
      Then the cards are shuffled and dealt out amongst the players evenly...
      Now you're ready to play....

      * THE BASIC RULES...

      Choose a player to go first, (usually the youngest) and they spin the red arrow...
      The point of the arrow will stop on either a purple star or a coloured dot...
      If you land on a coloured dot you must move your piece to the that colour on the board, this will have a picture and a number on it, (for example a bell ringing and a number 6)... this is where the fun starts...

      The numbers on the playing board represent how many time you may have to press the white button, which is situated above the alarm clock next to the sleeping 'dads' bed... the more times you have to press it the more likely he is to wake up... with a start, (usually frightening the person pressing the button)...

      If the image on the space you land is on one of the cards you're holding then you're safe... but if another played has the pictured card then they must give you the card and you will then have to press the alarm clock button how ever many times the space tells you too... press the button slowly, listening for a load click each time.

      If you manage to press the required number of clicks without 'Dad' waking up then you are safe, staying where you are until your next go...
      However, if you wake 'dad', and you'll know about it if you do, then that player will have to go back to their bed, (near the white arrow) and begin again...

      * If the red spinning arrow lands on a purple star then the spinner moves his piece in front of the leading piece...( if I remember that rule correctly)

      * HOW TO WIN...

      The first played to get round the board and get to the fridge is the winner... sounds simple enough you may think, but believe me this game can sometimes take longer than a game of monopoly, especially if 'Dad' having a restless night...
      That's the basic rules, (and if you're like my kids then the rules that come with the game will have been lost on day one)...


      What a funny game to play with the kids... and to be honest, with the wife after the kids had gone to bed.
      It took a few minutes to set up and a few more minutes to read the rules, (then even less time to lose the bloody sheet of instruction), but once you get started it really is a fun game to play.
      I had to laugh at the silly noises that 'dad' makes when he's asleep, (he snores louder than my wife..?), and all the background noises which would normally wake any one.

      The four of us sat around the table and began, with me thinking it would be a quick game...considering there are only 20 spaces from the start to the fridge... but I was wrong.
      It seemed that with every two steps forward there were six steps back, as sixteen out of the twenty spaces requires you to press the alarm clock button, usually causing 'dad' to wake up... and even though you're half expecting the little startled figure to jump up, his yellow hat flinging across the room, if can be a frightening moment when it happens, (my youngest let out a bit of a scream every time).

      It is one of them games which can last five minutes or even five hours, sometimes bringing a little bit of frustration if you're constantly waking 'dad' from his sleep, forcing you to go back to your bed and starting again...this is especially frustrating if you are nearing the fridge and are about to be victorious, only to land on the parrot in a cage with a number six, waking dad on the last click, sending you right back to the beginning, ( "right...that's it..." my usual response...trying to send the kids to bed at eleven in the morning out of pure frustration...Grrrrr...)

      Another plus for this game is the clever idea of being able to store the pieces, hat, cards and spinning arrow in the draw at the end of 'dads' bed, so as not to lose any piece... brilliant idea indeed. (but it's a shame about the instruction sheet... maybe the rules should be imprinted on the actual box instead of a piece of paper

      In all, it is a well thought out game which, after playing once, is simple to understand.
      It has an interesting and colourful board with a well constructed 'dad' in bed figure.
      It is a game which should entertain for quite some time... and can be played by all ages, but as there are small playing pieces parts do watch the younger kids, especially if they're a little peckish.

      If you haven't already got this game and you want to get it then shop around for the best price... I have found it ranges from £14.61 at www.amazon.co.uk to £16.00 from ToysRus... but prices my vary depending where you shop and what sales are on.

      Give it a go, you'll love it... even if you haven't got any kids, just tell the shop keeper it's a gift for your nephew or something... I'm sure they'll believe you.

      I just wish there were games like this when i was a kid...


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        04.01.2009 21:07
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great fun game for kids and grownups

        SSSH! DONT WAKE DAD ---

        This is another great game from Tomy, its suitable for children aged 4 and up and it does require 2 AA batteries.

        AIM OF THE GAME ---

        The aim of the game is to be the first person to go around the full board to the fridge to get a midnight snack without waking up dad but you have to be realy careful because there is hazards on the way that might wake up dad, if you wake up dad you have to be sent all the way back to the begining again!

        CONTENTS ---

        Dont wake dad game board, a 3 part bed, the headboard, dad, dads nightcap, deck of 24 playing cards, 4 playing pieces, and the players bases, and the spinner.


        You need to put dads bed in the middle of the playing board, and of course put his night hat on his head, you need to put him inthe bed and press him in till he clicks and then push him down onto the bed once hes laid down you can start playing the game.

        HOW TO PLAY ---

        Its realy simple to play this game the youngest player gets to go first, (unfair i know) and you play to the left of you.
        you need to spin the spinner if you land on a colour you move to the first space with that colour on it. If you land on a purple star you need to move your charcter to the square in front of the person who is in the lead. If you land on a plain colour then you get to stay where you are but if you land on a space with a picture and a number then you have to press the alarm clock at the side of the bed the number of times it says on the square.. and be careful this could very well wake up dad!

        VERDICT ---

        Its fantastic and the great thing is seeing the kids faces when they go to press the alarm clock to see if dad will pop up, its a great game for the kids but also something the adults can have a go with aswell.


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          28.09.2008 12:16



          Good game for younger children

          Ok this is another game I saw as a child and never received. The amount of games I must have seen as a child and wanted, my parents would have been sick of hearing I want this I want that - just as I am now! Anyway my daughter wanted this for her Christmas a couple of years ago so I bought it for her. It was a great name to see on a board game as her dad works night shift so those are the very exact words which get repeated in this house. Anyway the aim of the game is not to wake dad. You get a board with diferent spaces on them which have assorted pictures, a dad in a bed which you push down, counters and some cards. You deal the cards out to the players and then roll the dice which tells you which colour of space to go to. If you land on a space and also have the card for it you don't do anything but if you don't have the card you have to press the button beside dad the number according to the space you have landed on. You must not wake dad or you have to go back to the start. The first person to get round to the fridge without waking dad on the way wins.


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          07.07.2008 16:59
          Very helpful




          The adverts were rolling around prior to Christmas and one of the games my children saw and wanted was Don't Wake Dad. It was around the £15 mark in all the major shops and Amazon so I decided against it in the end but I recently saw it in a charity shop for £4.00 and snapped it up.

          The premise of the game is to make it around the board from your bed to the fridge, without waking up the sleeping dad in the bed in the middle of the board. This is done by rolling the dice and moving along on coloured squares around his raised bed. If you land on a square and do not have the corresponding card to match it, you have to press a button on his alarm clock the same number of times as the number on the square.

          The sleeping dad will eventually pop up, during one of these alarm clock presses, and the player who "woke him up", has to go back to the beginning again.

          I love this type of game that I can play with my children. It is easy for them to understand and there are no hard words for them to try and decipher. All they need to know are their colours and their numbers from 3 to 8, as these are the only numbers shown on the cards. I have a 7 year old son and a 4 year old daughter and both are confident with these skills. The box suggests a recommended age of 4+ and this is probably about right, although I can't see a child past about 8 years old enjoying it for too long.

          Another thing I like about it is the sleeping dad in his bed. It adds something a little more interesting to the game as there is a real "toy" bed and dad in the middle of the board. You can't take it off the board but the dad can be removed when you pack away, although I don't do this as the board fits into the box, dad, bed and all without dismantling it. It does take 2 AA batteries to make dad snore, but I am still using the ones that were in the game when I brought it from the charity shop so I am guessing this is not a game that will eat the batteries.

          It is very much a game of suspension, as the children (and myself) almost hold our breath when we are pressing the alarm clock button, just anticipating the dad sitting up in bed and his nightcap flying off. It does actually make you jump and as the waking action is very random, you really don't know when it will happen. If you land on a square with the number 8 on it, and don't have the matching card, you almost shout with anticipation as you press the button 8 times, thinking any minute you will get sent back to the start.

          This is a good idea for the games age range as well. It is hard for younger children to be "out" of a game and so just having to start again from the beginning of the board means they can still participate but learn to accept they will not be in the lead or win all the time. This doesn't mean that you won't win if you get sent back of course, as any player can wake dad at any moment and get returned to the start line.

          Overall this is a really fun game that both my younger children enjoy very much, and as each game takes on average 5 to 10 minutes to play it is something that is easy to fit in between jobs and school runs etc. Luckily it can be played with 2 to 4 players, so even when my son is at school myself and my daughter can still enjoy a quick game giving her pleasure but giving me satisfaction that she is learning from the colours, numbers and turn taking as well.

          I highly recommend this game if your children like Buckaroo, Shark Bite, Pop up Pirate or any suspension game that makes them jump - it is well worth looking out for.


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        • Product Details

          Be the first to sneak past Dad as you try to get to the fridge for a midnight snack. Take care as there are hazards along the way that could disturb his sleep. Will you wake Dad and get sent back to bed or will you successfully tip-toe around to your feast? Features snoring and hazard sounds. For 2 to 4 players.

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