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Brand: Reveal Entertainment / For 2 - 8 players / Age:10 Years+

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2009 13:07
      Very helpful



      A great Monopoly alternative

      I have never been a great fan of Monopoly for some reason. I think it might be that I see it as a fairly simple game, although there is a fair amount of strategy involved.

      When looking around at various boardgames I stumbled across Triopoly. This works in a very similar way to Monopoly but has a few important differences that I find to be a great improvement over standard Monopoly.

      It is based on cities of the world rather than places in London.

      Firstly, you can start building the first 'level' of buildings straight away once you own a city, however you still need to own a complete set to build the next two types of building. This means that fairly early on in the game you have to make a decision of whether to start building once you get a couple of cities or wait until you get a set and build the higher level buildings.

      Secondly the board is based around three levels, although cleverly the top level can be removed for when there are less players or you want a quicker game. A four-player game on all three levels can take hours.

      There are a lot more properties available to buy, and so there is more of a chance for everyone to get complete sets. There is also more variation in rent costs etc which makes it more interesting.

      There are travel cards which allow you to change between levels and so this means people's movements around the board are a bit more random and makes it a bit fairer.

      There are also gambling squares which add to the fun.

      Generally myself and everyone who has played this game prefer it to standard Monopoly. the only drawback is the amount of time it can take - our record for three people using all three levels was two days! However with the ability to have up to 8 players and the option to remove the top board playing time is usually much more reasonable!

      If you're in the UK you might have trouble tracking this down - I've had to look on Ebay before to get hold of copies for people. I think this is a shame as it's such a great game it really should be more widely available.


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