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Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

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2 Reviews

Hasbro / A version of Trivial Pursuits for all the family not just adults.

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    2 Reviews
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      10.07.2013 08:57
      Very helpful



      An excellent family game which will last!

      One of my favourite things to do with my son is play board games. We will sometimes have a games night where various games come out for the evening and we work our way through them and as such we have so many board games! This doesn't stop me purchasing more for his birthday or Christmas and for his birthday in May one game that I bought for him was the Trivial Pursuit family edition game and this is my review of it.

      ==What is it?==

      I suppose many people will be familiar with the game Trivial Pursuit as it has been around for a long time. It is basically a trivia based game and this particular one is a twist on the original game in that it is a family edition and so there are seperate cards for kids and adults which makes it a game you can play with your children and neither are at a disadvantage. In the past when I played the game when I was younger against adult family members they were always going to beat me because they had better general knowledge and so I do think it is a wonderful idea to have seperate cards for adults and children.

      The game is made by Hasbro and this is a brand that I trust because I think that they make top quality products. The game comes in a good quality thick cardboard box which to me feels as though it will last the test of time and would be the kind of game that you would be able to pass through generations probably although some of the questions may become dated obviously! The box has the Trivial Pursuit name as well as the words family edition in a prominent red lettering. There is a picture of one of the game pieces with the wedges you need to collect to win the game as well as ones of the cards so that you can instantly see there are ones for children and adults.

      This game is suitable for play for those aged eight plus and for two to six players. If you were wanting to play this game with more people you could of course make teams and work together but we haven't needed to do this as yet.

      ==Inside the box==

      Inside the box you have the following items:

      -400 cards (200 yellow cards for children and 200 blue for adults)
      -2 card holders
      -6 coloured playing pieces
      -36 coloured wedges (6 of each colour to match the playing pieces)
      -Instructions for play

      ==Set up and play==

      Setting up the game is really easy as all you need to do is lay out the game board, choose a coloured playing piece and decide who is going to go first. Everything in this game feels of excellent quality and as though it is built to last. The game board is bright and colourful and so it looks inviting to play.

      I always let my son go first because most games say the youngest player goes first so we tend to just follow that rule but that isn't specified within this game.

      The idea of this game is that you move around the game board answering questions and trying to collect wedges to pop in your game piece. As you move around the game board there are six different coloured spaces that you can land on and each colour represents a different category in which you need to answer a question. These are as follows
      -Blue: Geography
      -Pink: Entertainment
      -Yellow: History
      -Purple: Arts and Literature
      -Green: Science and Nature
      -Orange: Sports and Leisure

      On the dice there are the numbers one to five and then a triangle as this triangle allows you to go to any space you want to on the game board meaning if you have a favourite category you can move to that one upon rolling the triangle.

      This is actually one of my sons favourite games to play and he will frequently ask to play this one. I like that we can play this game as a family and that whilst we are playing we are learning new things as there is always some questions that you don't have a clue what the answer may be! I have found that sometimes some of the children's questions can still be quite tricky and obviously there is the saying that a question is only easy if you know the answer but what is nice is that some of the questions are true or false answers and so my son can still have a go at answering these just by guessing if he has no idea! The same goes with the adult cards really and I think sometimes you can get a lucky run and get questions you know the answers to but other times you can struggle to get any right!

      What is good with this game is once you start moving around the game board you have to keep going in the same direction. Now there are sections leading to the middle of the game board and so you can head up one of those to attempt to alter your direction but you can't keep going back and forth for example leaving a space and then returning to it straight away. This makes the game more fair as you can't always have a question in the category that you feel most comfortable in and so it takes you out of your comfort zone a little and challenges you which is good for anyone in my opinion.

      The game is won once you have filled up your playing piece with the wedges and then made it to the centre circle of the game to answer a question of the other players choice. It is always funny when you get to the centre circle in this situation because obviously you are going to choose the category your opponent is least comfortable in. You do have to choose the category before you see the card with the question on though so sometimes this can back fire on you and the category is one that your opponent obviously knows the answer to!

      My son seems to manage to beat us all at this game more often than not and I think this is the reason it is one of his favourite games to play! I cannot blame the questions because like I said earlier some of the children's questions are hard too and it is purely based on luck as to whether you end up getting a question that you know the answer to! What is brilliant about this game though is how you can learn general knowledge as you are having fun and playing a game with your family or friends. It is certainly a game that I would recommend as it is suitable for those aged eight right up to adult.

      It is available to buy from Argos for £24.99 and although there are some editions for purchase on amazon these seem to be older versions of the game and so I would advise checking before you purchase from there. I think it is a great game and good value as well for a game which will last the test of time as far as I am concerned.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        10.12.2012 20:34
        Very helpful



        This is a fun game and a good edition to buy if you have got children


        It is an edition of the game that has got a selection of questions for adults and children.  The adults questions are hard like in the normal game but the questions for children are easier.  


        You each choose a colour and roll the dice to go round the board.  When you land on a square you have to answer a question based on whatever colour you have landed on.  There are 6 subjects with questions including sports, entertainment, geography and others.  If you get the question right you get a wedge to go in your counter and the first person to fill their counter up is the winner.

        WHAT I THINK

        I bought this so that our daughters could play with us because my husband and I both enjoy Trivial Pursuits.  My daughters are 6 and 8 so the original game was too hard for them, I like that there are 2 sets of questions because if I land of sports I ask for a childs question and then I have a chance of getting it right.  Some of the children's questions are very hard though and in my game one of them gives an incorrect answer and I expected better than that from Trivial Pursuits.  

        The board is very good and as easy to travel round as the original game, the question card holders are not very stable though and they fall over and spill all of the cards out if you do not put them down carefully.  The cards are marked so that you know straightaway if you are picking an adult or child's question card up and that is good because it means children can get their own without having to ask do too much help.


        Both of my daughters like Trivial Pursuits Family Edition very much and they play with us adults or on their own just using the children's cards.  There are sometimes some arguments when they do not like the question they have been given and my 8 year old says it is unfair to be asked questions from before they were born.  It is easier for her to answer the questions because my other daughter is nearly 7 and hasn't covered many of the topics at school yet.  My youngest daughter does not understand properly about landing on the colours and she wants to choose her own category.

        They have fun playing this edition of Trivial Pursuits but it is not the sort of game that makes them laugh and enjoy themselves, it is more educational and gets them to think and be competitive between them.


        This family edition of Trivial Pursuits costs £29.99 from Amazon.  There are 400 questions in total but you can are questions from other editions for a bigger selection.

        4 Dooyoo Stars.


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