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Trivial Pursuit Junior Game

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2000 07:33
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      Trivial Pursuit is a game that most households probably have already or at least are thinking of buying but the questions are very much aimed at adults. This addition to the numerous variations on Trivial Pursuit is aimed at children and as such is an excellent idea. The game is almost exactly the same as the adult version but with easier questions which are aimed at children. For those who do not know how this game works then the rules are basically as follows: Trivial Pursuit is a game for upto six players(although if there are more they can play as a team). Movement around the board is achieved through rolling a dice, moving a circular counter with wedge shaped spaces in it(to be explained later) and answering questions related to the colour of square upon which you land(movement can be in any direction). There are six different categories of question which relate to the colour of the square upon which you land such as Geography, History, Science, Entertainment. Answering a question correctly allows you to throw the dice again and continue on around the board, answering wrongly means its the next player's turn. In order to win the game you must answer questions correctly in all 6 different category areas when on the 'cheese' squares which are spaced evenly throughout the board with each relating to a different subject area. If you answer correctly when on these squares you receive a coloured wedge corresponding to the category areas answered which is then added to you counter. The winner of the game is the one who fills their counter with all the different wedges first. The idea is simple and very addictive. There are a large number of cards and you will rarely notice that the questions have been asked before. In this, the children's version, the question are quite easy but hard enough to present a challenge for children(although saying that I didn't know the answers to a number of them). We also found tha
      t by the purchase of this game also allows children to play in the adult version of the game. They are simply asked questions from the Junior version's card set when it come around to their go which means that they can join in when you play which is great when you have relatives round and they insist on playing. This gets a further vote in favour as it also has the ability to teach children something whilst they have fun, with questions like "Who invented Penicillin" for example, which can not be a bad thing. If you have children and want to give them a challenging game which may also help them learn some general knowledge them this is a great purchase and comes highly recommended


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