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Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Collector's Edition

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2001 20:21
      Very helpful



      Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope! This is the cry I’m often heard to let out during a game Of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit! I enjoy the films but am not a fanatic, unlike some members of my family, so I do not excel when we play, but I do have fun. My eldest son lives in America and one Christmas before this game was available in England he sent it over as a gift for us. What a fantastic idea, we were all suitably impressed and on Boxing Day we all set to playing. Don’t think that it is only the game that provides the fun oh no! From the moment the cling film comes off the box and the lid is lifted the enjoyment begins. Okay, let’s start with the board, on a background of a star studded blackness every ‘square’ has an illustration from the trilogy. There are goodies (I’m sorry I should have said heroes), baddies, spaceships, scenes and more besides. Anyone that has played the more traditional versions of Triv will know the aim of the game is either individually or in teams to answer questions corectly. You will also know what I mean when I talk about the plastic circle for collecting the ‘bits of cheese’ in when key questions are correctly answered. Forget all you knew before, as in this game there are four sculpted pewter tokens in the shape main characters, (“bags I’m Han Solo”) where the cheeses (or scoring wedges as I see they call them) are put. Maybe for someone of fairly simple tastes such as my self, the absolute star of the game is your friend and mine, R2-D2. As in this version there is no boring dice, to decide the next move but an electronic R2-D2 model. With the push of a small button on his head numbers revolve on his tummy(!) and where it stops is the number of space you move. Wait, please finish reading and rating this before you rush out to buy you set. Of course there would be no game of Triv without questions an
      d yes they really are all about Star Wars, some are easier than others of course, I’ll give you a couple of examples. “Whose statue is toppled during the Return of the Jedi Special Edition celebration scene?” or “What lame excuse did Han give for the shootout in the Death Star’s detention block?” The categories are: characters, weapons and vehicles, history, geography, droids & creatures & aliens and finally wild cards. As in the general Triv once all six key questions have gained you six 'cheeses' you head for the centre. Here another question will challenge you before you can become the winner. What else can I tell you about this special version except to say that if you love Star Wars you will love this. The figures, board, R2-D2 with a whizzy tummy and the chance to show off you knowledge, or lack of it! I should say that the different version does nothing to prevent the ‘ dark side ‘ surfacing when it come to deciding who will be in which team, but then that really is all part of the fun, honestly. I’ve played and lost and lost again, but then I bow to those with superior Jedi knowledge. I would recomend this game to any fan of Star Wars and Trivial Pursuit. Remember though this was made before the newer films were produced so it is based purely on the original trilogy. Answers to questions above: 1. The Emperor’s 2.2 A slight weapons malfunction” In conclusion I would say to you, go out, buy it (or try to get a generous rellie to gift it to you), play it, enjoy yourself and …….”May the force be with you”!


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