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University Games Shakin' Scarecrow

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: University Games

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2011 11:00
      Very helpful



      A decent game

      My daughter and I love to play board games as it something we can just sit and enjoy together or join in with other family members should we not want some one on one time. One afternoon some weeks ago my mum came home from town clutching a very large box and it turned out to be a new game for my little girl. The game was Shakin Scarecrow and this was something I had never seen before. Immediately my daughter wanted to play so the three of us sat down ready to have a game.

      The box shows a large cartoon scarecrow in a field of corn surrounded by crows. The game title is in large white lettering which stands out well against the bacground of a field of corn and bright blue sky. Inside the box you will find:

      * Field base
      * 24 sticks of corn
      * Scarecrow
      * 4 crow rings
      * Spinner

      The game does take 2AA batteries which aren't supplied with the game so make sure you have some to avoid disappointment!! To set up the game you simply place the scarecrow in the centre of the field and the sticks of corn are placed in the holes surrounding.

      There are two ways of playing the game:

      * Game One - In this version of the game each player collects as many of the corn sticks as they can - whoever has the most at the end of the game wins!

      * Game Two - In this version each player tries to find four sticks of corn with the same colour base.

      Whichever version of the game you choose to play the game is pretty much the same. Each player wears a crow ring (as you are the crow trying to steal the corn) and takes it in turns to spin the spinner. When the spinner lands it tells you how many sticks of corn you are to try and steal, the most being three. You gently pick up a corn stick and try not to disturb the scarecrow. If he spots you he will start to shake and bounce up and down, and you must return your corn to the board and you must fly away! Play then passes to the next person and so on until someone wins!

      My daughter HATES this game! She is absolutely terrified when the scarecrow starts shaking and bouncing! My opinion of this game is a good one, it is great fun and though it does make me jump when the scarecrow starts up it is quite funny. I think my little girl is a bit young for this game and I am sure when she is older she will appreciate it and enjoy playing it more.

      It is very easy to play the game, the instructions are simple and clear and I think even without them it would be easy to work it out anyway. The set up time for the game is minimal and actual game play time can vary depending on how many times the scarecrow is startled! The game pieces are all quite sturdy and the base is a strong plastic, which is also very easy to clean as we found out when my daughter knocked her drink all over it when the scarecrow made her jump!!

      All in all this is a really silly game, guaranteed to cause lots of laughs if your child isn't frightened of it as mine is!

      You can find Shakin Scarecrow on Amazon for £17.99. Thank you for reading my review.


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        16.03.2010 20:58
        Very helpful



        It may look like a bit of a scary scarecrow but it can't harm you

        Playing family games is fun, although sometimes a little annoying if you can't win at least once against your 7 years old child, so the funnier the game you play the more likely your whole family will enjoy it.
        Years ago we had the basic family entertainment games such as cards, monopoly, (although this one has changed somewhat over the years), Cluedo and even Chess at a pinch, but these days there are just so many family entertainment games on the market, and I am not talking about games which need to be plugged into a television.

        I, or should I say, my family have several games sat in the cupboard which get dragged out every so often in the hope of keeping that family bond alive throughout the years, (mainly so my kids don't neglect me when I'm old and decrepit). Most of them are board games such as the old favourite, although updated versions, of Monopoly, Cluedo and many more, but one particular game that tickles me every time we play it is a rather strange game called 'Shakin' Scarecrow, and no, it's not the latest hip hop band from Ireland, it's a family fun game which will have you laughing for ages.

        Then game itself does need setting up before playing, but so do most games anyway, so you have to check that everything is there...

        ** The box should contain...

        * 1 rather strange looking scarecrow with a silly hat on.
        * A game board in the shape of a fenced off field.
        * 24 corn sticks, ( 4 each of 6 colours)
        * 1 spinner on a board
        And finally
        * 4 crows which are to be worn on the players finger.
        (If it doesn't then someone didn't put it away properly did they?)

        The game does require 2 AA batteries, (which are not initially supplied).

        ** THE GAME ITSELF...

        The game is for two to four players and is aimed at those over four years of age, due to the many detachable parts.
        You are one of the four crows and are sent to do battle with the scarecrow in order to take the corn sticks... sounds dramatic indeed but is simply harmless fun.

        ** PLAYING THE GAME...

        There are two game styles to play...

        * Game 1...
        To get a set amount of corn sticks without the scarecrow being disturbed, the amount of corn sticks needed depends on the number of players

        * Game 2...
        To find four of the same colour corn sticks without disturbing the scarecrow.

        Both games are as easy to play as each other.

        Depending on which game option you choose you simply place the 'field' board on a flat surface and insert the scarecrow into the little slot in the centre.
        Then you randomly place the corn stick into the surrounding slots so that the colours are hidden beneath the playing surface.
        Once the corn sticks are in place you then take a 'crow' and place it over your finger and away you go.
        Now it is a matter of flicking the switch, which is on the front of the 'field' to on and away you go.
        You then spin the arrow on the board to tell you how many corn stick you have to try and take, be it one, two or three.


        You are the crow, hence the crow shaped ring on your finger, and you have to try and take as many of the corn sticks as possible without making the scarecrow shake.
        Each player takes it in turn to spin the arrow on the board and then try and extract the stated amount of corn sticks away from the scarecrows without disturbing it.
        But if you make the scarecrow shake you have to replace the corn stick and fly away, (alright, maybe not fly away but your turn is over).

        ** THE WINNER IS...

        This is dependent of which game you play...

        * Game 1...

        The winner is the crow who gets the specified amount of corn sticks first.

        * Game 2...

        The winner is the crow who gets their four coloured corn sticks first.

        * IN CONCLUSION...

        This game might look a little silly on the surface, especially when you first see the box with the funny looking scarecrow and the startled crows, but the funnier family games tend to be better to play anyway.

        The instructions to this game are so simple to understand, explaining how to play both games in a very easy to understand manner, thus getting the hang of the game is quite easy, although playing it is a different matter indeed, with some comically shocking results.
        The game is constructed pretty well indeed, the main 'field' being solid enough whilst the corn sticks aren't likely to break easily, even the little 'crow rings' a quite well made, although they may not fit the larger of fingers.

        As I said earlier it has to be set up before each game, pushing the scarecrow into place and re-sitting all the extracted corn sticks, ( do turn the game off whilst doing this or the sticks will shake every time you push them into certain slots), but once the game begins the fun really starts.

        You then try and take the corn sticks out as gentle and as slowly as you can, in the hope of not disturbing the slumbering scarecrow. Sometimes succeeding in extracting the required amount, other times failing as the scarecrows shakes into life, spinning around in order to scare off the crows,( this is when you have to replace the corn stick).
        Then, when it's you turn again you try once more to grab that corn so that your crow can dine on a kings banquette.
        It can startle you a little if you don't expect the scarecrow to start shaking, flapping and spinning like a slightly angry and very scruffy bloke stood in a field, but it's all part of the fun.

        We all enjoy playing this as it's takes a short time to set up and each game can be finished quite quickly, and even if you don't win you know you've still had a good laugh whilst playing, which is good in my books.

        One thing though. If you do lose any pieces then pray it is the crow rings as they are quite irrelevant and are really just for show, but they do add a little extra fun-factor to the game.

        That's the game, such a simple idea indeed which will create many laughs as you play and is a quality harmless family games overall.

        If you do want to give this game a go then have a look around the shops as there may be a bit of a bargain, in fact, Amazon are selling it for less than a tenner, (with free delivery may I add), whilst toysrus are selling it for half that at £4.99.

        So for a fiver at toysrus you'll be in for many hours of fun and a bit of frustration as you try to fee your bird without shakin' that scarecrow.


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