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University Games Smart Ass

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Manufacturer: University Games / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2012 13:46
      Very helpful



      A decent general knowledge based board game.

      I'm a big fan of board games and if I'm in the company of other people at home I'd much rather play one than sit around watching a film or something similar. As a result I have a fairly large collection of such games, Smart Ass being one of my favourites.

      The game is a general knowledge based board game in which a player wins by basically being the person to get most questions correct. The difference between Smart Ass and other similar type games is that even if it's not your turn, you can still shout out an answer and progress if you guess correctly.

      Setting up the game is easily done. Inside the brightly coloured yellow box you'll find a board, four piles of question cards, two die (one coloured and one numbered) and six differently coloured playing pieces. You'll also obviously get an instructions/rules leaflet. It's simply a case of picking your colour and placing it on the starting square and adding the cards into the marked positions on the board.

      The official rules state the oldest player goes first but I don't suppose it matters much if you decide to change that. The first player rolls the coloured dice which will show yellow, blue or green. A different player must then pick up a question card of this colour and read it out; every player has the opportunity to guess the answer once and once only. If you answer incorrectly then you're out of that round. The player who guesses correctly rolls the numbered dice and moves along the board accordingly. If nobody gets it then the player reading out the question rolls and moves.

      Questions are split into three categories being 'Who am I?' (yellow), 'Where am I?' (green) and 'What am I?' (blue) There are also the Smart Ass questions (red) which act as bonus questions. Each card has ten clues to what the answer might be written in first person with the last clue being the initials of what/who you're trying to guess. For example a 'Where am I?' card may read 'I am a U.S state. I am the 17th state. I contain the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame etc. Where am I with the initial O?' Ohio would be the correct answer allowing the person to get this to advance through the board.

      The board has a circular track with eighteen squares. The last square being located on the bottom region of an Ass and the player reaching here first is the winner of the game. Every other square of the board has something written on it which will either make the player move back three spaces or be asked a Smart Ass question. Smart Ass questions are straight forward questions such as 'What colour is a piebald horse?' Only the person who has landed on the Smart Ass square can answer these questions. If they answer correctly they roll the numbered dice and move forward. If they answer incorrectly then nobody moves and the game continues as normal.

      The game is suitable for two to eight players, four is the most I've ever played it with and this has given the game a playing time of roughly thirty minutes. With only eighteen squares though this one does end very quickly if only two people are playing and in these circumstances I've never been satisfied with just one game. I would say this is an eighteen+ game purely because the questions are a little difficult for most people of a younger age. 'What am I?' questions tend to be very easy and, on the few occasions I have played with my eleven year old Sister, she's always got these ones. Some of the 'Who am I?' questions are impossible for most people even of my age, there have been a few which have been actors well before my time who I have subsequently never even heard of. Most, however, are very famous people you'd have to have been living under a rock not to have heard of. 'Where am I?' questions can be anything from famous buildings and landmarks to countries.

      Overall the game is a fun one. It does, at times, get a little boring and I've played with a few people who just haven't enjoyed it at all. But the general opinion is that it's a good game to pass some time even if it's not very much time. The problem is that after you've played the game a good few times it becomes more of a memory game than a general knowledge game. Now days when I play this I'm just remembering what the answers were from the last times I've played and it's not really a case of me knowing it as such at all. On the plus side, this does mean I usually win! But it also takes a lot of the fun away for me.

      It makes a nice change from the usual Trivial Pursuit if you're looking for a general knowledge based board game and if this type of game is something you enjoy then I would recommend it. Smart Ass is available from a whole heap of places including Argos, Amazon and W.H. Smiths, prices range from about £10-£20 (so shop around)!


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  • Product Details

    "Have you ever played a game and been bursting to yell out the answer even when it's not your turn? Here's your chance! Each question has ten clues. The first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate ""Smart Ass"". Nominated for Australia's Game of the Year in 2007 Quick-moving, fun party game. No specific knowledge base required For ages 12 years+ For 2 - 8 Players"

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