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Vivid Imaginations Atmosfear

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3 Reviews

DVD board game. Fast, Frightening Fun! The DVD board game with a TV host "The Gatekeeper" who must be obeyed! A game of skill, strategy and suspense wrapped up in a race against time and the Gatekeeper. Interactive game play & random DVD selection means a different outcome every time you play. Manufacturer's recommended age 12 years +.

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    3 Reviews
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      25.02.2013 22:14



      Great for any party. (Especially Halloween)

      I've owned this game for quite a long time and I can happily say that it hasn't stopped being fun. From my early teens to college parties to my house warming last year. I'm yet to find a group of friends who hasn't enjoyed this frantic, backstabbing race against the clock.

      -The game-
      The goal of Atmosfear is simple. Collect six different coloured keys and reach the centre. One of the players picks out one of the fears that were placed in before the game. If its yours, you win! Offcourse that would be too easy. you also play the game against the gatekeeper a semi randomised DVD that will show up from time to time and mess up your progress and encourage you to mess up your friends also. Now if your sitting there thinking "pah I could do that in my sleep". I should let you know you have 50mins to do so. The gatekeeper gets more annoying as the timer ticks. With you and your "friends" getting more chances to steal eachothers keys. Success in this game is never meant to happen.

      -The parts-
      The game comes with great quality keys, characters, key holders and cards. The board itself is smoothly finished and durable. The only think Likley to break is the box so if your going to keep it around I'd reccomend finding a better storage solution. The DVD is the most important bit, the games instructions are found on it and frankly the game isn't anywhere near as fun without the gatekeeper. That said its held up nicely to the array of scratches mine now has.

      Overall this is a brilliant game for anyone able to play it. Best of all for Halloween parties


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        20.08.2009 15:31
        Very helpful



        Fantastic game for all board DVD gamers.

        All you board gamers.

        Vivid Imaginations came up with a brilliant DVD board game called Atmosfear, where you have a time limit to complete the game.
        The game consists of a board, DVD and playing pieces.
        The aim of the game is to make your way to the well of fears and choose your own fear before 59 minutes expire.

        Before you begin, you load up the DVD and pick between choices of Play Atmosfear, Quickstart (For experienced players.) How to play, and credits.
        You will be greated by the star of the game, the gatekeeper who is always on your screen to insult and make you feel like ''a worm!''

        You get to pick between 6 devilious and naughty characters who was sent to hell to be watched by the gatekeeper.
        These are:

        Khufu - The Mummy.
        Elizabeth Bathory - The Vampire.
        Gavaurdian - The Werewolf.
        Baron Samedi - The Zombie.
        Helin - The Poltergeist
        Anne De Chantraine - The Witch.

        My favourite is Baron Samedi, because hes always the one thats come across as the nicest, and hes also my favourite colour. (green!)
        Now you have picked your players, you will have 59 minutes to colleect 6 colour keys from other players realms before you attempt to go to the well of fears.

        You have time cards and fear cards which you collect when you land on the stone on the board. One of the things i like about the ''time'' cards is because you have outrageous tasks to do like ''SCREAM'' at a time that shows up on the card. (I always jump!)

        One of the bad pointers about this game is that if the CD is very badly scratched, then the DVD will freeze and you will no longer be able to play on. You will have to buy it again.
        Also one of the annoying things about the gatekeeper is that he comes out at random intervals on the tv and talks about random stuff which just wastes your time.

        Its a very good game, and best played with surround sound and at night. It makes it more creepy!

        My next review will be about Atmosfear - Khufu, which is one of the playing pieces games. Atmosfear was supposed to release out all the players games, but atm only 1 has been released. This game used to be played on VCR and was more scary and pictures could become scary for little children.

        You can buy this for about 14 pounds on amazon. So have fun and enjoy!


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        10.02.2006 18:06
        Very helpful



        Not as scary as it looks but lots of fun and laughs included.

        After receiving a voucher as a family gift for Christmas we decided to look for a board game with a bit of a difference. After researching online it was decided that Atmosfear – DVD Game was the preferred choice and we waited with anticipation for it to arrive. When it did there were no disappointments.

        ***The Background***

        Atmosfear first appeared on the shelves in 1995 and originally came with a video. I must admit that I never once thought about buying it back then and because technology has now moved on, a DVD version was sure to be released. This version came out in 2003. It reminded me a bit of the old Knightmare series on kids’ television where the gatekeeper tries to stop the players finding a way out of the dungeon and I thought this might be a fun and interesting game.

        ***The Aim of The Game***

        The aim is to collect one key of each of the six colours around the board and head for the Well of Fears in the centre of the board to face your fear. If you are successful then you have won the game. Sounds simple doesn’t it. Not so fast though as the Gatekeeper will try to stop you on route as will your opponents, and you only have 49 minutes to complete your task and the time ticks away backwards on the screen.

        ***What’s In The Box***

        Rules Sheet – Easy to understand although it may take you a while to remember them all without having to refer back to it.

        DVD – The Gatekeeper appears on your screen to shout out demands or orders as you go through the game. As well as the game play there is also a shortened version of the rules, which you can view before the game starts.

        The Board – Opens up from being folded into quarters and has stepping stone pathways going round it as well as to the Well of Fears in the centre. There are six different coloured areas as you go round the board, which correspond to the different characters, you can choose to be and the keys you need to escape. Around the stepping stones are certain symbols – keystones, black key stone, crossed swords stones, wings stones, black holes, headstones, skull stone and a clock stone. Whenever you land on these stones certain rules have to be obeyed.

        2 x Dice – You can choose whether to roll one or both dice as you go round the board unless of course orders state you to do otherwise.

        6 Player Pieces and Cards – When you start the game you can decide which character you want to be as you travel on your quest for freedom. The characters available are:-

        Khufu, The Mummy – Symbolised by the yellow death mask game piece Khufu is the mummy whose remains were missing when grave robbers broke into his tomb. He left a curse though and Khufu now roams free to sell pyramid schemes that come with lifetime guarantees.

        Countess Elizabeth Bathory – Symbolised by the red bat game piece the Countess is the vampire in the game. Blood is what feeds her obsession for beauty and so she will bite anyone who comes her way.

        Gevaudan – Symbolised by the blue werewolf game piece this beast terrorized the French countryside in the 18th century. It has been rumoured that this wolf was slain but who knows, he may jump out when you least expect him to.

        Anne De Chantraine – Symbolised by the orange pumpkin game piece she was burnt in the Great Witch Hunts of the 18th century. She got her revenge by setting fires round the countryside using pumpkins.

        Helin – Symbolised by the purple building blocks she is a nasty little poltergeist child who likes to make nightmares come true for those people dreaming around her.

        Baron Samedi – Symbolised by the green hat the Baron is a zombie who loves to dance with strangers who catch his eye. He loves to leave them breathless in his frightclub, The Cathedral of Jive.

        Keys – There are 6 of each of the different coloured keys and one black key. The coloured keys are needed to escape but you must have one of each colour. If you pick up the cursed black key then you cannot win until you can rid yourself of it by passing it to another player.

        Keyholders – There are 6 keyholders with numbers 1-6 on the front of them to be randomly given out to players at the start of the game. This is where you keep any keys you pick up throughout the game. Keep them hidden from other players though so they can’t see which key they are choosing if they win a duel or are ordered to take a key from you.

        Notepad and pencil – To write your fears on before placing in the Well of Fear.

        The Well of Fears – This well sits in the centre of the board with all the players’ fears written inside. Pick out your own fear when you have all the keys and you win your freedom. Choose another’s fear though and you have to wait till your next turn to try again.

        Fate Cards – If you land on a skull stone on the board then you must pick up one of these cards. Your fate is truly out of your hands as you read the instructions.

        Examples of Fate Cards

        Nasty – Banish the player of your choice to the nearest Black Hole.

        Key Play – Take one key from any opponent and return it to the realm in which it was found

        Time Cards – If you land on a clock stone then you pick up one of these cards and keep it secret from the others. Each one has a time on it. When the time on screen corresponds with your hidden card then you follow the instructions on it. If the time has already passed then return the card to the bottom of the pack and play on.

        Examples of Time Cards

        At 27:30 Scream “STOP!” Any opponent you scare is banished to the Black Hole.

        At 12:15 give this card and with this message to the one who holds the most keys: Return one key, sucker!

        ***Setting Up***

        Before you start this game make sure you have exactly what you need as you cannot pause it mid game. It’s only 49 minutes and it really flies by but there’s nothing worse than if someone wants a toilet break half way through.

        Choose which character you want to be and place the corresponding symbol on your own coloured headstone in your realm on the board. Write your fear on a slip of paper and place it in the Well of Fears. Set the keys on their correct colours and the black key on it’s spot on the board. Set out the fate and time cards beside the board. Put the DVD in your player and start it up. For effect you may want to dim the lights but not too low as you still need to be able to see the coloured keys and to read what’s on the cards.

        When the Gatekeeper appears on screen he will select a chosen one to make sure there is no cheating going on and he will also call on him from time to time in the game to help him out. The chosen one also rolls the first dice.


        Keep play going clockwise until the Gatekeeper appears on screen and tells you to STOP. If you are called upon you must answer him “Yes! My Gatekeeper!” If you fail to respond in this way then you could be punished by missing a turn, being sent to a black hole or not being able to move again until you roll the number on the front of your keyholder.

        If you land on a key stone on the board then you can take a key from the realm you are in whether you already have that colour or not. If all the keys are gone then you will have to try to win one another way.

        One way of doing this is by landing on a crossed swords stone where you can duel with another player if you are brave enough. Whoever throws the highest number gets to take a key from your opponent. Of course if they have the black key then you have to be careful not to take that or you will be cursed and cannot win the game until you get rid of it. The other way of doing this is to pass it on to another player when you land on the same square.

        If you land on the wings stone you may take flight to any other stone with this marking on. This can be useful if you need only a couple of keys left and need to go to a certain realm.

        If you are banished to one of the two black holes on the board you can be freed if the Gatekeeper releases you, you roll your own number on your key holder, you have a fate or time card, which releases you, or if you have the key from your own realm.

        ***Who Is This Game Aimed At***

        Well it says that this is for aged 12 and over and this is probably because of the scary face of the Gatekeeper as well as some of the more complicated rules such as the time cards and the stopping of play every time the Gatekeeper appears on screen.

        You do need between 3 and 6 players for this game so not one for a cosy couple I’m afraid.

        ***Price and Availability***

        You can get this from most good toyshops but we got it from Amazon for just under £19.18 which seems a strange price but there you have it. Postage was free with an order of £15.

        ***My Thoughts***

        It seemed really complicated the first time we played this game and we had to keep looking at the rules and forgetting to address the Gatekeeper properly. We also felt a little bit silly speaking to a scary looking man on the screen that kept referring to us as maggots. Once we got into it though we found it to be lots of fun and we got very competitive trying to get all the keys.

        Now it’s very unlikely for anyone to actually win this game as the odds are really stacked up against you but in the dying minutes you will find that the Gatekeeper will allow one person to get all the keys they need and it’s a mad rush to get to the centre well. Again though it’s difficult to pick out the correct slip of paper and although we have played 5 games of this so far with either 4 or 6 players no one has won yet so we have only been treated to the loser screen at the end of the time. If someone does win then you have to press the menu or title button on your remote so you can be declared a winner. Do not press stop though as this cancels your game and you won’t have beat the Gatekeeper.

        We love this game as it is something truly different and because the DVD moves to different Gatekeeper scenarios throughout the game, it doesn’t get boring as you are always seeing something new. The language you use against your opponents may be a bit nasty but that adds to the fun. How often are you allowed to call your partner or parent a maggot or something equally disgusting?

        I would say that this game is for all ages over 12 right up to your granny if she has a sense of fun. My mum and dad had a game of this with us at the New Year and although it was a bit confusing for them to start with, they both got right into it and were shouting out “Yes! My Gatekeeper!” with pride by the end.

        ***To Sum Up***

        If you are looking for something a bit different and don’t mind if no one actually wins then this is definitely the one for you. It’s all good fun along the way.


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