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Vivid Imaginations Electronic Fib Finder

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Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Age: 8 Years+

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2009 18:27
      Very helpful



      An unusual game, worth playing.

      The toy I will now review is one of the main gifts my daughter asked for, for Christmas, so of course I bought it!

      The toy I will now review is - "Electronic fib finder".

      Now when my daughter asked for this particular toy I was a little worried by the name, I wondered if after unwrapping it I would end up being strapped up to it and dragged over hot coals being asked questions about the "realness" of Santa, and whether he really watches them year through!

      I was relieved upon purchasing it to find it is actually a board game of sorts, with a pre written set of questions!

      The contents of the set includes a pack of question cards each holding 4 questions and two redeeming questions called the "fib fixers", a board complete with four different coloured counters. The boards starting square is in the centre of the board and you either go up the board depending how truthful you are answering the questions, or down depending on how many porky pies you tell!

      Finally you get the fib finder machine itself, this amuses me immensely as my daughter uses this and whatever it determines is gospel to her, my husband blew a raspberry into it when we last played and the machine said he was definitely telling lies!

      The object of the game is to reach the top of the board first, not an easy task when you are playing against a very competitive 7 year old and a 3 year old who really cannot grasp the rules at all!

      You start with the youngest player, with them being asked a question first, these range from "when you fart do you sit and smell them?" even some saying "make up your own question", these are my husbands favourites as he likes to tease her about boys, he thinks that if he embarrasses her enough she may decided to just never go near boys.... Ever, well that's his theory anyway!

      You can answer the question truthfully or lie, if your opponent thinks you have fibbed then you have to go on the fib finder.

      There are two ends on the fib finder, on one end there is a finger shaped indentation with two metal pins visible through the plastic, this is where the "fibber" has to put there finger.
      On the other side there is a big yellow button, this has to be pushed in and held in whilst the question is asked again and the answer is given. After both have been done the question asker releases the yellow button, but the "fibber" must keep their finger on the indentation.
      The machine then makes a tinkling and ringing sound whilst it apparently "makes up it's mind". Across the middle of the machine there is what can only be described as a heartbeat, you now the one's I mean, like the heartbeat you can see on a monitor in hospital, sorry I am sure there is a name for it but at present it eludes me.... Answer on a postcard!
      After a few seconds it will flash up either green, truth, red, lie or yellow which means it's not sure so can you do it again!
      If you get a green light you can advance on the board one space, but if you get a red light and you know you have fibbed you have to go back two spaces.

      If, however, you have told the truth and you still get a red light you can use your "fib fixer" answer. This will not eradicate the red light but may mean that, if answered correctly, you will only have to move back one space rather than two spaces.

      The game continues like this until someone wins, or if your like us, until you truly can't be arsed to ask any more questions!

      The fib finder itself is battery powered and takes 2 x AA batteries. The only downside with this machine is there seems to be no off button, so if stored incorrectly, ie the way my kids stuff gets stored.... In a pile! The batteries will run out very quickly.

      This is an unusual game that I really don't mind playing with Kaitlin, some of the games bore me to tears, but this is quite a laugh. It's even better when there is other adults and alcohol involved!

      This was purchased from Woolworths for the sum of £12.99, obviously you will not be able to get this from there now, but they are available from Toys R Us - www.toysrus.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      Are your friends telling the truth? Do they have a crush on someone? Would they ask a boy on a date? With Fib Finder, you can put them on the spot....and see! Includes electronic lights and sounds.

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