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Vivid Imaginations Fifi's Stack a Cake Game

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4 Reviews

Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Age: 3 Years+

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    4 Reviews
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      17.05.2011 11:55
      Very helpful



      A good inexpensive game for young children.

      Fifi's stack a cake game is a game which is aimed at young children and will appeal especially to fans of the childrens programme 'Fifi and the Flowertots'. In the game Fifi is making a cake, with the aim of the game being to help Fifi make the cake by adding toppings to the cake without making it all topple over.


      We bought the Fifi stack a cake game from Argos where it is listed at the price of £9.99. When we bought the game we picked it up as part of the ongoing offer that Argos run where you can buy 2 toys or games for £15 bringing the real cost of this game down to £7.50 for us. The 2 for £15 deal is a long term offer in Argos and is really handy when you are inundated with loads of party invitations for the children, and we have used this offer again and bought another Fifi stack a cake game for one of my daughters friends for her birthday.
      The Fifi game is also widely available online, I have seen it on play.com for £7.99 and more bizarrely on Amazon listed at both £5.50 and £18.99. Hopefully nobody will take up the £18.99 offer, one which also has a delivery charge of £4.


      When you open the box for the Fifi stack a cake game, the contents include a small Fifi figure which is made out of plastic and a stand for Fifi to stand on. The Fifi character is very well made and very bright which will appeal to young children. Also in the box you get a dice and all the ingredients for the cake. The ingredients are 20 layers of solid plastic which again are very bright to appeal to young children. There are 5 different colours, yellow represents the layers of cake, white is the cream, pink for sprinkles, red for strawberry jam and blue for blueberry jam.


      The Fifi character holds a plate which you fold down to start the game. Each player then takes a turn to roll the dice which has pictures of the different layers of cake on it. If the dice lands on the picture of cream then you will have to add one of the pieces of cream on to Fifi's cake which is being made on her plate. It then moves to the next player to have their turn and so on.

      The object of the game is to keep adding the layers to the cake, building it as high as possible without the cake toppling over. The person who make the cake topple loses, although from my experience I have found that my children like to make the cake topple and great hilarity often follows.
      Although this is the main aim of the game, my children sometimes enjoy playing with the pieces of cake seperately alongside their other items of play food, making things for each other.


      As seems to be the way with all toys or games the box for the Fifi stack a cake game suggest that this game is suitable for age 3+. From my experience this game can also be enjoyed by younger children as well, my son who is 2 can play along and understand the game very well. All the pieces in the game are chunky enough to be played by smaller hands as well so the game is really suitable for all ages.


      I think that this game is excellent value for money, especially as it is available in the 2 for £15 offer at Argos. It is also a pleasant change to buy a game for the children that doesn't require any batteries at all, as most games seem to take several batteries. It is good value to buy for the children to take as a present to their friends birthday parties as well, whilst looking like a good present at the same time.

      The game is very well made and can cope with any rough treatment handed out to it from young children as all the pieces are solid and well made. It is a game which the whole family can enjoy together, both of my children enjoy playing with it by themselves or with mum and dad.
      The game also helps to teach children to play together and to take turns each at rolling the dice and putting the layers of cake on the plate which can only be a good thing. At the same time it will help their hand/eye co-ordination and motor skills as well, helping develop good skills as they are enjoing playing.

      Overall due to these reason I will award the game top marks.


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        12.01.2010 15:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Excellent choice for Fifi fans!

        This is a lovely little game, beloved in our family, featuring the much loved character of Fifi Forget-me-not. With 'Fifi and the Flowertots' being a particular favourite of my 2 year old, when asked by a relative for Christmas present ideas, this was an obvious choice.

        I must confess here that I had a misconceived idea of the game - I had assumed it was a version of Buckaroo, where items would need to be stacked and then the character would flip them all off when unbalanced. So, my initial reaction to the fact it is completely static was that it would be, well, a bit naff. How wrong I was.

        The basic principle of the game is build up layers of a cake (these being discs of cake(!), cream, strawberry jam, blueberry jam and pink sprinkles) on the plate held by a 6 inch Fifi figure (she comes with a detachable stand). Players take it in turns to throw a dice with pictures of the five layers, plus a 'miss a turn' face, and stack the cake accordingly. The aim is to get the cake as high as possible. Strange as it sounds, this turned out to provide much entertainment on a sleepy Christmas morning for not only my two year old, but also her older siblings and, I begrudgingly admit, me too!

        Much fun was had trying to make the odd shaped pieces balance, or laughing over a cake made of cream, more cream, jam, sprinkles and then more cream! When we did eventually tire of the game, my two year old was more than happy to detach Fifi from her stand and serve her tea with her new tea set, along with the new baby doll which was in danger of being neglected!

        This game has been played numerous times since Christmas, both with me, and with her siblings (definitely a selling point - can be played by preschoolers without adult assistance). There is also another version of the game rules in the instructions, where the layer pieces are divided between players, and if someone knocks it down, those pieces are added to their pile, the winner being the first one with no pieces left! This would probably work out better for a slightly older child (mine is only 2).

        The game itself is recommended for 3+, but I would say it is eminently suitable for 30 months+. The only concern could be the dice, though to be honest my four year old puts more toys in her mouth than the two year old, which goes to show you just have to practice judgement as ever with children's toys!

        In fact a plus point of the dice is that it is a good way of demonstrating the practice of taking turns in a game (always a contentious issue) as well as rules. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my daughter accepted the 'miss a turn' throw!

        This game is good value for money and can be bought from £5 - £10, depending where you shop. Additionally it does not require batteries, a relief on sooo many levels!

        Overall, I would say that this is an excellent toy for any Fifi fan, aged 2 to 5, which I would highly recommend


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          03.12.2009 16:02
          Very helpful



          A fab kiddies game for ages 3+ for under a tenner!

          Whilst trawling around our local huge toy superstore, I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of character toys that are available to buy.

          I don't have kids of my own and so am completely out of touch with what characters are popular and who is who in terms of kid's TV shows and cartoons. This led to some confusing choices being available, complete with unfamiliar characters and frankly, I didn't know what to buy for my little niece's birthday recently.

          Thank goodness for the interweb... After doing some research I quickly learned that 'Fifi' is a little (female) character from a well-known and presumably well-loved children's TV show. I got the impression that the show was quite popular with under 5's after speaking to a few friends of mine (who have kids) and so decided to opt for a few toys with this character in mind.

          After some more looking around online I came across a little game called 'Fifi's Stack-a-cake game'. A quick scan told me that it fitted all of my necessary criteria; it was within my price range, contained a character from the TV show, and was suitable for under 5's. With that, my search was over and I purchased the game as part of the 2 for £15 deal which is currently available at Argos. The usual price of the game is around £10 from the same shop although it can be found slightly cheaper online.

          When birthday time came, of course it was time to sample the game and we have actually played this quite a few times since then as it has proven to be a popular choice with the little ones.

          The game consists of a small 'Fifi' figurine, made of durable plastic and complete with her own little stand.. She is very cute and brightly coloured so I think this is ideal to appeal to young kiddies. The idea of the game is to fill the little tray that Fifi is carrying with the layers of a cake and build it very high until it topples over. Whoever topples it over is of course deemed the loser, and tantrums can commence at this point!!

          The 'layers' that make up the cake are brightly coloured too and are basically just little discs of plastic in different colours, each to represent a layer of the cake... E.G. the red discs represent strawberry jam, the white discs represent cream and so on.

          The idea of the game is to roll the dice in turn and take a turn to add a layer to the 'cake' which is stacking and resting atop of Fifi's little tray. Each side of the dice represents a layer of the cake. There is also a 'miss a turn' on the dice (horrors!) and of course if somebody rolls this on their turn, they have to sit out until next time.

          As I said, this game has proven to be quite a popular choice now and although there is an alternative way to play the game - instructions for this version are complete with the contents of the box - we have never actually got the chance to try out the second option as every time I suggest trying this version of the game, it results in resounding shouts from kids and adults alike, protesting that the original should be played instead, so apologies, I cannot comment on the second game at all.

          What I can tell you is that the game is suitable for two to four players, and is suitable from ages 3+. To be quite honest though I would have thought that slightly younger kiddies would be quite able to understand the concept of the game, such is its simplicity and at the same time, I think the game is quite safe for slightly younger kids too, as there are no small parts or sharp edges to worry about. Except the dice of course.... Remove this, and all would be fine, I'm sure.

          I like the fact too that the toy is quite educational as well as being great fun for the little ones. The game does encourage the development of hand and eye co-ordination as well as developing their motor skills.

          Another huge bonus for me was the fact that for once I bought a toy for a kiddie's birthday present and didn't need to buy batteries to accompany it into the birthday gift bag. No fancy mechanism here - just endless hours of playing stack-a-cake!

          To summarise, the game is brightly coloured and made of robust plastic which is able to withstand lots and lots of wear and tear. The concept of the game is very simple and straightforward, and all of this for around a tenner. I think it makes an ideal addition to any young kiddies' Christmas list, and I think that both little girls as well as little boys would enjoy playing with the game. It's a great little novelty toy and I can't fault it at all. For these reasons, I am going to award it full Dooyoo marks and highly recommend it to you.


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            14.04.2009 16:08
            Very helpful



            A thumbs up for the character merchandise this time!

            There's no shortage of character merchandise on the market these days and games acount for a huge chunk of what's available. I usually find however, that appart from the characters initial appeal to young children, they are usually over priced and over complicated. We have lots of board games relegated to the cupboard and never seeing the light of day, because they are just too complicated or boring to engage my daughter for more than that first play.

            Fifi's Stack a Cake Game made by Vivid Imaginations was bought for her birthday by a nursery friend. To be truthful I wasn't expecting much from it.

            It doesn't consist of much. Theres an 8 inch plastic model of Fifi holding a plate, with a stand to steady her. There are 20 circular food items representing ingredients of a cake (sponge, cream, blueberry and strawberry jam and sprinkles) and a dice with pictures of the ingredients on each side, and a miss a turn.

            The game can be played in 2 ways, both of which require at least 2 players. Firstly you can play by sharing the food pieces equally between all players and taking turns to roll the dice. The aim is to build a cake using all your pieces, by rolling the dice and adding the ingredient shown. So if you land on cream you add a piece of cream, but if you don't have the ingredient you have to miss a turn. The game is made more complex by the pieces being bumpy, so a little skill is needed to stack the cake really high, and if you cause it to collapse then the pieces that fall are added to your pile! The winner is the player to be left with no food pieces first.

            The second way of playing is less structured, and the pieces are piled in the middle rather than being shared out. The aim here is to build a high cake without it toppling, but theres no winner or looser.

            I have to say, I am really impressed with this game. It's beauty is in it's simplicity. It's easy for pre-schoolers to understand, it doesn't require any battery opperated mechanisms which often fail and dissapoint. The Fifi figure is sturdy and doesn't fall, the food pieces thick and chunky and easily identifiable, with just the right amount of bumping to require some skill and concentration when stacking. It's also very sweet looking (I like Fifi) and colourful.

            It's fun and developes hand to eye co-ordination. Undoubtably my daughters favourite game, and one I don't groan inwardly when she wants me to play.

            This game is reccomended from age 3+, however I wouldn't hesitate allowing a child of 2+ using it, perhaps with out the dice (if they still liking sticking things in their mouths) as a good introduction to board games.

            Ours was bought as a gift, but available from Amazon for £5.39 and in my opinion worth every penny.


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          • Product Details

            Have lots of fun with Fifi's Stack a Cake Game. Take it in turns to make the cake as big as you can without it toppling over!

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