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Polaris Pro 785

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2002 23:34
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      • Problematic

      Be advised that, at least in my case, the Polaris Pro 785 proved to be a very bad investment. I understand that boats in general are a fast depreciating liability, but to only get 18 hours of troublesome use for about $9,000 is somewhat on the rediculous side if you ask me. I won't bore you with the long history and details of my experience with this vessel, but will highlight the facts. First the boat was delayed in delivery to me by the dealer as it arrived at their facility damaged. They had to replace the manifold which was cracked. The boat had a factory defect which resulted in it taking on water, which did not get corrected until I eventually refused to take it back from the dealer until it was fixed. Of course, I will likely never know if it was corrected or not, as the engine froze up solid on me and Polaris will not repair it under warranty. The "certified mechanic" at the Dealer claims there was air in the oil line, which means the boat was run out of oil. When I assured them that this was not the case and that there must be something else wrong with the machine resulting in oil not getting to the engine components, they said that they could not find any other cause for this condition, so I must have run it out of oil. In other words, I must be a liar, because at no time was this vehicle ever run out of oil. The boat did however, frequently stall while riding it, presumeable due to the water leak. The Dealer claims that water damage is not what resulted in the motor freezing up on me. I must have run it out of oil. But, I did not run it out of oil. If I did, I would've had to put oil in it before I brought it in to the Dealer for repair. That would have been a blatant cover up of my error. But, I did not run it out of oil, therefore I did not put oil in it to cover up this incorrect diagnosis. So, I tried escalating up the Polaris Management chain, but they must go along with what the Dealer says. I must have run it out of oil. But, I di
      d not! The bottom line? I got 18 hours of poor performance out of a $9,000 machine. Not a good investment if you ask me. If you were considering buying one, I would think twice about it. If Polaris was a reputable company with a true commitment to customer satisfaction, they would have made it right. Rather, they are content with calling me a liar and not honoring their warranty responsibility. In retrospect, I should have bought one of the many superior and less expensive Japanese products on the market. My friends whom did, are still enjoying their trouble free vessels, while mine is in pieces in the garage. You might say, well just fix it. I would, but the cost of repairs nearly exceed the value of the boat, and I am confident that I will poor good money after bad, so it probably is not worth the risk. Maybe I can sell it for parts and recoup a small portion of my loss. Oh yes, and the gel coat is peeling due to air bubbles under the surface, another factory defect not corrected by the Dealer or Polaris.


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