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Anna Sui Sui Love Body Lotion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Anna Sui / Body Lotion / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2009 23:42



      Great for spring/summer

      This was my first perfume lotion from Anna Sui and proved to be a delightful surprise. I feel that this fragrance is for those who are fans of sweeter, floral, sugary type of smell (not in the sickly way of Dolly Girl) given its dry down consisting of nice, warm, light vanilla and perhaps a slight hint of spice. The voluminous pink butterfly shaped packaging is certainly attractive and would definitely make a nice gift.
      Although this depends on personal body chemistry, on me, this fragrance did not turn sour throughout the day and remained nice and sweet. I also liked the fact that it did not contain any musky element, so that I could use this lightly for spring and summer.
      However, to be fair, I cannot say that this is a OMG love at first try kind of fragrance; one may even say that it is on the generic side since there is no new or adventurous element in this fragrance.


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      28.02.2008 13:05
      Very helpful



      applying the body lotion before the perfume gives the perfume more staying power.

      Sui Love perfume by Anna Sui is one of the newest perfumes which I have added to my perfume collection. I think the perfume smells absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to treat myself yet again and buy the Sui Love body lotion and shower gel to compliment and layer the scent of the perfume.

      I bought my Sui Love body lotion from Debenhams and it cost me £12 for a 200ml pink plastic tube, although they did have another Sui Love body lotion but that was slightly more expensive and had different packaging. I wasn't bothered about the packaging so I bought the cheaper one because I didn't want to pay £7 more for the same amount of body lotion which had different packaging.

      I was quite surprised by the consistency and feel of the body lotion because it wasn't what I was expecting at all. Most of the time the body lotions which accompany fragrances are really thin and watery and leave your skin feeling sticky and oily; but this wasn't the case with this one.

      When I dispensed the body lotion out from the bottle the first thing I noticed was the thickness of it; it isn't thin and watery, it has a really thick and creamy consistency. Although this body lotion is quite thick it is still easy to apply and is absorbed into your skin very quickly. I don't have to use a lot of the body lotion in order to cover my body, I find that two blobs the size of a 10 pence piece are more than enough to the job. As soon as I dispense the body lotion onto my hand and start to rub it into my skin I can immediately smell the gorgeous Sui Love fragrance.

      When I'm applying this body lotion I like to start from my feet and work my way up my body; because of the thick consistency of the body lotion I find that it is much easier to apply to my skin if I massage it into my skin in small circular motions. As this evenly distributes the body lotion onto my skin and it is absorbed much quicker. When I am massaging the body lotion into my skin it glides over the surface of my skin easily and doesn't have a sticky or greasy feeling like most perfumed body lotions do.

      After I had finished applying the body lotion to my skin I didn't have to wait around for it drying because it was absorbed into my skin really quickly. I liked the fact that the body lotion was easy to apply and that it dried quickly. I was really pleased with the moisturising effects from the body lotion because it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. As well as leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth the body lotion also left it with a wonderful fruity fragrance. The fragrance which the body lotion left on my skin wasn't too strong or heavy; it was a light fruity scent which is almost identical to the scent of the Sui Love perfume. The fragrance from the body lotion lasted on my skin for quite a while before it faded, I would say that the fragranced effect lasted for approximately 3 hours before it gradually faded.

      I found that if I applied the body lotion to my skin and then used the Sui Love Perfume that the fragrance from the perfume lasts longer on my skin. This is because the body lotion acts as a base for the perfume to stick to; hence the reason why the perfume has better staying power. The body lotion gives the perfume an extra hour's staying power before it needs reapplying. The scent from the perfume lasts for about 8 hours on my skin but when I apply the body lotion and then apply the perfume it lasts for almost nine hours.

      The actual scent of the body lotion is gorgeous and is really similar to the matching perfume. The body lotion has a really light, sweet fruity floral scent. The body lotion has a gorgeous passion flower and rose fragrance which is accompanied with a sweet vanilla undertone which gives the scent a richer sweeter aroma. The body lotion smells really similar to the perfume except the perfume has more noticeable fragrance notes.

      The fragrance is described as having blends of Bergamot, Passion flower, White Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla and Ambrette Seed.

      Sui Love Body Lotion can be bought from Debenhams and costs ~
      £12 for a 200ml Pink tube
      £19 for a 200ml pink butterfly shaped bottle

      © Butterfly-Wings

      **Review written by me and also posted on Ciao**


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