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Australian Bodycare Pure Tea Tree Oil

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Brand: Australian Bodycare / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Body Oil / Contents: 30ml

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    5 Reviews
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      24.11.2010 22:12
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended!

      Australian Bodycare is a highly acclaimed professional and retail skin and body care brand which is formulated mainly for problem skin.

      The Melaleuca Alternifolia tree is indiginous to Australia and depending on the species, it takes the form of a small tree or shrub. It can be found mainly along the North Coast of Australia. The oil was first extracted from the tree in 1922 by Arthur Penfold, an Australian chemist. It was discovered that tea tree oils possessed great healing properties and had antiseptic and anti-inflamatory properties. The oil soon became a very popular way of treating infections and a whole array of ailments and was also used during the second world war to treat war wounds the soldiers endured whilst in battle. The oil was being used in Australia for over 100 years before it became available worldwide and is now sold as a pure oil and is also used in the production of a wide variety of products such as creams, ointments, lotions, soaps, and shampoos.

      Today, the oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree by using a steam-extraction process and is a popular essential oil renowned for its, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

      There are 110 different varieties of tea tree oil, and Melaleuca alternifolia has been proven to be the most potent and beneficial and it is this variety that is used in Australian Bodaycare products.

      There are many many uses for tea tree oil which include:

      Treatment for acne and spots, sunburn, anhydrosis, Athlete's Foot, blisters, bruises, burns, cold sores, cracked heels, cuts and grazes, dandruff, dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, foot odour, fresh breath, gingivitis, head lice, ingrown hairs, insect bites, insect repellent, mouth ulcers, muscular aches, nail fungus, nasal congestion, psoriasis, shaving rash, sore throat, thrush, toothache and verrucas and warts. It can also be used before and after waxing.

      I first came across tea tree oil when I was looking for a spot treatment in my younger years and purchased a 25ml bottle from QVC. This variant of oil is 100% pure and the oil itself is very light yellow in colour. It is sold in a glass bottle with a screw cap. When removed the opening to the bottle has a plastic capping with a small hole in the middle to allow the oil to be used.

      The oil has a very strong, pungent antiseptic smell which can sting the eyes if put too near them. I apply this to the affected area using my finger tips. The oil is quite thin in consistency and isn't oily or greasy. The oil almost evaporates on application leaving no residue at all, it does however leave the strong antiseptic aroma which some might find a little unpleasant. When I apply this to my skin, I don't find that it irritates at all. As I said, I originally bought this to treat a few spots, and I found this oil was very effective in drying them out and clearing my skin. I also used it in conjunction with the Tea Tree oil skin wash which was also very effective. I would not recommend the skin wash for people who suffer with dry skin as it does have a very drying effect. I also used this oil when I suffer with a recurring cyst. To do this, I add a few drops into the bath water. It is important not to add too much as this is a very strong, potent oil and if too much is used it can sting the skin. It's also a great product to take abroad and works very well to take the itch and sting out of insect bites.

      The design of the bottle has since changed and differs considerably from that in the picture above. Instead of the clear glass bottle, it now looks a lot more like a medical product and is sold in a round brown bottle which resembles a pill bottle with a white screw on lid.

      The oil is available in 10ml, 30ml and 100ml sizes. Prices start at £5.99 for 10ml, £12.99 for 30ml and £31.00 for 100ml. These prices may seems somewhat expensive to someone who has never used this oil before, but in my opinion it is definitely worth the price tag. A little goes an extrememly long way and this is a great product to have in your medicine cabinet which can treat a very wide variety of skin complains.


      100% Tea Tree oil from Melaleuca alternifolia, Limonene, Linalool

      --Other products in the range--

      Gentle Cleansing Shampoo
      Intensive Cleansing Shampoo
      Hair Conditioner
      Facial Cream
      Facial Wash
      Facial Scrub
      Body Wash
      Body Lotion
      Intensive Skin Cream
      Skin Clarifier
      On-the-spot Stick
      Pure Tea Tree Oil

      The above products can be located and purchased by visiting the following websites:


      The websites listed above are the main stockists of Australian Bodycare products, but products are widely available on a variety of other websites also.

      **Also on Ciao under the same username**


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        14.08.2010 20:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Recommended for anyone that is having problems fighting off acne with other products

        Very pleased with this purchase. I bought it because of its antiseptic qualities. I thought that it might help to fight my constant problem of acne. It is not a huge problem but it seems whenever I get rid of one spot another appears no matter what face wash I use. So I decided I would try this oil for a while.

        As soon as I felt a spot coming on I would apply the tea tree oil every few hours which caused the redness and the spot to disappear! I would absolutely delighted with the results.

        I believe the tea tree oil dries out the spot which is why it never reaches its full ugliness. I had tried the ordinary retail spot applications but found this beat all of them.

        Find it hard to locate in my local chemists. I bought it online for a very good price. Cheaper than what it seems to sell for in other shops. The bottle lasts a long time also as I have had mine since January and only a quater gone! Love this companies products. Perfect for the spot prone on a budget.

        Well packaged and would make a good gift for the preteen who is beginning to get acne. A lifesaver in some social situations because can clear spots overnight from my experience.


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          28.02.2010 21:46
          Very helpful



          Great product!

          Tea tree oil is an amazing thing - and so useful!

          I always buy the Australian Body care one, and have done for years. When i pierced my bellybutton about 15 years ago the lady at the salon advised me to clean the area with diluted tea tree oil, i did and had no problems with it. Since then, i use it for everything!

          Tea tree oil is naturally antbacterial - so it helps to clean the skin clean whilst maintaining a natural balance. It reduces bacterial and fungal problems and has anasthetic qualities too.

          I do alot of walking, and having your feet in walking boots or trainers sweating cant be good for them. So, i will dilute a couple of drops of these in water and soak my feet to make sure i dont get athletes foot or anything.

          If i ever have any insect bites or spots, i pop some tea tree oil on them and they sort them out no trouble.

          I also put a couple of drops on wet hands and rub them through my daughters hair after washing (whilst its still wet). Its a well known fact that head lice dont like the smell of tea tree - so rather than spending money on costly sprays, this does the trick just as well, if not better.

          The products in this range come in a pale green box with the name written on in white and the outline of a map of australia in the background. You can buy it in 10ml, 30ml or 50ml bottles. The 10ml, which last for ages, i can get in my local chemist for £3..50 - but you can pick it up for a similar price in superdrug.

          Definately worth having a bottle in!


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          27.11.2008 18:45
          Very helpful



          If you like natural cures, then invest in the best!

          Tea tree oil is one of natures secrets.
          It is a fantastic substance with tremendous antiseptic qualities, and a impressive resume.
          I was first introduced to tea tree oil by my mother who recommended applying it to spots, I had tried other acne creams, but they left my skin dry and red. At first I was skeptical as it is a oil, and oil cant be good for pimples. But I was soon proven wrong when it dried up the spot almost overnight!


          Tea tree oil is an extraction from the Melaleuca tree, which is native to the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.
          Historically, the leaves were used as a substitute for tea, which is how tea tree oil got its name. The part used medicinally is the oil from the leaves.
          It is an essential oil (meaning it is a concentrated liquid containing compounds from plants), and is usually sold in a diluted form, as some people have been known to develop reactions, due to its strong nature. It has a rather pungent smell, which I find rather nice. It is a fresh, clean smell, which resembles eucalyptus and camphor.


          I like things to be as natural as possible, originally I bought the body shop tea tree oil, as I like their products. However I soon realized that I was in a sense being ripped off, the body shop version is diluted down to 15%, and since it comes in a 10ml bottle, it dosnt last very long. It makes allot more sense to buy a undiluted version, and then dilute it yourself.
          This brand is also very good quality, and has a good reputation, for using high quality ingredients.

          HOW TO USE IT.

          If you buy the undiluted bottle, then you will most likely have to dilute it if you have sensitive skin, as it can be a bit tough on certain skin types. I have combination skin, and pure tea tree oil has not seemed to cause any reaction. But just to be safe, dilute it if it is the first time you are using it.

          To combat problem skin.

          15% Is about the right dilution for you face, you can dilute it with water and use as a face wash, or if you have very dry skin you can dilute it with almond oil, and use it as a moisturizer.
          Personally I use a cotton bud and apply it pure to my spots.

          Against dandruff/lice.

          Add a few drops to your favorite shampoo, and give it a good shake before use. Lice don't like the smell, and in the case of dandruff, because tea tree kills fungus, it is quite effective, and an inexpensive alternative to dandruff shampoos.
          I also like adding a few drops, to a spray bottle with water, I then spray it regularly in my hair when its "school lice season".

          To treat insect bites, minor cuts and stings.

          If you apply a small amount of pure tea tree oil to insect bites and stings, it will sooth and clean the sore. It can also be diluted with water to wash minor cuts and scratches. Because tea tree oil increases the immunity of the body against bacteria, fungi and viruses, it is important to clean any cuts that can allow bacteria into the body, with tea tree oil.

          Against warts, fungus, athletes foot, psoriasis and ringworms.

          Most of the above are caused by fungi, which is tea trees specialty. I have personally seen warts, disappear with regular application of tea tree oil. My sister has used tea tree oil effectively against psoriasis , and it is allot safer then some of the medicated brands out there.
          I would personally use pure tea tree oil on the effected areas, as I have found that to be the most effective method of use.

          Against colds and chest infections.

          When you inhale tea tree oil, it instantly clears your sinuses, obviously this is very important when you have a cold and blocked nose. When my partner is feeling sick or has a chest infection, I dilute tea tree oil with almond oil (5 drops to 15ml oil), and rub it on his neck and chest.
          You can also add a few drops to a essential oil burner, as it leaves a cleansing smell to the air, and fights the bacteria that might be hanging around in the air.
          Alternatively if you like, you can add a few drops to a hot bath and soak in all that goodness!


          Of course there are hundreds of other uses but these are the most common and all tried and proven by myself, or friends and family.
          I keep a small bottle at hand at all times, and right now, have four bottles located throughout the house,and in the medical kit. It is in my opinion an invaluable natural ingredient that can be used to substitute pharmaceutical brands.

          FUN FACTS.

          By the way did you know that during World War II, the Australian military issued tea tree oil in the first-aid kits of soldiers?
          It was used to treat burns and athletes foot. The Australian government even classified tea tree oil as an essential commodity and those who produced it were exempt from military service.


          Currently it can be purchased at their website for 4.98 pounds for 10ml or 9.49 pounds for 30 ml.


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            14.09.2008 17:18
            Very helpful



            Always keep a bottle in the medicine cabinet

            I first became aware of this product a number of years ago when Alison Young the resident beauty expert on QVC introduced it. There were so many uses and it was said to be many times stronger than a hospital brand of antiseptic. Alison particularly recommended this brand as being 100% pure tea tree oil and mentioned that several other companies who had jumped into the natural healing oil market were selling much lower concentrations.

            The oil is derived from the Australian melaleuca tree and has been a traditional remedy among Australian aboriginals for centuries and it is renowned for its antiseptic properties. If you look around any chemist you will find it is a common ingredient in shower gels, toothpastes, mouthwashes etc.

            The oil comes in various sizes and there is a bit of a marmite effect with the smell you either love it or hate it. I personally love it not because it has a nice perfume but because it smells fresh and clean.

            Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that in my experience really work.

            I always like to have a bottle of this in the house as it is so versatile and I do tend to trust natural products more than those which list loads of chemicals on the side of the bottle most of which I do not have a clue as to what they are.

            - - Uses - -

            If you have spots simply dab a little tea tree oil on them several times a day and within a day or two they will have disappeared. The only drawback with this quick and successful method of spot treatment is that you are left with a very dry patch of skin were the spot was, so moisturize well.

            When nits seemed to be doing the rounds at my kids primary school they succumbed to the dreaded varmints. After treatment had finished (rio bug zapper review to follow) I added a few drops of this tea tree oil to a jug of water at the end of hairwashing and poured it over their heads as I had read that this was an effective means of stopping lice coming onto the hair. I can't guarantee that this always works but they didn't get them again. You can also mix a couple of drops in with their shampoo if that is easier.

            I have used undiluted tea-tree oil on cotton wool for athlete's foot, worked a treat. Another quick and simple remedy is to add a few drops if you have one of those bubbly foot spa things, this will help with smelly feet and infections.

            For a stuffy nose put some undiluted onto a tissue or handkerchief or use it as an inhalant by adding some to hot water in a basin and draping a towel over your head to enable the steam to surround you.

            After having an emergency c section with my second son the staples fell out and the wound didn't close, it became infected and I began to add about 10 drops to my daily bath to aid the healing process.

            I remember something about making a mouthwash with it but I don't fancy trying that one.

            This oil is a little first aid kit all on its own, rub it on cuts, stings, bites etc. to aid healing.

            It also makes a very effective contraceptive in my house as when I have been using it my husband won't come within 6 feet of me because he hates the smell.

            To my mind when it comes to any natural oils, you get what you pay for and it is worth paying more for a branded product like this to know you are getting the best.


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          • Product Details

            A high-octane action antiseptic made of the finest 100% natural Tea Tree Oil to give a deep-down treatment to minor skin troubles like blemishes, insect bites and fungi / Tea Tree Oil is a well-known antiseptic that acts effectively against many bacteria and fungi /

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