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Avon Care Hydra Firming Body Lotion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Body Lotion / What it does: Hydrates, Firms,

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    2 Reviews
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      29.02.2012 13:36
      Very helpful



      An awful product!

      My mum gave me this as she said she doesn't really use body lotion. She paid £4 for it and that was full price.

      The body lotion itself is white in colour and quite thick and creamy in consistency. The smell of the lotion is pleasant but it's not enough to win me over. The bottle is a bit boring but it has a flip up cap which is a useful aid to dispense the product. The bottle is durable and sturdy.

      The body lotion is easy to spread onto the skin and a little goes a long way. It absorbs into the skin quickly and it feels moisturising enough. However, after around half an hour the lotion turns into a greasy residue on your skin and the body lotion starts to flake and you end up with flakes of dried body lotion all over your skin. My body started to itch after using this product and it left my skin looking and feeling red and sore. I had to wash it off straight away as it felt so bad on my skin.

      The body lotion is bad value as £4 is expensive for a product that DOESN'T WORK. This lotion does NOTHING to firm the skin.

      It irritates the skin and it certainly doesn't firm it. The lotion also starts to smell once it's been on your skin for a while. I wouldn't recommend this product as it's just AWFUL.


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      16.09.2010 22:56
      Very helpful



      Another Avon let down.

      I have read a few reviews lately about firming lotions, which have sound quite good. So when I purchased some Avon Foot Works product I also purchased some of their Hydra Firming Body Lotion. As I have now lost 35 pounds following Weight Watchers healthy eating plan as most of you shall now from my recent reviews.

      I always moisturise every day and each night before I go to bed but I thought it would now be a good idea to start using firming lotions, not that I wobble!

      Avon Care Hydra Firming Body Lotion 400ml:

      'Rich moisturising body lotion with firming complex that helps firm skin and makes it feel tighter'

      My Findings:

      So where do I start! This product is absolutely dreadful something I shall never be using again nor will I ever recommend this product to anyone.

      When I first received the Hydra Firming lotion I was very excited as the advert in the Avon brochure boasted its excellent firming and moisturising properties. Well after my bath I used this lotion all over arms, legs, stomach etc and the first thing I noticed most of all is the nasty clinical fragrance kind of like talc and bleach in one.

      The cream is pure white not very thick and leaves skin feeling oily for a good few hours before it soaks in completely into your skin. The only change to my skin was that it was feeling oily and clogged up; but I like to try products a few times to give them the benefit of the doubt. Yes silly I repeated this for seven nights in a row!

      As this product didn't have the most pleasant of smells each morning I had to shower before I did anything, but as it was being put on at around 9pm it had over 7 hours on my skin each night. In that time it did nothing, no firming just made my skin feel horrible and greasy.

      This product also claims to give you 24 hours of soft feeling moisturised skin, well at first I would say it over moisturised my skin leaving a grease like layer over my skin but after a few hours my skin was feeling rather dry. So I can assume there's no real 24 hour moisturisation. This is just another let down from Avon products which I have tried over the years.

      How to use:

      Well reading the instruction on the back of the bottle it states - Apply to body when needed. Which to me gives me no clear instructions on how this should be applied? As in should I use after a bath when skin is cleansed ECT.


      As with most Avon packaging it's boring and basic and this is just the same. A white bottle and blue cap with different shades of blues for the description of the product (well lack of) and logo.
      Again just like all other Avon products I've seen the description is listed in several languages. The bottle can be recycled which really is the only bonus from the product.

      Made in Poland.

      Price and Availability:

      As this is an Avon product it can only be purchased from an Avon representative or from the Avon website. However if you do order from their website delivery costs apply, starting from £3.50 as price is based on your location.

      You can also pick up Avon products from eBay as if it's only the one item you want you may get it cheaper from eBay.

      As this was on special offer it only cost me £2.00 and I'm really happy I didn't pay anymore than this! Right now it is on offer again for £2.50, for these brave to try it!


      This is a product I will NEVER use again, it has a nasty smell, it leave skin feeling greasy then dry after a few hours and most of all it didn't firm anything not even a tiny bit. For me this product is only worthy of the bin.

      Reading on the Avon web site they also tested this product on 56 people but they have not put the result on their page as to if anyone out of the 56 people used actually liked this or not, odd?

      Not recommend

      No stars from me!

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      For people that have not heard about Avon before it is a company that started out over 120 years ago by a man called David McConnell doing door to door sales. Since then has come along way and Avon now sell their products around the world.

      Some of the items they sell are - cosmetics, Anti-aging creams, Shower/Bath gels, Foot care items even clothes and toys.

      You can also work for Avon my becoming an Avon representative by selling their items and earning yourself commission. (Not something I fancy doing however) More information can be found on their web site.


      Postal Address
      Avon Cosmetics Ltd
      Earlstrees Road
      NN17 4AZ


      Tel: 0845 6014040


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