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Avon Cellu Sculpt

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Brand: Avon / Type: Anti Cellulite / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2010 10:04
      Very helpful



      Ok product but not worth the money or effort

      Avons cellu-sculpt's objective is to improve and even your skins texture, tighten the skin and minimise the effects of cellulite.

      The product needs to be applied to the problem areas twice daily for 5 minutes rubbing it in anti clockwise. The results should appear visible after approximately 6 weeks.

      I really do like the product but the regime can become tiring especially if you are using on the stomach or leg area. I cant say I really noticed a difference within the stomach area but could notice a slight change with the skin on my arms and my legs appeared firmer. I personally do not suffer from cellulite so I am unsure how much it would battle such a problem.

      The product has a nice smell which, when first applied, is fairly strong but after the cream is fully rubbed in the scent settles leaving a light pleasant smell to the skin. It comes in a tube of 200mls.

      This product has been designed to use all over the body although I would not recommend using on or around the bust as it can cause a burning sensation on the skin. There is a specially designed cream from the range that is specifically designed for the bust area.

      It is not a product that I couldn't live without, and to be honest it didn't live up to my expectations, although it is now regularly on offer it can at times be expensive and for the results you get I wouldn't say it was worth it.

      The ingredients include aqua, propylene glycol isocetheth-3 acetate, propylene glycol, lauryl lactate, glyceryl polymethacrylate, glycerin, zea mays starch, magnesium, silicate, perilla ocymoides seed oil, ppg-2 isoceth-20, acetate, benzyl alcohol, parfum, menthyl lactate, carbomer, phytol, ethoxydiglycol, butylenes glycol, disodium eta, phospholipids, ginkgo biloba extract, crataegus monogina fruit extract, bupleurum, falcatum root extract, pvm/ma copolymer, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, carnitine and lagerstroemia indica extract.

      To sum it up I guess I would say that anything is worth a try but not to expect to much from this product.


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        22.10.2007 10:49
        Very helpful



        A good product if you've got time and dedication


        I desperately try not to be one of those people sucked in by the hype of products or someone who has a vast collections of lotions and potions that sounded great but never get used. I always flick through my Avon book reminding myself that half of it probably doesn't work in an attempt to stop me spending all my husbands hard earned money. However after having 2 children i was a little unconfident about my body, convinced I had horrible flabby legs (among other things) I decided I'd give Cellu-Sculpt a go, I'd heard good things about it not just from the company but from other, more independant people, hubby tried to convince me all was fine and I was my usual slender self but I was having none of it.

        Cellu-sculpt is a product from the Avon Solutions range aimed at helping reduce the appearance of cellulite and uneven texture in the skin. It claims to tighten and firm the skin it is applied to within 8 weeks of continued use and is recommended for use on thighs, bum and hips basically anywhere you have cellulite.

        The Cream-
        The cream comes in a lilac coloured plastic tube, it has a flip lid that can also be unscrewed in the event that the nozzle gets blocked and needs clearing, the tube stands on it's head(otherwise known as the cap) meaning that gravity will do it's job and help even that last little bit of cream work its way down ready to be used. The cream itself is a creamy/white colour and is relatively thick, it comes out of the bottle quite slowly meaning it is unlikely to spill. It seems to have little fragrance meaning you can use your usual body sprays or perfumes with no worry of the scents clashing.

        How to-
        To use the cream you are advised to massage the cream into the problem area, usually in a circular motion, for 5 minutes, this helps works the cream into the skin. You have to apply the cream twice a day for at least 8 weeks before you'll see the best results, it is also recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day in conjuction with using the cream.

        My experience-
        I bought my tube of Cellu-sculpt when Avon had it on offer, meaning I got it at almost half it's usual price. Dutifully I applied the cream twice daily as instructed although didn't massage it for 5 minutes, I was too impatient to spend that long so would rub the cream in until it felt like it was absorbed, there is a slight greasyness to the cream which I felt even after manageing the recommended 5 minutes, considering they recommend you spend that long it is obvious that the cream is not quickly absorbed.

        There was little change in the skin on my thighs to begin with but having paid out for the stuff I was determined to keep going with it. Eventually after about 3 weeks of use I did feel like my skin was firmer and looked better although I never really had cellulite as such I was just unhappy with the tone and firmness. I carried on for another 3 weeks or so with the skin keeping the same level of firmness before my poor attention span decided it was bored and started to forget applying the cream. At this point it seemed the effects started to fade and, unwilling to constantly go through the twice daily routine and the expense of buying replacement tubes, I decided I wasn't going to bother anymore.

        The cream definitley works and in less time than they advise but you need to be diligent enough to use it continuosly, once you stop using the cream it's effects fade. Naturally of course optimum results will be achieved by eating well, excercising and staying healthy as you use the cream.

        Price & availability-
        As it is part of the Avon range it is only available from Avon doorstep representitives or via their online site Avonshop.co.uk, occasionally it will pop up on Ebay aswell. A 200ml tube usually cost £12 but it is often on offer or reduced price, online currently it is £7 giving you a saving of £5, certainly worth considering if you're a regular user.

        Other products that can be used alongside Cellu-sculpt are

        Smooth surface body polisher £6
        Maximum body makeover £12
        Bust contouring cream £8
        Leg perfector toning and tinting cream £10

        all products available from Avonshop.co.uk

        Overall if you've got the time and patience this is a cream that gets results and is certainly worth a try. If you're like me and easily forget such things then it's unlikely to get the results you really want.


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        Cellulite Body Sculpting Treatment

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