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Avon City Rush Her Body Lotion

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Brand: Avon / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2013 13:04
      Very helpful



      I'd buy it again as the scent is pleasant.


      I work part-time as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows, and so I have great access to many of the newly-launched products by the Avon brand. I was intrigued to notice some new fragrances and co-ordinating body care products that were launched by Avon a while back, and purchased some of them to give them a try out. This review outlines my experiences of using the "Avon City Rush Body Lotion."

      The 'Avon City Rush' is one of a few newer fragrances that were launched by Avon a while back. There is a small selection of matching products available in the same City Rush scent, including the Body Lotion that I am reviewing here. The current price for the 150ml tube of City Rush Lotion is £4.50, although I paid significantly less than this amount, taking advantage of one of the regular promotions that are available in the Avon brochures. You can purchase the City Rush Body Lotion both online at the company's website at www.avonshop.co.uk, or directly from your Avon Representative.

      The matching City Rush Eau De Parfum is also available, with the current price being £15 for the 50ml bottle. The fragrance is described by Avon; "Sleek plum, sophisticated black dahlia and creamy woods." I have used the matching fragrance for the Body Lotion product, and if I had to sum it up in just a few words it would be "delicate floral."

      The packaging for the City Rush Body Lotion is nice enough, but I can't say it would have caught my eye if browsing for such items on a shop shelf. Comprising of a sturdy and robust tube, the colouring used resembles a sort of pale 'gold' shade that I suppose is quite contemporary in its appearance. I can't say, however, that the sort of 'swirled' C shapes on the front of the tube offer much in the way of attractive detail. On the plus side, I have never found any difficulties with using the tube, or indeed, with the plastic 'flip up' cap on the bottom of the bottle. This is worth noting, I think, as I do struggle with weakness in my hands at times.


      The City Rush Lotion itself is just that; a thin lotion. I noticed the thin consistency of the lotion straight away, but I feel that this is down to my own recent use of Body Butter products and Body Cream products, that are significantly thicker in their textures than lotions, of course. The City Rush Lotion is a pale white colour, and there is nothing overly attractive or innovative about its appearance, with it looking instead like your average body lotion product.

      The main plus side to the lotion's thin consistency, of course, is its ease of application, which I find I can undertake in just a few minutes. The lotion spreads easily over the skin, gliding as it goes, without any real need for me to rub excessively or keep re-applying more of the product. I find that the lotion feels light on the skin too, which allows it to feel quite pleasant. There is no real 'greasiness' to be found within the lotion's consistency either, which would definitely have me grumbling, so another plus point for this result.

      In terms of absorption, I do find that there is a very slight 'tackiness' experienced as the lotion sinks into the skin, but to be fair this does not last too long and I am able to dress quickly afterwards, allowing the product to feel more convenient and suited to my own needs than perhaps first anticipated. I find that when I am dressing, the lotion is completely absorbed into the skin, with no sticky or tacky residue left behind.

      I do find that my description of the matching City Rush Perfume being "Delicate Floral" fits the Body Lotion too, as the main scent that I find within the lotion is undeniably floral. This could easily be over-whelming or too 'heady' for my own tastes, but thankfully the lotion carries a sort of delicate sweetness within it that allows for a little balance to the floral notes contained within it. I feel that the floral tones used within the Body Lotion are not at all 'dated', which allows the product to feel quite contemporary. This is definitely noticeable to me, as I do find that many floral-scented products that I have used before have felt too old-fashioned. This experience makes me quite hesitant towards floral-scented products in general, so I was pleased that the City Rush scent feels much more suited to my own tastes. I can't say that I have noticed any sort of 'crisp' or 'clean' edge to the floral notes, that just seem to remain quite sweet - but subtle - on my skin, once the Body Lotion has been absorbed. I do feel, however, that this delicate sweetness is quite contemporary and feminine, with the overall scent being faintly reminiscent of another two that I have in my collection that I could describe in almost the same way as I have done here with the City Rush scent.

      I do find that if the Body Lotion is used prior to spritzing the perfume on my skin, the notes within it really seem to 'blossom', with them taking on much more 'body' than they previously did. I feel that this result is down to the co-ordinating of the matching products, which have obviously been 'finely-tuned' to each other to perfection. There is nothing that stands out as being 'misplaced' when the lotion is worn alongside the perfume, with the products complimenting each other instead. I do find that the overall scent experienced is slightly stronger when the perfume is worn with the matching Body Lotion, and whilst this result is favourable, the one downside for me is that I find the overall fragrance is slightly too strong for my 'everyday' tastes. As a result, I have chosen to use the products together prior to a night out or special occasion only, as the stronger perfume suits this type of occasion better, in my opinion. For other, more 'minor' occasions, I tend to just select either the Body Lotion or the Perfume, and wear it by itself, finding the more 'muted' fragrance to be more suitable for my own tastes.

      In terms of moisturisation, I don't really have any complaints to note here, as I have found the City Rush Body Lotion performs quite well, leaving skin softened and smooth after use. I don't find that this product is the best I have ever used in terms of combating my dry, sensitive skin, but to be fair I find this result is on a par with most other, similar "Fragranced" body lotion products that I have in my collection, all of which have been formulated to co-ordinate with perfume products. I do feel that the City Rush Body Lotion has performed as well as these similar products which is quite impressive as some of them cost almost three times the price of the Avon alternative. I do find that my skin is left soft after use, with dryness being less than an issue than it was previously. I don't find that the City Rush Body Lotion really deals with the issue of extreme dryness which is quite a problem for me, given my skin type. The more troublesome skin at the areas of dry skin remains largely 'untouched' by the product.

      On the plus side, however, the lotion doesn't aggravate the skin at these areas, nor has it caused any sort of irritation or sensitivity, which has allowed me to reach the conclusion that the lotion's formula is surprisingly mild and gentle. I find too that the familiar 'tightness' that is often present at these areas is quietly 'hushed' by the use of the Body Lotion.

      * FINAL WORD *

      I can't say that the Avon City Rush Body Lotion is the best 'body moisturising' product that I have ever used, but I DO think it is a nice product to use alongside it's matching perfume, and it is for this reason - and probably, this reason only - that I will repurchase it, finding the culmination of the co-ordinating scents to feel quite lovely to wear on a night out. In terms of moisturisation and skin-softening abilities, however, the lotion just isn't quite strong enough to replace others that I use regularly to combat my extremely dry skin.

      The product is marketed as being a 'sister' to the perfume in the same collection, and for this purpose it performs well enough to warrant a recommendation from me, together with four stars in the product rating score.


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