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Avon Far Away Shimmering Body Powder

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Powder / Type: Body Powder

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    3 Reviews
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      10.03.2013 10:14
      Very helpful
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      A lovely talc but minus the shimmer

      I used to really like the Far Away perfume so my Mam bought me some for Christmas along with the shimmering powder and the body spray. The scent is an Avon one so you can only buy the product from Avon either from an Avon representative or directly from their website although be aware delivery charges do apply.

      Avon have a lot of offers running in their brochures and if you wait long enough you can generally pick this up around the £1.50 mark although it's usual selling price is £2.75 for a 40g tub.

      The tub is a very pale cream in colour with a ying yang type shape in black and bright pink on it which is the Far Away logo. The tub open like most talcs do with a simple twist of the top and there are numerous holes for the powder to come out of once turned or you can turn it a little bit further for a large area for the talc to come out of however I never use the larger one.

      The powder is just white talc with a little bit of shimmer in it and when I say little I am not kidding as there really isn't much shimmer to it at all. The powder is really fine so comes out of the tub really easily and doesn't clog the holes up at all. The powder is nice and light and I really like the feel of it, it is really easy to rub in and doesn't leave your skin white like some do. The smell is exactly like the perfume which is really floral and spicy in my opinion and I really love the smell.

      The talc really scents the skin and I like to use it every now and again as an alternative to body butters and moisturisers although I don't use it very regularly, I wouldn't really want a shimmer to me on the majority of days anyway and the little bit of shimmer that is in the talc does catch the light pretty well there just isn't really enough of it.

      I really like this talc, it leaves the skin feeling nice and it smells wonderful and the smell lasts for ages on the skin which is a real plus for me as I don't like having to reapply scents too often. I can really only rate this as 4 stars as it is a lovely product and it's a decent price especially when it is on offer however as it's meant to be shimmering powder and it doesn't have a lot of shimmer I have marked it down.


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        01.03.2013 16:57
        Very helpful



        Love the smell, but add more shimmer please Avon!

        I received a tub of Avon's Far Away Shimmering Body Powder for Christmas not last year but the year before. Thankfully it has a shelf life of twenty four months because it is not the sort of product I would use every day and indeed I only tend to apply it if I'm going out somewhere - and that's only if I remember!

        This product is essentially talcum powder which has a very fine shimmer added to it to give the skin a bit of a glow. It is part of the Far Away range which includes a perfume (Avon's best selling I believe), a 'skin softener' (body lotion to you and me), shower gel and a body spray. This is ideal if you are someone who likes to layer scents. I have used the perfume myself from this range, but don't currently have it as my last bottle was used up some time ago.

        The shimmer powder comes in a plastic tub with a cream, black and gold colour scheme and has a pink and gold tassel on the front, which is in keeping with the perfume bottle. The tub twists open and there is one large opening to pour the talc out and one opening with small holes like a pepper shaker to sprinkle the talc out. My preferred way is to sprinkle it out as that way I don't end up shaking out more powder than I need.

        The scent of the talc is beautiful and is an identical match to the perfume. I know from having read many reviews of the perfume over the years that it is not everyone's cup of tea but I love it. It is quite an exotic scent, slightly spicy, very oriental, with a woody base and a floral mid tone. I'm pretty sure it has jasmine in it, although it doesn't confirm this on the Avon website that I can see. It is quite a heavy fragrance - even in talc form and a tad old fashioned, but in this case I don't care about that too much as it's just so lovely.

        The powder itself is white and fine and it feels silky as it is rubbed into the skin. I usually apply this after a shower when my skin has dried off. It might sound a strange thing to say but it is not a dusty powder as such, it won't for example create a plume of dust and it isn't too messy, so it is quite easy to apply.

        The shimmer in this powder is incredibly subtle to the point it is not really noticeable. Perhaps I should be applying more at once, but as I have been writing this review I have applied what I would consider to be a generous amount of talc to one arm and the shimmer is barely there. I wouldn't want to be overly shimmery anyway really, but I do think a couple more sparkles wouldn't hurt in the case of this product. In certain lights the tiny particles do catch the light, but sadly on the whole it's still not noticeable.

        Other than a teeny bit of shimmer, the main thing this does is make me smell nice! The scent is really evident and it lasts ages too - I can apply this at the beginning of a night out and still smell it when I get home, so it's good in that sense. I should also note that it's not drying to my skin at all which I feared it might be.

        A 40g tub of this powder costs £2.75 which is not bad, but look out for deals as Avon often have special offers on. If you don't have a local Avon rep you can buy from www.avonshop.co.uk

        Overall, I like this in terms of the scent and that it feels nice and silky to apply, but I think it could do with a bit more shimmer! I'm not talking full on glitter, but at the moment the shimmer is subtle to the point of unnoticeable, which kind of defeats the object a bit and why I'm only giving it two stars - as it doesn't do what it says on the tin!


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        18.01.2013 15:13
        Very helpful
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        Good smelling powder if you like the 'Far Away' range quite espensive

        ===Why I Got This===

        I like using talcum powder myself and as I have started re-using Far Away perfume I decided to buy the matching shimmery talc as well.

        ===The Brand===

        Made by Avon - the direct selling company which originated from the USA and where you can now either order through a brochure and a local Representative or by going online on their website.

        ===The Product===

        Plastic round tub of fine powder - just under 2 x 4.5 inches.
        Sturdy hard plastic with a twist sort of lid.
        You can have either a lot of powder coming out or a sprinkling through 6 small holes.
        The label is plastic and fused onto the tub.
        Has the standard 'Far Away' images - a dark band around the bottom with the tub being a creamy colour. There is the 'Far Away' branding of a circle in black and fushia with a gold dangling image to represent a tassel.
        'Shimmering Body Powder'.
        It is made in China and states to use within 24 months.
        40 grams and there is a full list of ingredients given on the back.


        Full price £2.75, currently selling for £1.60.

        ===My Opinion===

        Avon state - 'Exotic essences of rare florals spiced with amber and musk'.
        Unlike many people I use talcum powder daily - on my feet and also after applying antiperspirant/deodorant, but I normally use Imperial Leather which comes in a large 300 gram container.
        However as I have been using Far Away perfume lately I thought it would be nice to be able to 'layer' my fragrance. Far Away has been a very popular Avon fragrance and was launched in 1994.
        This body powder definitely has the same strong spicy smell as the perfume and it is long lasting as well - you can even smell the aroma if you just use the talc and not bother with the perfume. However the aroma does not last for many hours, unlike the perfume. Definitely a talc you would only want to use if you liked the perfume and not one to use with another fragrance or they would clash.
        This tub is strong and waterproof. You have to break a little circle in the lid when first purchased and you can then twist the plastic lid to either close it up, have a sprinkling coming out of the 6 little holes or move it round to the full circle opening where you would get a lot out at once.
        This is very fine powder and you only need a little at a time. It is labelled as 'shimmering' - no idea why you would want shimmery talc unless you use it on your cleavage but the shimmer is virtually undetectable anyway.
        Even when buying this on offer the perfumed body powder is expensive at 40 grams for £1.60 whilst I can buy my Imperial Leather talc at 300 grams for £1.
        This is good to use if you want to have the all-over smell or to give to someone as a gift with the perfume but it would be expensive for general everyday use and also not one that you can use with other perfumes as it has quite a strong smell itself.
        Avon used to sell many different talcs but then phased them all out but have now re-introduced just two - the Soft Musk one plus this Far Away powder.

        ===Star Rating===

        3 stars - depending on the cost and whether you like the smell.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Yes - but a bit expensive.




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