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Avon Kids Swirling Strawberry Body Wash

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4 Reviews
  • It is a very nice body wash
  • It can be used for boys or girls
  • It is not effective as bubble bath
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    4 Reviews
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      08.11.2014 15:50
      Very helpful


      • "It can be used for boys or girls"
      • "It smells nice"
      • "It is a very nice body wash"
      • "It makes my children clean"


      • "It is not effective as bubble bath"

      Avon Kids swirling strawberry body wash

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a product from Avon that is part of their range for children. It is strawberry fragranced body wash that can be used as bubble bath also, I have bought it many times for my children but they use it only as body wash because it is not very good at making bubbles in a bath.


      I think the packaging is very good for a childrens product and I like the way it stands up secure in the shower because of it having a base that is wide. The lid flips up but the flip is very small and my children cannot always open it when they have wet hands in the shower, when it is open it dispenses the correct amount of body wash as you press the bottle.


      I like the smell of this body wash and think it is a pleasing one for young girls to use when they are showering. It is fruity and smells like strawberries but it is a body wash that boys could use as well as girls even though it looks more feminine than some of the other ones by Avon.

      It is quite sticky gel but my children use a shower sponge so they are able to wash themselves effectively with it. It makes them clean and when you have got children you know that they have more dirt that you can actually see on their skin than we do as adults and I am always happy when they shower with this that their skin is very clean when they have washed.

      The smell of strawberries does not last at all after the body wash has been showered off and that is a pity.

      When I tried it as bubble bath I was not very happy because it does not give very many bubbles and they are thin on top of the water, I thought I would have to use too much of the bottle for there to be enough in the water for my children to be clean after their bath and I would instead rather use a real bubble bath that is designed for that task.


      A bottle of this body wash costs £2.50 but it is very often on special price promotion where you can buy it for £1.50. A bottle lasts me for a long time even though I have got three children who use it so I am happy to buy it when I get an Avon book off my sister.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      16.08.2013 16:36
      Very helpful



      designed as both a bubble bath and body wash, which is useful for taking on holiday


      Avon Kids Strawberry Body Wash & Bubble Bath

      Size: 250ml

      Recyclable Bright Green Plastic bottle featuring a cheery strawberry, a bright yellow lid and little legs.

      Price: £2.50 but frequently on offer

      Claims: "dermatologically, tear free formula"

      Fragrance: Sweet Strawberry


      I have long used Avon kids products for my daughter and in those days the packaging featured a fun face and chunky shaped bottle. That has now been replaced with the cheeky monkey or a cartoon fruit character depending on which product you choose or is available and they now have legs!. The fun bottle works as a useful distraction from the getting the kid's clean business. My daughter now uses this and many other products from the range for her children. In fact we make a joke of it, I tend to buy it throughout the year when on offer and give it to her as a fun (unexpected!) Christmas present!

      Being a fairly runny consistency the body wash is easy to tip out of the small aperture and the distinctive Avon sweet strawberry smell, subtle in the bottle, becomes noticeably stronger. Avon Kids Strawberry Body Wash is designed as both a bubble bath and body wash, which is useful for taking on holiday, especially if you are not sure what bath room facilities are available.

      The fragrance is sweet and artificial strawberry, childlike and I am fairly sure slightly different from their adult strawberry range smell. This product is great to give the kid's their own bath time products, mild and gentle, it does not quite cut it on green coloured knees or really grubby chins, but for everyday washing, to leave the clean and sweet smelling its a hit with us!

      What I like about it:

      Mild and child friendly

      What I don't like:

      Not always available in the catalogue, so it makes sense to stock up when on offer and always have one in the cupboard.

      Best for:

      Maintenance cleaning of children

      Not for:

      Grown-ups or very dirty kids

      Price and Availability: Usual price is £2.50 for 250ml bottle, however Avon frequently have offers including the Kids range. Available via a Representative from the Avon Catalogue, Avon on-line, Sometimes outlets such as eBay or Amazon (see the Dooyoo links).

      Strawberry Swirls!


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      29.03.2013 18:47
      Very helpful



      A good Avon product

      I really like the kids range from Avon and not too long ago they had another revamp and changed some of the characters and names of the products, one of the ones we had never tried was Swirling Strawberry so I order the girls a bottle.

      The body washes are usually £2.50 each which I would never pay and there is no need to pay as they are often on offer of at least £1.50 and even better recently I stocked up at a price of 4 items for £5 making them £1.25 each. You can buy the item from an avon representative or if you haven't got one then direct from their website although you will have to pay postage.

      The bottle is green in colour and is made of robust plastic although it is soft enough to squeeze, it has a flip top lid on it which is yellow in colour so the bottle most certainly stands out. There is a picture on the front of the bottle of a large strawberry and of course has the name of the product and the company on it, on the back you have contact details for Avon and a list of ingredients which of course is ideal if you have children with allergies.

      The wash smells really nice and you can smell the fruitiness as soon as you open the bottle, the wash doubles up as a bubble bath which I thought was pretty good to have 2 products in one although I personally would recommend it more as a wash than a bubble bath as the bubbles don't last very long.

      As a wash we use the product on a hand puppet wash mitt and find as long as the mitt is fully wet before putting the wash on then it soaps up really nicely. The wash leaves the skin nice and soft but the scent doesn't last very long which is shame. My eldest has a little bit of eczema and this product has been really gentle on her skin and hasn't aggravated it at all.

      I would recommend this product but would only give it 4 stars as the poor lasting lather isn't good and I would have liked the smell to remain on the skin for a while.


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        28.03.2013 17:06
        Very helpful



        Lovely bubble bath, not so good body wash

        If anyone read my reviews from a while ago you'd know that I told my Avon representative to stop leaving me books as it was too much temptation when I was short on money. We've recently had a new rep to the area and I started receiving the books again, it would have been rude not to have a quick look. I ended up making an order and this Avon kids swirling strawberry body wash and bubble bath was one of the things I ordered.

        Of course, being an Avon product it is only available to purchase from a local rep if you have one or online from Avon's online shop. It has a full price of £2.50 but I have seen it on sale for just £1.50 in one of the recent books, I'm not sure if it is often on offer though. The size of the bottle is 250ml.

        The first thing that had drawn me to this product was the packaging; it is certainly different to any other of this kind I have seen. The product comes inside a bright green bottle with a bright yellow lid at the top and bright pink detailing and a big picture of a strawberry. The thing that makes the bottle different is the actual shape of it, it has a normal top half with a slight curve then at the bottom it has two legs, it almost looks like the bottle is in the shape of a little character, it's funky and different.

        The product itself comes out of the hole easily as it has quite a runny consistency, runnier than any other kids bath products I have used. Although it is very runny, it doesn't make the product lack in quality. As soon as you squirt it out of the bottle you can smell the strong, sweet strawberry smell, this is a nice smell and definitely smells of strawberries instead of the artificial rubbish you find with a couple of similar products. The product is intended as both, a bubble bath and a body wash so it's nice to have such a versatile product.

        My daughter has only used this as bubble bath. I pour it into the bath as I am running it and the product makes a nice amount of good quality bubbles. It's nice to have a product that makes bubbles that last until the end of the bath instead of popping as soon as you get in! The strawberry smell is still evident after the bath has been run and fills up the bathroom lovely. It's good to know that this has the normal no tears formulation that you get with the majority of kids bath products so you are reassured that if it did get in their eyes there'd be no problems.

        I haven't used this as a body wash on my daughter as she prefers bar soap but I did have a cheeky use of it for research purposes obviously, nothing to do with the gorgeous fruity strawberry scent! I found that the product needed quite a bit of work to get it to lather up but once it had it left me feeling clean. The strawberry scent didn't linger which is a shame as it is a nice smell.

        I'd definitely recommend this Avon kids swirling strawberry body wash and bubble bath. That being said, I'd only recommend it to be used as a bubble bath as the body wash aspect of it does require a lot of work. However, as a bubble bath it performs really well, it bubbles up nicely and smells gorgeous.


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