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Avon Naturals Cranberry & Cinnamon Body Lotion

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  • an ok body lotion
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    1 Review
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      05.11.2012 20:26
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous body lotion product that I would recommend..

      Many readers who regularly read my reviews will be aware by now that I work as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows. This means that I have great access to any new products that are launched by Avon, often getting the chance to sample them before they reach general release.

      I really like the "Avon Naturals" range and regularly buy products from the range, with the Room & Linen Sprays and fruit-scented body care products offering some of my favourite products from the Avon brand. I was intrigued to notice a new fragrance being launched within the Avon Naturals range recently, namely the "Cranberry & Cinnamon" scent which carries three assorted products. I thought the combination of warm cinnamon mixed with the fruity scent of cranberry sounded absolutely delicious and thus, I decided to try out some of the products with this new combination of scents, with this review discussing my experiences of using the "Avon Naturals Cranberry & Cinnamon Hand & Body Lotion."

      The lotion is presented in a clear cylindrical bottle that is made of clear plastic and the product has a very similar look to other products in the Avon Naturals range that I have tried before. The lotion is a pale pink colour and is evident through the clear bottle of course, which has a convenient 'flip up' cap on top of the bottle. There is an attractive image of some bright red cranberries on the main body of the bottle's label with a smaller image of some sticks of cinnamon appearing directly underneath. Overall, I think the product looks very attractive and it struck me as being an ideal stocking filler for Xmas due to its pretty appearance, and of course the fact that it contains cranberry, which is perhaps ideally suited to the festive season.

      The bottle is a neat 200ml in size and I was able to purchase the product for a reduced price due to being an Avon Representative. The normal price for the product will be in the region of £3 but I do believe it is available for a discounted price for a limited time, probably as the product is fairly new. The price on the Avon website at the present time (November 2012) is only 99 pence which I think offers excellent value for money.

      The lotion is not overly thick, so I have experienced no problems in dispensing it from the plastic bottle through the small hole under the cap. That is not to say that the lotion is so runny as to spill from the bottle or drip from my hand during the application process, which would be a very annoying flaw in my opinion. The consistency of the cream feels quite thin and light when compared to other body lotions that have a slightly more 'whipped' consistency to them, and I didn't notice anything particularly luxurious about the consistency of the lotion, I must admit. I hadn't expected the product to feel particularly luxurious however, particularly when the low purchase price is considered, so I can't confess to feeling particularly disappointed or let down by the product's appearance or consistency in any way. Also, I did find that the light and thin texture of this cream made it spread very easily over the skin's surface, which meant less time was required to apply it.

      The aroma of the product is, in a word,...... delicious. I find the scent to be surprisingly strong, and it's strong, fruity core is the first scent to reveal itself, which it does as soon as the product is dispensed from the plastic bottle into my open palm. As I start to massage the lotion into my skin, the smell's sweetness really comes through and although this is very strong, there is nothing overpowering or sickly to be found therein, mainly because the cinnamon fragrance makes its presence known as the lotion sinks into the skin. This cinnamon scent is much warmer than the fruity aroma that was previously present, and this heat adds a little balance to the overall scent which allows the fruity sweetness to be reigned in slightly. The combination is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion, with the cinnamon fragrance adding heat to the fragrance that makes it perfectly suited for the cold winter months.

      I find too that the product is absorbed rather quickly and very easily, which is ideal when time is short. This is probably down to the thin and light consistency of the product and I do find it takes only a couple of moments for the lotion to be completely absorbed. After this time, I have noticed no sticky or 'tacky' residue left behind on the surface of the skin which would be rather off-putting for me.

      The fragrance lingers delicately on the skin for a surprisingly long time after it has been applied. The cinnamon scent is not particularly easy to detect at this time, but the fruity cranberry hangs around for a while longer. I have noticed that using other products with more 'robust' fragrances such as perfumes and anti-perspirants will easily swamp the lotion's aroma, though this is something that can be said of most body lotion products that I own. I have no complaints in terms of the fragrance's longevity and do think it performs well for what is essentially a rather 'budget' body lotion.

      The moisturisation properties to be found from the product are very agreeable, with skin being left softened and completely moisturised following application. The effects aren't particularly long-lasting however, and so the product is required to be used every day to maintain thoroughly softened skin. This is an observation rather than a complaint however, as I do feel the product performs very well in terms of keeping my skin softened, with it performing as well as other body lotion products that cost four times the price of the Avon Naturals one.

      I have noticed no ill effects in terms of aggravation or irritation to my sensitive skin from using the product, nor have I noticed it interfering with my troublesome eczema, despite the strong, fruit-scented fragrance that the product carries. I do feel therefore, that the product is safe for use with those consumers who, like me, suffer with hyper-sensitive skin.

      In summary, I have nothing negative to report about the Avon Naturals Cranberry & Cinnamon Hand & Body Lotion whatsoever, and it is a product that I have already reordered for myself, as I have found the results from using this 'Purse Friendly' lotion are on a par with some rather high quality body lotion products from rival brands. I find the fruit-based fragrance of the lotion is it's most redeeming feature as it is so glorious, but that is not to say that it does not tick the other boxes of requirement that a product like this one has, such as being good value for money, easy to apply, kind to skin and pleasant to use. It's a good all-rounder and it comes with my full recommendation, together with full marks in the product rating score.


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