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Avon Naturals Honey & Lemon Body Lotion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      02.09.2008 23:45
      Very helpful



      A good lotion but not in this scent.

      I hate to review Avon products when I know I'm going to end on a negative note, as being an Avon representative I'm usually quite loyal to the brand. But this product just isn't one that is for me I am afraid to report.

      This product has recently been discontinued so that means you can still buy it in the sales and at a heavily reduced price too, but it no longer appears in the Avon brochures. Full price is £2.85 but you are more likely to pay around £1.40 in the sale brochures at present.

      This is a Naturals product so that means you can expect it to smell just as its name suggests - of honey and lemons. Unfortunately, that is not such a winning combination according to my nose. I find this is really quite bitter which to me defeats the purpose of choosing a fruity body lotion. I expect Naturals body lotions to be a little sweeter and usually they are. But this is overwhelmingly bitter and not something I liked smelling of at all.

      Rubbing the lotion in takes a few minutes as it does with most of the lotions in this range. It is worth the work though because this will leave your skin feeling lovely and soft and thoroughly moisturised. A great body lotion, just not a great scent.


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      02.05.2008 00:31
      Very helpful



      A perfect body lotion from Avon, I love it!

      I like many of you reading this own a lot of body lotions and creams. Though I hate using them in cold weather so I tend to keep on buying them, flinging them in a drawer and forgetting about them after one use! I tend to like moisturising bath foams and moisturising soaps etc instead at this time of year than to have to hang around half naked waiting to dry!

      However when I ordered this product the weather outside was beautiful, really summery and I'd just purchased the lemon & honey shower jelly from Avon (review available) and so I fancied this for a bit of all over fragrancing. The reason for this?... Well I never make huge purchases from Avon. I'm not keen on the products but I like my rep, Anita so this was on offer for a pound so on the list it went!

      Don't get me wrong I'm not into fruity fragrances as a rule but the plan was to use this at night before going to bed etc rather than going out smelling like I'd been juicing lemons all day long!

      The other reason... Well I have dates coming up and getting ready for a date a while back my skin felt really rough and like sand paper and I realised I'd let myself go quite a bit after being happily single for quite a while! Sure I scrub up ok but I don't bother with loads of things I used to so not only did I need a spring clean I needed a good dusting off! So using body lotion to stop resembling a dead fish was a priority and another reason I got this!

      The Packaging...

      Makes a change for me to like the packaging of an Avon product!

      It's a 200ml recyclable clear plastic bottle and I can see the creamy yellow looking lotion through it and it has a clear plastic flip top lid. On the front is a picture of honey and in white writing at the top of the bottle I'm told its Avon Naturals. In black writing on the bottom of the bottle I'm told it's Soothing Honey & lemon Body lotion and then something in a foreign language I don't understand and told it has bioseed complex (whatever that is!) and the size is stated (as I've listed already). On the back in black writing I'm told ' With bioseed complex- Plant extract known to nourish, soothe and protect', how to use it and loads of stuff in a foreign language, ingredients and told it's made in Poland.

      To Use....

      Smoothe generously all over body whenever needed.

      My Experience....

      Beautiful I really like it and believe me this is unusual for me to ever say them words about anything from Avon!

      Firstly The Smell....

      Well it's more honey than anything else. Sort of creamy and sweet and highly fragrant it doesn't really smell that much of lemons but don't get me wrong sniff it on the skin you can get a hint of the lemon but its not in your face citrus or sour. I think it smells different in the bottle as to on the skin because when I smelt it for the first time when I lifted the lid I thought it smelt really fake but apply it and as I say it does smell different and to me, expensive and not one bit cheap! The fragrance itself is soft and lasts hours but it's a gentle smell so you can still wear fragrances with it without smelling overpowering! I can still smell it a few hours lingering on my skin but you have to smell for it. It smells so clean in a soft soothing way!


      Surprising easy! If you flip open the lid and hold the product upside down although it is a lotion it doesn't come flooding out the small hole. Personally I get no drips but gently squeeze the bottle it comes out easily. It's quite thick in consistency for a lotion but not that thick it could be classified as a cream. It contains no shimmer or glitter and therefore is fine for men, women or children to use. It goes on the skin like a dream. Spreads easily and just sinks in quickly. I find a few seconds after application I'm ready to dress. It's not sticky and none greasy and you can just forget about it once it's applied.

      The Results...

      Brilliant! I suffer from really dry, itchy skin in some places and this calms it down immediately. I scratch at my arms alot and instead of doing this I plonk some of this on me and I no longer feel the urge! I get dry skin on my legs and my armpits from shaving every day as I'm addicted and this really does hydrate my skin and at the same time I suffer from a greasy back and this stuff is suitable for all over my body. I've had no adverse reaction from using this just a really positive experience. Overall my skin just feels more comfortable to live in than usual and what's great about this product is that it's so good that I don't have to use it every day to get results I can use it as a treatment as and when needed if I want to! It simply gives me satin smooth skin for hours till I wash it off and it comes off easily leaving no residue or smell.

      My Mother touched my arm the other day and noticed how smooth my skin was and she's not the sort to comment on that sort of thing. Me, I use it whenever I want even if I'm going out for the evening cos as I said earlier the smell calms down and isn't in your face.


      A really excellent buy and so economical. You don't have to use much and it delivers what it promises it's that simple. I have combination skin and it meets all my requirements in one product. I particularly love that it soothes skin cos I really need that. It's great for me in every-way!

      Only to be found in Avon. Normal price is £2.75 but frequently on offer and at time of me writing this review it is a pound a bottle!


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