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Avon Naturals Vanilla Moisturising Body Whip

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Brand: Avon / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      16.07.2012 14:15
      Very helpful



      An Avon moisturiser that smells beautiful but is not very effective

      WHAT IS IT?

      A body lotion from Avon with a lightly whipped texture.


      A short plastic tub with screw on lid.  The label on the top of the tub provides all the relevant product information and features a photograph of some vanilla pods.


      You use this the same as any other body lotion by massaging into clean skin.  It is strange that it's in a tub as the thin consistency would be better suited to a tube or bottle and I dislike having to dip my fingers in the tub.


      This Vanilla Body Whip is nice for an everyday moisturiser but it isn't strong enough for me to use when my skin is very dry.  It has a beautiful vanilla smell that is very relaxing together with the creamy smell the moisturiser has, the vanilla isn't natural at all and is very sweet but it's still a beautiful smelling body care item.

      The texture is creamy and lightly whipped, I realise this is why they have put it in a tub instead of a tube but it would work just as well in a different packaging format and would also be easier to use.  You don't need to use much to moisturise your whole body or you can use it on specific areas, it has quite a greasy feeling when you apply it but it doesn't dry with a greasy feeling.  The moisturiser dries quickly and my skin feels soft after use, this soft feeling doesn't last for very long though and that's another reason why I usually choose to use a different moisturiser.

      It doesn't work very well when my skin is dry and hasn't got the power to moisturise areas of my body that are prone to dryness such as my elbows and legs, it's a nice moisturiser but not good enough that I will use this in places and then swap to another one for other places because that is too time consuming.

      I only use this tub occasionally so it's lasting quite well, I bought it a few months ago but didn't open it straightaway.  I think a more regular user of it would need to replace it with every Avon order but I won't buy it again because it's not effective enough for my skin.

      3 Dooyoo Stars.


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      29.10.2011 13:11
      Very helpful



      vanilla whip for my skin

      Avon is a company mainly specialising in beauty products. Avon products can be purchased from the website (www.avonshop.co.uk) or from an Avon representative.


      The Naturals range from Avon, is one of the cheaper beauty ranges. This range includes a selection of body lotions, hair products, room sprays and bath products grouped into similar fragrances.

      One product available is the Naturals Body Whip. There are 3 fragrances to choose from :

      *Red Rose and Peach
      *Milk and Honey

      and then we have the Vanilla fragrance. The description of this body whip is taken from the Avon website. "Get enviably smooth skin with our indulgent and creamy body whip. Soft and lightweight moisturiser for soft, silky skin".


      The body whip is housed within a round, chunky plastic pot with a screw off lid. The pot is white with a contrasting brown label showing some pretty vanilla pod images. A peel back label is present on the base giving information about the whip in various languages. The pot can be recycled and should be used up within 12months.


      This body whip is presented in a 200ml size. It is regularly priced at £3.00. The Avon website currently offers this on a 4 for £5.00 deal whilst the current Avon book has it reduced to £1.50.

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      I have recently got back in to buying Avon products. When I spotted the 4 for £5.00 offer, a treated myself to a few bits and pieces including this body whip. I am a fan of vanilla so was looking forward to trying this. I had wanted to try this range for a while and decided now or never! Although I have been using this for a short period of time, I am totally addicted to it and simply had to tell you all!

      The pot is sturdy enough and quite thick so less likely to crack open if dropped. Inside, the body whip is a creamy white colour with a strong shine to it. Appearance wise, it does look like a nice, thick body butter and very substantial. The scent is immediately noticeable and within the pot and comes across as a sickly, sweet aroma at first. I much prefer natural scented vanilla products so I was a little concerned about this. I shouldn't have been.

      *~*I Like It Whipped*~*

      To the touch, the body whip is extremely cool and is very rich but doesn't have the solid aspect of a body butter. I does feel like a thick whipped cream and is somewhere between a souffle and a body lotion. After showering and towelling off, my skin is ready to appreciate this delightful body whip. A tiny blob of this whip goes a long way. It turns extra creamy on my dry skin and almost like a lather so spreads exceptionally well.

      My skin soaks the moisturiser up quickly - perhaps a bit too quickly! The whip doesn't take much persuasion to sink in to my skin and doesn't leave a sticky trace. I find this whip extremely comforting and soothing on my skin. It has more of an immediate impact rather than a long lasting one as my skin appreciates it after shaving my legs. It soothes the tenderness and leaves my legs in a comfortable state. My skin feels instantly hydrated and whilst my skin feels soft and smooth on the surface, the noticeable moisturisation impact doesn't last longer than a few hours. After this time, my skin gradually returns to a dry state.

      I slick on an extra blob to my knees and elbows as they get really dry and this eliminates the dry patches. The whip isn't as intensive on dry patches as a body butter would be but it does keep the area comfortable and smooth for a short while. This whip works wonders on my feet. My feet aren't particularly dry but I don't take care of them often. This softens them and leaves them silky smooth.

      *~*I Smell Delicious!*~*

      Whilst the initial scent is overpowering and makes me feel a tad queasy! If I keep the pot far enough away from my nose I am ok. I do feel to use this fragrance, you need to be a fan of vanilla and sweet aromas in general. The scent is very rich but doesn't immediately scream vanilla. I let my toddler and fiance have a sniff and they weren't keen as they though it smelled like chocolate.

      Once applied to my skin, the scent settles a little and is simply gorgeous! It took me a while to pin point what I could smell and then it hit me! Cadbury Bliss chocolate bar. It is distinctive and combines a sweet cocoa scent with creamy, rich vanilla. It is indulgent and a pleasure to wear! The scent doesn't overpower on the skin but if I have a sniff at my arm, it greets me and envelopes me in a sweet heaven.

      Whilst the moisturisation from this body whip doesn't last very long, the aroma is a different story. The vanilla/chocolate scent gradually lessers throughout the day but can still be detected several hours later. To give an example of its strength, the other day I applied it at 10am after my shower. I didn't apply too much, just enough. I went out with my wee family, was subject to 27c temperatures in the indoor rainforest, caught in heavy rain and had a snooze on the sofa. There was still a faint but delicious sweet aroma on my skin at 10pm that night. That is staying power for you!


      I don't feel Avon have got the balance quite right with this whip. There seems to be more emphasis on the smell and too little on providing enough moisturisation. Perhaps the body whip simply isn't intensive enough for my extra dry skin such as on my arms, elbows and knees. It did perform well on my legs and upper body. I did try and spread some extra whip on to see if the moisturisation would last longer but this made my skin feel greasy, heavy and the scent was far too strong.

      Applying and wearing the body whip is a true treat and well worth the £3.00 or even £1.50 price tag. When I find the scent becoming less noticeable, I have been topping up with the Frosted Vanilla perfume that Avon are currently offering. This keeps the scent alive and both products compliment each other perfectly. The pot will last for ages even with regular use due to the rich texture.

      I can recommend this body whip for those with fairly normal skin as it doesn't perform miracles on dry skin. I can recommend it for the extremely addictive scent mainly!

      Thanks for reading x


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        10.10.2011 15:49
        Very helpful



        Affordable moisturizing aromatic cream that affords hydrated silky and naturally scented skin.

        The Product ~ 'Skin Deep'

        The 200ml plastic ivory white tub has the Avon naturals title formatted in simple Calibri with a neat picture of a vanilla pod and contents depicting the fragrant contents. The product has a twelve month shelf life. With two easy twist of the lid, the substance is revealed. Unfortunately, the soft card inner lid seems to be wedged into the base of the tub's lid, preventing it from covering the cream!

        Usage Experience ~ 'Vanilla Ice Cream'

        After showering, I like to choose between an array of body moisturizing lotions and creams that I keep for this purpose. From Avon's campaign brochure 15, I ordered the naturals vanilla whip as I do love this fragrance, whether as a room freshener, laundry aromatic wash or a body cream. As the purpose of such products is to lock in the moisture, it is far more beneficial to use the lotions on dampened skin, such as shortly after lightly towel drying after bathing.

        1) When applying the body cream, I generally pop from the bathroom to my bedroom to towel dry, this way, I can sit on my bed to comfortably use the moisturizer as soon as I have gently dabbed myself dry, before the pores are closed.

        2) As soon as I open the lid to reveal the thick creamy soft fawn blend, the vanilla fragrance wafts out in a delightfully pleasant sweet perfume. When I dip my fingers into the rich buttery emulsion, it feels particularly cool to the touch. I proceed to take up a good measure, around a tablespoon, onto my closed fingers. Because the compound is too cool for my personal comfort, I tend to rub the contents onto both hands before layering onto my body.

        3) I begin by spreading the allotted amount onto segments of my skin, concentrating on each portion first. I do not use such cosmetics on my feet as I have separate products for these areas of my body. I like to start moisturizing my ankles and calves first, in turn, applying enough cream then slowly and gently smoothing in the balm with circular movements of my hands.

        4) I like to ensure that I take enough time over this task as it can feel very therapeutic, quietly away from the hustle and bustle of everyday routines and task, just to enjoy timeout and not take such simple pleasures for granted. The more time that can be taken, affords extra care and benefits in the moisturizing regime. I continue to adopt the same method as performed on my lower legs, over my body. I use a separate face and neck cream therefore; I use this lotion up to my shoulders. After the process is complete, I then return to any areas, such as my knees that feel less moisturized, and apply a little more lotion.

        Results ~ 'I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want--an adorable pancreas '? :~)

        This gorgeously soft preparation feels so gentle on my skin, a real pleasure and effortlessly easy to apply. The aroma is far from over-whelming, with its natural flutter of essence delicately noticeable. The moistening effects of the body cream are very long lasting. While some parts of my body, like knees, front of legs and elbows dry out quicker, my arms, shoulders and torso remain hydrated until my evening shower. As for the emollient's bouquet, although I tend not to notice this after a short while, unless I hold my arm to my nose, others have commented on the agreeable odour. I love the way this lotion leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth and hydrated.

        Recommend? ~ 'It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it'!

        With an unreserved yes! I certainly do extol the benefits of this light formula as a very acceptable body moisturizer that leaves the skin soft, supple and fragrant.

        The vanilla body whip is currently available in Avon's campaign 16 brochure on page 214 code 25957 for £3. Also available in scent of red rose and peach/ milk and honey. Furthermore, any products, including this body cream, ordered across pages 212 to 221, is on a mix and match offer of four items for £5. Therefore, purchasing four of these tubs will provide a saving of £7!

        Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Avon naturals vanilla moisturising body whip. I hope this post is beneficial :~) xXx


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