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Avon Sensuelle Body Lotion

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2 Reviews
  • It smells very nice
  • It makes my skin feel soft
  • You can only buy it from Avon
  • It is very wet
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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2014 13:40
      Very helpful


      • "It makes my skin feel soft"
      • "It is moisturising"
      • "It smells very nice"


      • "You can only buy it from Avon"
      • "It is very wet"

      Avon Sensuelle body lotion

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is body lotion that is by Avon, it is sold in their catalogue or on their website and Sensuelle is one of their perfumes so this body lotion is made to match it.


      This body lotion is sold in a tube and that is good because it is quite a thin body lotion so it is easier to only squeeze enough out that you need when you use a tube. It is a very beautiful colour and I like to see this tube of body lotion on display.


      I do not know what Sensuelle perfume smells like but the body lotion is floral and creamy in its fragrance. It lasts on my skin for quite a long time but after about an hour the floral fragrance goes down and then the body lotion smells like baby powder, that lasts for a long time also.


      I think this body lotion feels quite wet so it is hard to absorb into the skin. It works very good and my skin feels moisturised and soft after I have applied it, I could not feel very much of a difference until I had used it for about 4 times but then I think the lotion builds up in your skin and all of a sudden it feels softer.

      It makes my hands feel greasy so I have to wash them when I have applied this body lotion but it does not feel greasy on the skin on my body.

      I think the effects of softness on my skin are very good because this is a cheap body lotion and when I first used it I did not think it would be intense enough but it has been a shock how effective this is. It does not make my skin dry and that is very good because I think the perfume is very high and usually that might have a bad effect on my skin.


      A tube of Sensuelle body lotion costs about £3.50 but it is on special price promotion so often that I have not ever paid the full price for it.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      08.06.2013 02:31
      Very helpful



      A body lotion that leaves the skin feeling effectively hydrated and well moisturised

      ~*~The Product ~ 'Body of evidence'~*~

      The 150ml lotion comes in an off pink plastic tapering tube with a metallic silver grey flip top lid and font. On the reverse of the container the consumer is concisely instructed on how to use the lotion, 'Smooth over body whenever needed'. The notes are practically supplied in fourteen languages. There is an ample twelve month shelf life on this product and the container is recyclable. This product is manufactured in Poland for Avon. The company describes this fragrant lotion as 'Creamy floral fused together with warm radiance'. Avon has other products in this range such as perfume.

      For those that need to be careful on using certain components on their body, the ingredients are noted as: Aqua/Mineral Oil/Glycerine/Steric Acid/Glyceryl Stearate/Peg-100 Stearate/Dimethicone/Parfum/Petrolatum/Caprylic Carpric Hydroxide/Acrylates C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer/Disodium EDTA/Coumarin/Geraniol/ButylphenylMethylpropional/Linalool/Citronellol/Limonene/
      Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone <1021877-001>

      ~*~My Usage Experience ~ 'Body language'~*~

      I generally apply body lotion after a shower; although there are times when I will apply such creams over my arms during the day to furnish me with a re-fresher of the fragrance before leaving home or whilst working.

      *My skin condition*

      As I have gotten older, my skin condition has understandably changed. My ankles, knees and legs have become much drier than they used to be. Although my hands are very dry, except for my elbows my arms are fine. My face and neck need a daily moisturiser although I only use body lotions on my neck not the more sensitive areas of my face. My feet get very dry but for safety reasons, I do not apply the lotion to this area unless I am retiring to bed soon after. I tend to purchase foot lotions, scrubs and sprays for my feet.


      I always ensure that I apply plenty enough lotion on my hands to apply each body section at a time. But this lotion spreads bountifully and so I find a fifty pence sized piece is plenty enough for my arms, and just a little more for my legs. Making sure that I do not over estimate the amount of cream means that I do not hurry putting the lotion on to disperse it. By using the above amount ensures I do the task more efficiently.


      *The feel*

      The lotion feels fairly cool when initially applying so I tend to rub my palms together to heat the fluid up momentarily making the cream more comfortable to use. I like to sit on my bed to apply the cream so that when any residue comes into contact with the linen, it leaves a gentle fragrant scent on the covers. I begin massaging the lotion on my ankles and work my way up over my legs. When I apply the lotion in a light circular motion it becomes quickly absorbed. I am thrilled with how quickly the lotion dissipates into my skin. I have no concerns with the lotion staining my clothes. I adore the creamy texture of this light lotion; it feels as luxurious as I smooth it over my body. I will mention here though, my skin is left a little tacky to the touch for a while after!


      *The fragrance*

      Immediately apparent is the light floral aroma of the lotion. The sweet blossomy scent is very noticeable when applying the lotion. The gentle fragrant smell seems to emanate into the air as I massage the creamy lotion into my skin. The company is accurate in their description of this having a predominantly floral fragrance. The manufacturers also say that it is 'fused together with warm radiance'. I feel that this comes from the undertones of the bouquet of amber together with the subtle touches of citrusy and woody exotic tones. The fragrance of this lotion really does furnish the wearer with lovely fresh notes that inspire a warm feel of sensuality and femininity. I feel that women of all ages would love wearing this gently scented lotion. Unless of course a floral bouquet is not their 'cup of tea'! :~)



      My skin feels incredibly moisturized after using this cream. The skin retains a slightly glistening and shiny appearance. Even my hands feel velvety smooth after applying the lotion. I will cheekily add that the name of the lotion is apt! :~) The positive effects of this cream are long lasting, even on my dry skin. I do not find that I need to re-apply the lotion again the same day, unless I want to liven up the gentle scent. This is where the lotion is less appealing. Although the aroma of the gorgeous scent is captivating, it really isn't potent enough to last. After an hour or so, I find that I can only notice the smell if I hold my arm up to my nose. Of course, this is the nature of odours, that wearer ceases to truly notice bouquets after a while. But others do comment that they can smell a light fragrance on my skin when standing close by. Unfortunately the staying power of the balm isn't as long as I would have hoped for, unlike the wonderful hydrating effects of the cream. I know this next advice is obvious but it soothes my conscience to say it, if you do use the lotion on your face, avoid getting the cream near your mouth, nose and eyes!


      Would I recommend? ~ 'Body popping'

      Yes, I most certainly would recommend this effective body lotion. The cream absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a gentle balmy aroma and very smooth skin. The effects of the moisturization last throughout the day although this cannot be said of the scent!

      The Avon Sensuelle Body Lotion is currently on offer on a saving of £1.75, half its usual price so costing just £1.75 which is excellent value on such a luxurious feeling effective product! The product is available either via your local representative, which is how I ordered my purchase. The lotion can also be purchased online on the Avon web site. The body lotion is even available on EBay and Amazon!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this gorgeous body lotion :~)


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