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Avon Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold Shimmering Body Oil Spray

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Brand: Avon / Type: Body Oil / Subcategory: Spray

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2011 12:05
      Very helpful



      Stick to Skin So Soft dry oil spray!

      I am a big fan of Avon's Skin So Soft range, and in particular their dry oil body spray. When I tried some other products from the new SSS Mineral Gems line Avon introduced this year I was very impressed, so when I saw this shimmering body oil spray I knew I had to try it too..

      The full name of this product is (*takes a deep breath*) Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold Shimmering Body Oil Spray..phew! From now on for the remainder of the review it shall be simply known as just 'body oil spray'.

      The packaging differs to the regular SSS oil sprays in the fact that this comes housed in a transparent plastic bottle, as opposed to the matte effect designs of the *normal* sprays. I think the main reasoning behind this is to show off the quite stunning contents which includes hundreds of tiny golden particles that give the 'shimmer effect'. The bottle design is quite basic as it is plain and upright standing which curves in towards the neck area and features a pump spray nozzle directly on top.

      The body oil spray comes in one size at present which is a 150 ml bottle and costs around £6. As with the majority of all Avon products this will no doubt be on some kind of offer depending which brochure it is bought from and I myself purchased it at half the RRP about 3 months ago, so do look out for any offers if you are considering trying this.

      So what it is exactly?
      This is a body oil spray that "..leaves skin sensually soft with a delicate golden sheen.." and promises it has a non greasy after feel once used. I liked the sound of this straight away and as I do suffer from dry skin I did wonder if it would live up to it's promises?

      My experience~
      The body oil itself is *very* oily. I know that may sound obvious, and even slightly condescending to anyone reading it, but the reason I am stating the obvious is if you normally use the regular SSS dry oil body spray and assume this will have the same effect on your skin then you may be in for a disappointment.
      This is basically the equivalent of a baby oil in a spray bottle so even though it has moisturising qualities, it comes at a very greasy price.

      This spray contains a heck of a lot of tiny golden particles which lie at the bottom of the bottle. Once the bottle has been rigorously shook the particles then mix with the oil; and therefore the spray is ready to use.

      I first applied this after showering when I find it locks in more moisture to my damp skin. The spray is very easy to administer to the body as a few pumps on the nozzle causes the oil to spray out with ease, which though appears to be very thick in the bottle it actually emits as a fine mist which is surprising.
      I found a few spritzes of this was enough to suffice covering my whole body, as it has a very greasy residue and doesn't need much to give good coverage.

      The first time I used this I just sprayed it on and then got dressed - big mistake. As I was under the impression it would give the same effects on my skin as the Dry Oil body spray ( which you can get away with doing that ) I got dressed straight after applying to my body to find my clothes just stuck to my skin because of the oil!
      I was lucky it didn't stain any of my clothes but since then I have been spritzing a tiny amount on my body and rubbing it in to my skin so it absorbs a bit quicker.

      I'm split here as I really wanted to like this but it's not as good as it could be. The actual moisturising side of the spray is no where near as good as the dry oil version as it just doesn't moisturise my skin very well. I have found after each use that the oil sits upon the layers of my skin - even when rubbed - rather than penetrating it for a full on moisture infusion. This does nothing for my dry skin and feels rather uncomfortable if I'm being totally honest. The saving grace for this product though is the beautiful shimmer effect it leaves on my skin and this is where the oil spray redeems itself. The tiny gold particles leave a delicate iridescent shine on the skin and look particularly effective on the shoulder area, though this is a product that is far more suited to the warm summery weather when your shoulders are going to be on show more!

      An *okay* product that slightly moisturises - but not very well. The fragrance is a let down as it's non descriptive due to there not really being one which is disappointing.

      Because it doesn't quite live up to it's promises it only gets a 2 out of 5 - and that's for the shimmery effect only!


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