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Avon Slip Into Body Spray

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Spray / Type: Body Spray

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    4 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 19:28
      Very helpful



      This is a very bad body spray

      WHAT IS IT?

      A body spray from Avon that you can buy a matching perfume for.   


      I do not like the fragrance of this body spray because it is very old fashioned and acidic.   It is a flowery fragrance but it does not smell like real flowers at all just a lot of chemicals all mixed up together.  It is a very ugly fragrance and it does not last for even an hour on my skin so if I liked it I would be disappointed also.  It is not sweet and has got a very musky smell that I think smells unclean.  


      I use body spray a lot because I have got a busy and demanding career but I still like to remain clean and fresh, the best way to do this is to use a scented body spray because I do not want to keep applying perfume in case of my clients not liking the strong smell.  I like flowery body sprays but this one is very poor and does not smell very nice at any time.  

      I dislike very much the smell when I first spray it because it is like acid and it is very harsh.  It smells cheap like a body spray from a discount store but it is more expensive than Impulse or So? body sprays.  I do not think it makes me smell fresh at all and it smells like when you use perfume that has gone out of date and it gets a musty smell.  

      I think the tin sprays too much out each time as well and my skin gets very wet when I have applied Slip Into.   I know it gets too wet because I sprayed some on today and when I put my top on there was a damp smear on it, it feels uncomfortable instead of fresh and that is not a very good thing I don't think. 


      I bought my tin of Slip Into when it was on special promotion price at £1 and I do not mind wasting that small amount of money but the regular price is about £3 and I think that is very expensive for a body spray that does not make me feel fresh in the day and that doesn't smell very nice also. 

      1 Dooyoo Star. 


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      09.02.2012 20:19
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive body spray - long lasting.

      ---Why I Bought It---

      I often get the AVON catalogue and bought some of these body sprays when on offer.
      I never stick to one particular brand or fragrance and thought I would give this a try - I did not want to buy the perfume which was more expensive but thought the body spray was good value.

      ---Slip Into---

      Slip Into by Avon is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.
      Christy Turlington is the advertising face and promoter of the fragrance which appeared on the market in 2011.
      ---Top Notes:
      blackberry, violet leaves and freesia
      rosewood, violet, orchid
      ---Base Notes:
      cashmeran, iris root
      Slip Into is trying to catch and accentuate the power of a woman's transformation when she puts on a pair of high heels. Shoes and sandals with a very high heel give a completely different look to a woman's body, attitude and self-esteem. The shape of the perfume bottle was designed to resemble a high heel coloured in gentle violet tones. (www.fragrantica.com/news/Avon-Slip-Into-1966.html)

      ---Ther Product---

      The body spray comes in a pressurised tin which is slim and 6 inches tall.
      The can is a very dark purple, the colour being graduated and a little lighter at the base.
      It has a pull off lid and the spray part is black.
      Described at being a 'Perfumed Body Spray'.
      The tine contains 75 mls and it is made in Poland.
      A warning states that it is 'EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE' and that 'solvent abuse can kill'.
      The container is pressurised and you should avoid using on broken skin.


      £3.60 in the current Avon catalogue (brochure 5) but there is an offer to buy 2 for £4.
      The only other item in this fragrance range is Eau de Toilette at £14 for 50 mls (but also on offer with a free mirror for £11).

      ---My Opinion---

      Although sort of heady it is a fragrance that you could use all day - which I do! Also husband hates strong perfumes but I have had no adverse comments so far!
      A little goes a long way - so I only put one small squirt on my wrists - I usually do this in the bathroom - as it makes the room smell nice as well.
      It also lasts well for a body spray - and this is often all I use in the daytime.
      It seems a sort of inoffensive smell - by which I mean I would think a lot of people would like it. Whilst being a strong smell it is not overpowering and heavy.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely - a very pleasant fragrance. The only thing I do not like is the name - I find it a bit tacky!




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        07.10.2011 13:10
        Very helpful




        I have used this Perfume as well as the Body Spray. I still have a little bit of the Body Spray left, as I tend to have a few different ones on the go at the 1 time. Also this isn't my favourite scent in the world, so that's perhaps why there is still a bit of this left.

        This is a bit expensive for a Body Spray but considering this is a Body Spray of a Perfume then they usually cost a bit more anyway. This comes in a 75ml tin and the right price for it is £3.60 but I would never pay that for this. I got this for £1.50 when it was on a special offer and this is often on a half price offer for £1.80. Even £1.80 seems a bit expensive in my view.

        You can buy this from an Avon rep or through the Avon website. I have also seen some Avon products for sale through ebay but can't comment which ones are on there.

        The tin looks like the picture on here. It looks alright. Just a slim aerosol tin which is a dusky pink colour and which has a grey lid. I think the lid looks a bit boring but it's all about the scent inside.

        The notes in this scent is Blackberry, Freesia, Violet Leaves, Rosewood, Orchid, Iris Root and Cashmeran. Not sure what some of these notes are but I would say that this is quite a Musky kind of scent and a bit heavier than the kind of scents that I usually use. It isn't the kind of scent that I like all that much but this is more because it is a more Floral and Woody kind of scent rather than a light, fruity, airy scent.

        The scent of this lingers well and I found that after spraying this first thing then I can still smell this a good few hours later although it is quite faint then.

        If you like more Musky scented scents then this would probably be a good choice for you, but just not for me i'm afraid.


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        20.09.2011 15:40
        Very helpful



        A sumptuous delight on the body that will fit any occasion...in heels or not!

        The Fragrance ~ 'Freudian Slip'

        The Slip Into fragrance came onto the European Market in January of this year and is expected in America October '11. The body spray that I am reviewing is part of Avon's Slip Into perfume collection. The aroma was a collaboration between Avon and IFF* and manufactured in the fragrance group as floral-oriental. This group encompasses a warm and sweet powdery base characteristic of this particular group that blends with flowers such as tuberose, gardenia, or even with the warm spicy notes of carnations.

        The body spray incorporates the bouquet of the perfume. The actual structure of the scented notes is composed of: Top Notes: violet leaves, blackberry and freesia, with the hearty middle notes of orchid, rosewood and violet, finishing off with the Base notes, iris root and cashmeran. The body spray, as part of the perfume closely resembles the perfume's aromatic notes.

        Avon's rather corny advertising spiel is that 'Slip Into is trying to catch and accentuate the power of a woman's transformation when she puts on a pair of high heels. Shoes and sandals with a very high heel give a completely different look to a woman's body, attitude and self-esteem'! In fact, the perfume bottle is designed to resemble the high heel of a woman's shoe, though I wouldn't have noticed this had I not had it pointed out to me! Nevertheless, cheesy sales pitch or no, in my personal opinion, it actually is a gorgeous aroma if fairly over-powering on initial application.

        The Folk Behind The Fragrance ~ 'Pink Slip'

        As mentioned above, the folk behind this captivating fragrance is a collaboration between Avon and IFF, *International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. This well established company is an influential leading creator of not only fragrances but flavour 'solutions' for food products! IFF has professional accomplished perfumers that 'includes living legends and rising stars' which combine their skills with IFF's scientists that join with their perfumers 'by developing new molecules, new natural extractions, and innovative processes that enliven our perfumers' palettes and help them create unique, inspiring fragrances'! 'IFF has created...leading fragrance classics' such as 'Estée Lauder's BEAUTIFUL, Calvin Klein's EUPHORIA, Clinique's HAPPY, Lancôme's TRESOR, Guy Laroche's DRAKKAR NOIR, and Ralph Lauren's POLO BLUE, to name just a few'{http://www.iff.com]

        My Personal Experience in Usage ~ 'Slip Up'

        The vaporizer comes in a classy looking canister with a warm hue of medium pinky/purple at the base that gradually builds to a deep intense shade of blackened purple with the lid in black. The front of the aerosol contains the words in light pink, 'Slip into...' in a kind of Bradley Hand slanted font that adds to the stylish appearance. The only application advice is to 'spray onto body avoiding broken skin'.

        1) The lid to the container pops off easily but compressing the nozzle requires a much firmer hold. I need to apply vigorous force on the spout to release the spray! The fluid comes out in a very light and minimal mist. I generally hold body sprays around six inches away from the areas I'm focusing on but with this particular one, I need to hold it no more than three inches. I do find with sprays that holding any closer than six inches towards the skin, tends to make the area sprayed wet. But as this spray's mist only extends to half that length, it results in a comfortable application.

        2) I will advise that the fragrance is pretty powerful upon first application so I advise spraying in a well ventilated room, which I tend to do as a rule when using cosmetic products of this nature. I spritz the atomizer only once on each arm, legs and also on my neck. The potent aroma hits me with the pungent though pleasant notes of blackberry and violet leaves but I cannot detect freesia at this point. So excessive are the primary notes that it actually makes me feel head achy! Thankfully, this soon settles to the heart notes of butterfly orchid and violet with slight undertones of freesia. I can even detect iris root but no rosewood! Eventually the scent curiously settling to Brazilian rosewood but no cashmeran or iris root detected! I adore the final notes that are far less over-whelming. The fragrance is exotic, warm and sensuous...a little daring at my age :~)

        3) I find that a little really does go along way with this concentrated aroma; too much just overwhelms me...and those unfortunate enough to be nearby! This is much to do with the alcohol base of the deodorant than the notes of the fragrance coming to the fore. Additionally, I find that body sprays, as with perfumes, tend to appear weaker to the one wearing the spray than to other folk; noteworthy by my eldest grand-tot who recently said I smelt like his great- granny! Therefore, although this fragrance settles to a very soft and appealing scent, I now refrain from re-applying during the day...after all; such sprays need to be used as an enhancement! :~)

        4) I like to apply the essence to my wrist, sternum (cleavage) neck and so forth, as these pulse points help to radiate the fragrance. As an example, when I furnish a fine mist from the atomizer to the back of my neck, this has the neat effect of leaving traces of the fragrance behind me as I walk, a kind of Lynx effect...well even a grand-parent can dream :D

        Would I Recommend? ~ 'Giving Someone The Slip'

        I think that due to the intensity of the notes of this fragrance, it may be an acquired taste, a little like Marmite! But, as I love exotic spicy aromas, this body spray is an absolute delight. I learned through trial and error that this particular product must be used even more sparingly that others. The fragrance last throughout the day, and clothing retains the captivating bouquet long after. This brand is now with my personal favourites. The spray is so closely intertwined with its parent perfume, that I'd wear it for evenings out as a complement to the balmy and oriental perfume.

        The Slip Into Body Spray is currently available at the reduced price of £1.80, half its original price. I purchased mine from my local Avon rep but the spray can be purchased online. I recommend logging onto the Avon website, http://avonshop.co.uk, to check out the perfume too.

        Thank you for reading my review which included some pretty random sub-headings! :~)


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