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Bath & Body Works Body Moisturising Cream

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  • smells like rust
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    1 Review
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      27.03.2002 08:56
      Very helpful



      • "smells like rust"

      Most of us women apply our favorite fragrances before rushing out the door to work, dinner or a party. It's the finishing touch on a nice outfit or maybe something extra to impress our date. Very few people though, understand the importance of smelling good to make money. As an exotic dancer I have a list of essential beauty products and procedures for everyday. Hairy legs, smelly pits, clumpy lashes and smokers breath will gaurantee a slow and moneyless night. Smelling good, feeling smooth and looking neat can easily add up to good clients and lots of tips. It's not easy to keep up with all these important details, but going home with only two hundred dollars will teach you to be more attentive!!! Smelling sexy is the most important thing to keep up with while on stage or in the V.I.P. rooms.If you're going to be rubbing you're body ( and I mean all parts of it)on a man for an hour or so you and he both want it to smell sexy. The floral smells will give him an instant headache, the candy sweet smells will make him nausous,and those clean, boring smells will remind him of his wife! Big no-no!You want to smell like sex, sex that may possibly include him. That's why I always liked Bath& Body works fragrances. Their body creams and splashes come in sexy, fun smells at great prices. (Men go crazy over cucumber melon and warm vanilla!They are often disapointed at how bad they taste when they smell so good though). Recently on a trip to the mall I decided to try Bath and Body Works moisturizing body cream in the mousse container. It's a narrow, metal cylinder with a push pump at the top that lets you control the amount of cream you want.It was a little more expensive than the regular body creams but since I was using one of my customers credit cards I thought what the hell. So I left with my purchase and headed home. Later that night, I was getting ready in the dressing room and pulled out my new find. I was paying extra special a
      ttention to everything because the customer that pays my rent, car payment,and Angel (my 4yr old daughter's) preschool tution was coming in. Word got out how much money he has and now the rest of the girls are crawling all over him. It makes me nervous because one more bitch fight and I'm out of there, not to mention I'm still on alcohol probation for pouring a drink on Taylor and a former customer. So I put on my new cream and start to apply my makeup. All of a suden I am overcome by the smell of tin cans. Metal and rust fill my nostrils, which is amazing I could smell anything in the fog of hairspray and smoke. I started to sniff around and began to think it was something burning on my curling iron. A little investigating and I realized it was coming from my very own arms and legs!!! I smelled like a recycling bin sitting on someone's porch waiting for pickup on Saturday morning. Horrified I tried to wash it off with wet paper towels but it only seemed to get worse. My only hope was to take a shower, but my customer was due any minute! I ended up taking a hot shower with lots of soap and thought I could still smell it hours later. As far as my customer goes, he got tired of waiting on me and went home to his fat wife and ugly kids. I left broke and he left miserable. The damn moisturizer from Bath and Body works in the pump can ruined a perfectly good evening for both of us! Don't let it ruin your night, or worse, make you lose money. Stick with the plastic tubes and smell and feel sexy!


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