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Boots Botanics Firming Body Gel

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Brand: Boots / Type: Body Gel / What it does: Firms, Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2009 17:42
      Very helpful
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      worth a try if you have lumpy bumpy bits

      I've been using products from Boots Botanic Range for a few years now & my favourite one has to be the Firming Gel. I think it retails at around £4 for a substantial 250ml bottle but I usually redeem my Advantage points or look for special offers.

      It comes as shown in the pic & has a well-designed pump dispenser which, in my expereience, works well (until nearly the very end) & doesn't clog or get blocked.

      In another review I was surprised to read that a Dooyooer described this as runny - I would say it was actually quite thick - but I store it in a dark cool place or maybe I've just been lucky?

      It's easy to use as you just need to rub into the skin using circular movements (full directions given on the label) & almost immediately the lovely clear gel starts to lightly firm that unwanted fat. I wouldn't say it was a miracle product but, in my experience, I've found it makes a difference around the tummy area & the top of my arms. Although not apparent to others I can feel that my skin feels a bit firmer, slightly less flabby,moisturised , feels smooth & soft & smells lovely too.

      I'm not sure what makes the gel smell so good as the ingredients don't really give me a clue apart from soybean & wheatgerm & parfum (parfum de ?) but the fragrance isn't too feminine/floral, rather it's fresh & energising & not too overpowering but it lasts on the skin for quite a while & is very pleasant.

      Full ingredients are listed on the label but don't sound too natural & the product does contain alcohol although I've never found it to be drying - more moisturising.

      Botanics claim that the plant extracts in the gel, along with massage, 'help maintain collagen & elastin, helping to delay the signs of ageing & improve skin tone'. I never actually thought my tummy looked old so I can't say any ageing has been put off, but the skin tone does feel better on my arms & I do notice a difference when I don't use it.

      - price is good compared to simial products.
      - easy to use & lasts ages.
      - smells lovely.
      - although not having experienced dramatic results I have noticed a difference.
      - recommend giving it a try.


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        17.10.2008 19:39
        Very helpful



        4/5 due to it's positive attributes!

        Ok lets be honest ladies! Who over the age of 25 doesn't want firmer skin? Ok my hands are up! I'm the first to admit that I don't have the body of an 18 year old and for that I'm actually rather grateful to be perfectly honest with you! I was 14 stone back then and grew to (at my heaviest) 16 stone! However I worked really hard to loss 6 and half stone and way after losing the weight (through Weightwatchers) I got an eating disorder so my weight plummeted and I got a bit too thin. I had this vision, always that when I lost weight I'd look better and to be fair in my view of course I do. I'm a trim size 10 now and although I'm now 34 (as from a couple of days ago so I'm a young 34 thank you! lol) I know I look pretty good and I'm pleased I look the way I do really. However... take the clothes off and I'm left with a different story entirely!

        When you loose weight not only does skin loose it's suppleness it goes baggy and saggy. I'm left with skin that housed a much larger woman at one time and without an operation there's not much you do about loose skin really. Also I had dark, purply stretch marks when I was big but losing weight I found I lost much o the colour but now have deeper white marks that to the touch really does feel like I've stretched something far too much.

        I'm pretty lucky however that I'm not left with loads of skin sort of thing although my body isn't and has never ever been firm. I went down from 40c to a 34b (that's on good day , I'm probably more of an a cup if I was to be honest with myself!) but breast tissue is far from firm. This is my biggest and most upsetting area. My tummy is a bit like a consitina but livable but me breasts well tut they're not great and my bum is threatening to wipe my footprints out!

        I, like many women who are interested in these types of products (your reading my review lol) have tried many brands, formula's and different price ranged products over the years and I had come to the conclusion nothing really can help me and I'm stuck with my body the way it is. If you have excess skin what do you think a firming lotion/cream/gel or potion is going to do exactly? Eat the skin up for you cos we all want that but know it's not going to happen (I hope we all know that lol). However I do believe that a good firming product can make the area your worried about even if it's just temporarily can make it look better by just giving it some hydration and moisturising care. I know my consitina jelly-belly always feels smoother when a moisturiser is applied to it and the stretch marks feel better to the touch because they're more hydrated and so I think they look less apparent and even if that's just in my mind it doesn't matter because thinking that even if it isn't doing it can only be a good thing after all if you feel more confident in yourself.

        The Packaging....

        230ml tall clear bottle with white frosted pump action dispenser to the top of it. I'm told it's Botanics, 'Power Of Plants' and I'm told it's of course a Boots product. I'm then told its a Firming Body Gel, with skin firming echinacea extract. Then told it helps maintain skin elasticity and size of my bottle is stated on the bottom. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, ingredients, contact details for Boots, the recycle symbol is on there and finally a small white bar-code. Nice packaging with plenty of information on it and it looks classy.

        About The Product....

        Plant extracts at levels that really work. Cool invigorating gel that replenishes lost moisture whilst working to improve skin tone. With firming echinacea extract to help maintain skin elasticity.


        Massage onto skin, focusing on upper arms, bust and thighs.

        My Experience....

        Well the gel in the bottle has a sort of darkish yellowy colour to it. Dispense some onto your hand it's quite a runny gel that is highly fragrant with no colour to it really lol. To me it's a bit like a gentle, but expensive light aftershave which in my mind says this could be unisex if you wanted it to be (I mean it's not just us women that have all the problems after all!). I really do like the fragrance because if I want to apply before going out of an evening it's not so smelly that it will interfere with my deodorant, body spray or/and perfume.

        The gel is very easily spreadable and you really you don't need much but of course this depends on the area size you want to cover. It's unsticky to the touch and as I said runny but rather than being greasy this is more watery than that and I can't feel any grease within this product at all.

        I apply it all the areas Boots suggests but am happy to apply it literally anywhere on my body. Bum, tum, hips, anywhere I feel I need a little bit of hydration and/or firming up. I simply massage it in until my skin has absorbed it which is literally seconds and I simply massage it gently in, in circular motions. All very easy indeed.

        Well... I know your dying to know....

        Does it work?

        Sorry the jury is out and I just can't decide on the answer to that question. Firstly let me explain that I love to use this product. I feel like I can never use too much as my skin drinks it up. I never feel greasy and I can dress immediately after using it with no transfer onto my clothes. Now I did say this isn't sticky. Well that's in it's application. There is a slight sticky feeling when it's sunk in. Sounds odd but there is no feel of it on the skin as such as in skin feeling softer or anything but there is a slight clammy feeling. Not uncomfortable, not highly noticeable and it's something you can cope with as it's so slight. I applied some 6 hours ago and I can still feel a very slight stickiness where it's been applied. It doesn't interfere though as I have said already I must clarify this point! The smell stays fragrant on the skin for a few hours as well though it's not offensive and I think I'm the only person that can smell it when it's on, because even people up close and personal haven't mentioned it to me. So this product has a few positives.

        However do I feel firmer? Well I don't know if it's in my mind but I do feel firmer ever so slightly but it is slightly and this isn't a miracle worker. I haven't had a tummy tuck or a boob job through using this but I do feel a bit more uplifted. Although I can't feel the gel on my skin as it has sunk in any problems such as fairly deep stretch marks do look less dry and feel to the touch less stretched. Skin just feels smoother and for me the hydration gives the skin a better texture and therefore gives me confidence and my skin feels refreshed and cool.

        I'm really keen on this gel and have used it liberally in all sorts of places on my body everyday and although I haven't seen a dramatic change in appearance on my skin through daily use I feel this as a kind product to treat myself to every day and it's easy to use so why not? lol I have tried alot of products out over the years of this type and for me this is definitely one that I feel is the most effective to me and it really boosts my confidence.

        I paid around £6.99 for my bottle which is only available in Boots and there are 50ml sample tubes available to buy which are about £2.00 a tube. The tubes are great value (plenty in them for a few applications) and I do advise you to treat yourself to a tube first to see how you get on with it. Only available in Boots.


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        Nourish your skin to give it the elasticity to keep you looking younger and more beautiful /

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