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Boots Essentials Relaxing Body Milk

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Brand: Boots / Type: Body Milk / What it does: destresses

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2008 19:00
      Very helpful



      A really nice body moisturiser for women of any age and of any skin type

      I've been quite unwell of late. I've had awful hay-fever problems that have led to me having breathing difficulties and a pollen rash I have to use special cream on and on top of that I have a chest infection that antibiotics don't seem to be able to shift. Whats more is I'm waiting for an operation on my spine so when I went to the Dr yet again I managed to get into Boot's to grab a few bits and bobs, and grab was all it was really cos I just felt dreadful.

      I wanted a few new bits and bobs to pamper myself with and cheer myself up. At time of purchasing this bath foams etc weren't an option. At the moment its a shower once every couple of days job as I have no energy and I am feeling sodrained. It goes without saying that I'm not sleeping good so I looked at the aromatherapy range in Boots and this Boots Essential aromatherapy 'relaxing' body milk with Lavender and Cedar-Wood stood out. Something I could put on my bedside table (with all me other goodies) and use in bed with little effort whilst watching the box! Sounded lovely and at £4.00 a bottle seemed like a small price to pay to indulge myself with!

      The Packaging....

      100ml long recyclable glass bottle with silver screw on/off lid. On the front in silver writing I'm told it is Boot's essential aromatherapy relaxing body milk, Lavender and Cedar-Wood. On the back I'm told what it should do, warnings, ingredients, the size is stated, the recycle symbol is on there and contact details for Boots. On the side there is a white sticky label which is the bar code and it peels off cleanly. All in all a nice, classy bottle. I can see the liquid through the bottle and it's a light blue colour. When you swish the bottle the liquid looks quite thin.

      What It Should Achieve....

      A gentle blend of Lavender and Cedar-Wood essential oils to help relax and unwind the mind.

      To help bring about calm, pour desired amount into palm of hand and massage over body to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

      Using It....

      Well when you unscrew the lid you tip some 'milk' on to your hands through quite a large hole so do be careful how much you dispense! The first thing that struck me was the smell. It really smells of lavender. I have no idea what cedar-wood is meant to smell like but if it's meant to smell a bit woody then I can smell a woody undertone to it. It's very rich smelling indeed but not at all harsh but if your sitting there thinking well I'm not keen on lavender then this really isn't for you cos there's no two ways about it, this is lavender and it smells natural.

      So the liquid really does pour so be very careful as you really don't need a lot of it and this is best used bit by bit. So get a small amount and massage in. Saying massage is actually misleading. No need to massage it in just sweep it gently all over the body gently.

      Skin drinks it in immediately and it takes no rubbing in. It's none messy and I've found no problems applying it whatsoever. It's none greasy providing you don't slap it on and I find I can get dressed straight after applying it and as I applied it in bed I didn't get grease all over my bed linen which was an added bonus!

      So The Effects?....

      Well this softens skin in a very natural way. Skin is definitely softer but not in a caked on greasy fashion. I actually feel so soft I feel like I've dusted myself all over with expensive talcum powder without the mess, it's just lovely. Skin just feels very silky, hydrated and so smooth that you just want to keep stroking yourself! I personally love that old fashioned smell it has as well as it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

      As For It Saying It Relaxes Body And Mind?

      Well yes it does. The fragrance is very relaxing as it contains lavender and not being a body milk you could wear it to go out clubbing or anything but cos of the smell the chances are you'll use this on a chilling kind of night. It's lovely straight after a bath, slip your fleecy pjs on and curl up in a chair or bed with warm milk. It doesn't knock you out to sleep but I really do feel very relaxed when I've used this. I've fell asleep a couple of times after using it.


      Worth every single penny. It's natural smelling, feels great and none greasy on and is so easy to apply with no fuss. The fragrance lasts for hours and stays fresh, strong and fragrant. It's definitely one for the ladies and I've found even with my sensitive skin it doesn't upset it, even when its been on my skin a couple of days cos of being stuck in bed. It really is lovely, grown up and works in every aspect it says it will. It calms and soothes the skin as well as the mind so you sort of feel all in harmony with yourself. A must by for stressed out gals!

      This would probably appeal to the older generation and if you've an older lady to buy for that struggles alot to do things this is something you could buy for her to use just on her arms etc as it's absorbed so quickly. I also use it on my hands and it really has made my hands incredibly soft! A great all rounder!


      Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately.

      If pregnant, speak to your Doctor or qualified aromatherapist before use.


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    • Product Details

      A gentle blend of lavender and cedarwood essential oils to help relax and unwind the mind /

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