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Boots Fearne Indulgent Bath Collection

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Brand: Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2013 00:35
      Very helpful



      A set with a split personality - fun and funky design, but to me an older persons fragrence

      =Boots Fearne Indulgent Bath Collection=

      Boots Fearne Indulgent Bath Collection
      I will be honest and say that I found two of these sets at the back of the shelf in the Boots 75%, the original price was £20 per set, reduced to £5. The plan was to keep both for myself, but after my experience, the 2nd set is now ready for a Birthday Present.

      =Gift Set=
      This is a Christmas Set, with previous years Fearne Cotton had a makeup set, but with this being promoted as Bath Collection, I thought I would take a chance Although I don't have a bath at home, when I go away one of the first things is a soak in the bath, so I always try to have a bottle or 2 of "posh" bubbles for these occasions so I always hunt the Sales or save them from my Christmas gift sets .

      =The Box=
      When you are buying a set like this the box is as equally as important part of the purchase as the contents. The box is quite colourful, with a swirl pattern and big bold statement designs.

      Body Polish, bath foam, body moisturiser, body spray, a single soap, candle and an eye mask.

      -Body Polish-
      The body polish is a tub, I personally find these are a pain, as your trying to unscrew the top grab some out, all with the water of the shower running, and for me without my glasses, rather than being in a tube that you can flip and squeeze, hey but these things are sent to try us. The polish has a very odd colour as well, it looks a greenish /grey colour, at first I thought this polish may have been off. For the benefits of the product when I finally worked out how best to use it, turn off the shower, grab the glasses and start again, once I grabbed a scoop full I rubbed it in to my damp skin, and I could feel it was grainy and that the mix did stick to my skin, so I knew that it was doing some good to my skin, The smell of the musk continued through the range. I showered off the body polish, some bits did feel stubborn, like my elbows which are quite dry, but after my shower my skin did feel cleaner.

      -Bath Foam-
      Similar to the body polish the bath foam is in the same tube, but this is a lot easier to use, as your the side of the bath, so you can fully see what you're doing. The bath foam is clear in colour, and once I opened the lid I was greeted immediately by the musk smell, as soon as the foam came in contact with the water it bubbled well. After the bath I could smell both musk and vanilla on my skin. In a weekend I had 3 baths, and only used 1/4 of the tube, and that was being over generous, so it is a long lasting product.

      -Body Moisturiser-
      Once you remove the lid you get a lovely smell of the musk and vanilla, I have to say it is a consistence level of smell throughout the set. I initially found that this moisturiser was thicker than what I had expected, it rubs into the skin very easily, does not leave any hint of greasiness, and throughout the next few hours not only did my skin feel rehydrated but the smell of the musk and vanilla was long lasting.

      -Body Spray-
      The body spray is a liquid and this has a pump dispenser, so that your more in control of the depth of the spray and where you want to spray it. I have wore the spray after had a bath and used the moisturiser lotion but this can be over powering, if you like the musk smell then you know what to expect, but if like me, I find that too much musk can be over powering then I try to even out how I wear them. The spray is quite light, and I find that after about an hour the musk disappears and the vanilla then becomes apparent.

      The candle was nicely presented in a small glass, I know this may sound picky, I would have liked a pair of candles, as I always think single candles look odd. The candle was small, I would say the nearest size that it resembles is the size of a Yankee candle sampler.
      I feel this candle is more suited to a bedroom than a living room, I put this down to the fragrance.

      The soap was beautifully wrapped, and I used it whilst I was away for the weekend, but to be honest by now I was feeling an overload of musk. It felt a shame unwrapping the soap, if I had the soap again I would be inclined to put the soap in a draw as a freshener.

      I actually donated the soap to my mum, as I hate the mess made by bars of soap and much prefer to use liquid soap.

      -Eye Mask-
      This still smelt of musk, but whether that was because it was near the other items, but an eye mask is an eye mask, I personally would have preferred to have seen something else in the set, as eye masks for me, I don't like them.
      =My Overview=
      It is a nice gift set, but to me it feels like it has a personality clash, the box is a young and funky design, the products are for someone who likes to be pampered, yet the fragrance, is what I would expect in a range for the mature woman.
      It will be interesting to see what is produced for the 2013 Winter range.


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      07.03.2013 12:22
      Very helpful



      I'll be keeping an eye out for this reappearing in Boots

      Although I'm not a particular fan of Fearne Cotton, I couldn't resist this set of bath goodies which I stumbled across in the January sales in Boots. The set had originally cost £20, but was reduced to £10, which I figured was great value for the number of items contained in the set. Looking on the Boots website, these don't appear to be available at the moment, so perhaps they will be brought back at Christmas time or for other special occasions. As far as I'm aware, it's exclusive to Boots.

      ==What's in the Box?==

      The gift set contains:

      * Bath Foam
      * Body Polish
      * Body Moisturiser
      * Body Spray
      * An individually wrapped soap
      * Candle
      * Eye mask

      ==The Fragrance==

      As all the products smell of the same fragrance, I won't bore you by describing it each time, but will instead describe it here as being musky, with a hint of vanilla. I had actually picked this up without reading the packaging, as it only seems to be the body spray which tells you anything about the fragrance!


      The packaging is brightly coloured and what I, being a bit older these days, would call "funky". It's colourful with swirls and big patterns, probably more suited to younger tastes although the fragrance is quite mature in some respects.

      ==THE PRODUCTS==

      ==Bath Foam==

      This is my favourite of the products, and is probably my favourite bath foam to use at the moment. It comes in a tube with a screw top lid, which unfortunately is not transparent so I can only judge when I'm about to run out by the weight of the tube. It is clear when poured under running water, and creates lots of bubbles which last for the duration of my average soak in the bath (about an hour). I absolutely love the smell which fills the bathroom, and when layering with other products from the same range it smells lovely on the skin too.

      ==Body Polish==

      I was a bit unsure what body polish was before I opened the tub, as I tend to call it exfoliator or body scrub, but it's effectively an exfoliator with grainy beads, designed to clear the skin by removing any dead cells. It comes in one of those horrible screw lid tubs, which means you have to be careful not to get water in there by accident, and scooping it out is a bit of a messy business. The polish is grey/green in colour, and doesn't look like something I want to put on my skin, but it has the signature musk smell and does a good job of smoothing the skin out. The only thing I don't like about this product is that the little grains tend to stick to your skin quite badly, meaning you have to have a shower after your bath to remove them all.

      ==Body Moisturiser==

      Initially, I was a bit disappointed that this set didn't contain a body butter, as I find these to be more moisturising than liquid moisturisers. However, this one is very thick in consistency, and does an excellent job of rehydrating dry skin. It also smells divine, with the musk and vanilla being very evident, and the scent lingers a long time once applied.

      ==Body Spray==

      I'm actually wearing this body spray today, and it's a lovely way of layering the scent after using the other products in the range. The moisturiser is quite strong smelling, so could be overpowering if you tried to wear it with other perfumes. The body spray comes in a pump dispenser, allowing full control over the amount you use, and it gives a lovely fragrance without being overpowering. I spray quite a few times to give good coverage, but by the time I get to work the scent has settled and gives a nice subtle musk scent, with the musk becoming more evident than the vanilla as the day progresses.


      The candle didn't last long, being around the size of a Yankee sampler but in a glass holder. It was slightly bigger than a tea light. It gave off the same fragrance as the bath foam, but as I used it whilst having a bath, it got a bit lost as the bath foam is quite a strong smelling fragrance. I should probably have used this in another room, but I wanted to do the whole pampering thing by using all the products together!


      I actually donated the soap to my mum, as I hate the mess made by bars of soap and much prefer to use liquid soap.

      ==Eye Mask==

      This isn't something I use, so this has been banished to the back of the drawer! It has the same pattern as the other items in the set, however, and if it's something you like to use this would be a lovely addition to your pamper evening.


      It's a shame this gift set isn't available all year round, as it's such a lovely gift set and would make a lovely present for someone who enjoys their pampering sessions. It contains a good variety of products, and they have a delightful musky smell to them. The only issue is I think there is a bit of a discrepancy between the style of the set which is quite young, and the fragrance which I would say is quite mature. This gift set would be suitable for all ages, but the very loud and colourful packaging (and the fact some people may not know who Fearne Cotton is!) might put some people off. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for this next Christmas time, especially if they're in the sale again.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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