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Boots Relaxing Massage Oil

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Massage Oil / Subcategory: Body Oil / What it does: destresses

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2008 10:52
      Very helpful



      gorgeous massage oil which is really relaxing.

      This is so so relaxing. I bought this a while ago because I suffer from pains in my back at the bottom. My partner used this on me and it realy mkaes you relaxed. The smell is lavendar which is good for a good nights sleep so this is perfect to use before bed and get youur partner to use it on you, sends you sleep sraight away. The oil goes on really well and warms u quickly in the plams of your hands which makes it more relaxing. You only need a tiny tiny amount because its oil not lotion so the bottle lasts ages. The bottle is like a frosted galss with blue front and is packaged really well. It costs around £4 from Boots own brand. I would recommend this if you suffer from back aches and pains or if you just want a nice massage. You can also use it all over your body to really moisturise and make skin smell lovely, although ti is quite greasy to do that.


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        29.06.2008 02:29
        Very helpful



        A really nice, fast relaxation transporter!

        The one thing I really do struggle to do in life is relax. I think I'm just a bit of a pent up person really. I'm always on the go and even when I can make myself comfortable and relax I just don't do it. Like even now at 1am I'm on here typing away with my bedroom in a mess (so bad I can't even see my floor) and I'm tired as hell. I won't go to bed till I've cleaned up and I very rarely go to bed before 4am. This isn't all my own fault either. For a long time I had really noisy neighbours who just frayed my nerves! Before all that started I was very chilled out and used to sleep for hours but them days are way gone and now I can't seem to settle down even though noise has stopped!

        So when I saw this massage oil designed to relax I had to buy it. Seemed worth a go!!

        The Packaging....

        50ml long see through oblong glass bottle with silver screw on/off lid. On the front in silver writing I'm told it's Boot's, Essential Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage Oil, Lavender Cedarwood. On the back I'm told what it is, how to use it, cautions, ingredients, size (as I've already stated), shown the recycle symbol, and contact details for Boot's. A very nice classy looking bottle.

        What It Is....

        A gentle blend of lavender and cedarwood essential oils to help relax and unwind the mind.

        How To Use....

        To help bring about calm, massage over your body or add 4 or 5 drops to a warm bath.

        Me Using It....

        Well I've used this in several ways. I never bought it to massage in anyone! I'm single but I have used it to massage my own aching muscles, used it as an all over body oil type of thing to soften my skin, relax my body and give me plenty of fragrance to relax my mind and used it in the bath as well!

        The Massage Oil....

        The oil is a real pale light blue and is what it says it is, an oil. However it isn't a real thick oil and although it is of course a little greasy it isn't like a thick oil at all. Smell wise it really is lavender in it's fragrance and there's no getting away from that. It really is strong.

        The one thing I must complain about is as a migraine sufferer if I do have a it of a headache this really does bring it on worse. This can be a problem for me with highly fragranced products though! I can't smell whatever the cedarwood is like the lavender fragrance so the lavender overpowers the cedarwood it or it isn't mixed equally with the lavender.

        Using It All Over Or On The Muscles.

        Pour a small amount onto hands and rub wherever you want to (within reason lol). As I said earlier although it is an oil it really isn't that greasy but a little does go a long way. I gently massage it all over my body for a moisture boost. I would never use this and then go out wearing it as again as I said earlier it really does smell so strong.

        Yes it does relax and calm your nerves without a doubt (well it does for me). It's a joy to use it. It just makes you feel very calm really whilst really softening the skin. I've used this regularly and my skin has dramatically improved in texture. It's particularly good as an oil on dry, tight skin.

        A good and economical way of using this is just using it where you feel you need it, into muscles that are achy but also putting some where it can be smelt i.e shoulders etc as you need to get some aroma to relax your brain. It's nice to use this way and really works. Lovely for massaging feet and giving them some tlc. I personally like to do a reflexology type of massage on my feet.

        In the bath it is really nice as well. It's not easy to get 4-5 drops in the bath under running water as the bottle has a quite a large hole so you do need to be careful but it can be done! Warning regarding this though. No more than recommended amount! Too much creates an oil slick and when you have 4-5 drops in the bath fill it to the brim to make sure it's well diluted.

        I find the smell this way is much more pleasant in general. There are no bubbles but the water is incredibly soft and velvety. I prefer to use this at night before bed just to soak in and again it really hydrates and makes my skin blissfully soft with no need to moisturise after. I can wash in it as well (not hair though, be warned!) and I can shave me legs in it giving myself such a close shave! The smell on my skin after using it leaves not only me smelling delicately fragranced for a few hours but also my bathroom.


        I didn't think I'd like this one much but out of all the massage oil type products I've purchased recently this is actually the one I use the most though not my favourite smell. However I can cope with the smell because I like the results this gives me. Using this in any way shape or form really does relax me and calm me down big time so it's worth every penny in my view. I have to be careful when I use it thought therefore my preffered time is night as it does make me a bit sleepy and I've just used it now and feel like I'm dropping off. This doesn't give mind clarity at all. It doesn't wake you up at all. It just really is a chilling remedy in bottle and it really does work for me. This is something I'm sold on and shall buy time and time again for sure!

        This is a product that an be used in any way you choose and although an oil is great on my sensitive skin and not gunky or sticky if respected and used correctly! £4.00 a bottle only in Boot's.


        Paraffinium liquidum, prunus dulcis, caprylic/capric triglyceride, lavandula angustifolia, linalool, benzyl benozate, parfum, benzophenone-3, cedrus atlanticia, tocopherol, courmarin, geranoil, citronellol, limonene, eugenol, cl 61565 cl 60725


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      • Product Details

        A gentle blend of lavender and cedarwood essential oils to help relax and unwind the mind /

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