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Boots Sleep Easy Massage Oil

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Brand: Boots / Type: Massage Oil / Subcategory: Body Oil

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2009 05:20
      Very helpful



      Worth a go if your desperate for 40 winks!

      When it comes to sleeping I'm the worlds at it to be honest with you. It's rare I got to bed before 5am and normally then I get up at about 1pm after being restless throughout that time. It's my own fault though because never do I try to sleep. I simply never go to bed and wait for sleep to arrive, no I get fed up and I start doing things till I'm exhausted and then bang I go to bed and I'm out like a light but I do get a lot of sleep disturbance and never really wake up feeling all refreshed and revitalised!

      Up until recently though I've never seen it as a problem really. However it's become one of late. I get up at about 1pm and by the time I'm up showered/bathed, dressed with me slap on and my hair all done the day for most people is drawing to a close. I have no time to shop...and ok see my mates and stuff and generally have a life lol. I lose track of time and days and when I'm wide awake and raring to go others arnt! So after being stressed out over Christmas and thinking all this stuff I decided to take action against it.

      If you've read any of my recent reviews you will see a common theme within them. I went on a shopping trip (Boots in the main, my Mecca lol) and I splurged out on alot of relaxation type of products. Not just to help me sleep but to help with stress and anxiety in general (which helps my sleep problem of course lol). I had mixed results but on the whole it was worth doing as I'm now back to firing on all cylinders and back to my normal and rational self. I was stressed out to the max and it was either try to help myself or get put on happy pills so I did it my way!

      I love body oils and I love massage oils in particular. I actually own lots of these types of products (I do have reviews on this site on other massage oils from within this range). Although I own the relaxation oil from within this range and I have no one in my life to massage me I purchased this with a girl power attitude! I may not have anyone special in my life right now but I can still massage it into myself and take charge! So I popped this in my shopping basket (priced at £4.00) safe/ish in the knowledge that it was probably going to be great value, quality, and would more than likely work due to my very good experiences I've had this range over the past few months!

      The Packaging....

      50ml red see-through,oblong chunky and tall glass bottle with a screw on and off lid situated to the top of it which is matte silver coloured and simply (and easily) twists on and off and covers a largish hole. On the front of the bottle in silver writing at the top I'm told it's Boots and then further down the bottle I'm told it's Essential Aromatherapy 'Sleep Easy' massage Oil, Peppermint, Nutmeg. on the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, cautions, ingredients, the size is stated (as I've listed already), the recycle symbol is displayed and finally details for contact Boots are given. It's a nice, elegant and simple bottle that isn't all singing and dancing and in my view is nice to give as a gift or to display yourself as it doesn't look tacky or cheap (which it is in my view due to the amount of product you use per application due to it being an oil and therefore how long it lasts).

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      A spicy infusion of waring nutmeg and fresh peppermint essential oils, to aid restful sleep.

      Directions For Use....

      To help prepare for a good nights sleep massage over your body or add 4 or 5 drops to a warm bath.

      My Experience using It....

      Well I have used this rather alot as I quite like it and at first I wasn't overly keen on it and I'll tell you why!

      The liquid itself is a clear oil as we're told it is. It isn't thick like cooking oil it's thinner than that but you can tell what it is to look at and it has body to it so it's not like water though it sort of is to look at.

      The reason I wasn't overly keen on this to begin with was the smell of it. If your buying this to give someone a sexy massage well no... well it doesn't do it for me anyway lol but then to be fair it's not really meant to lol. It's highly fragrant of mainly peppermint and sniff at it hard and you can really smell the nutmeg in it making it a tad spicy as promised. It's fresh and if you smell it in the bottle it actually wakes you up (in my opinion!) It's nice enough but it is pungent and fresh and suitable for men and/or women to use.

      A little of course goes a long way as you'd expect it to. Of course you can massage it all over the body if you want to, me though I do my neck, shoulders, arms and chest before dressing for bed so that I can smell the aromas and they are meant to help to put me to sleep. I massage it into my muscles very well and yes it's fairly warming but I think largely that's down to my rubbing action more so than it being a warming mixture in itself but it's pleasant and fuss free enough to use.

      Now less is more when it comes to using this oil. It hydrates the skin beautifully and yes I've used it once or twice sort of all over my body and if you take a less is more approach it really is smooth on the skin, doesn't feel heavy and feels very nice like your cocooned in silk. Use too much? Yuk not good as you can imagine! It's great on tired, aching muscles, doesn't irritate skin in any way shape or form but of course you smell minty fresh! So you'll love or hate that I presume! lol

      Now even if you use only a little of this yes you get a greasy transference. So I always put on old pj's or whatever after using this and I have got some off me and onto my bedding etc and the only saving grace here is although you can see the greasy patches they do seem to wash out very well though I can't promise you that but they do for me.

      Does it make you sleep? Well it doesn't me to be honest. It does relax me rubbing it in. I do feel relaxed with it going up my nostrils as I'm lying in my bed and all nice and cosy. I don't feel greasy (providing I haven't over done using it) and I feel a bit chilled out really. Knock out drops these are not. If you were to use this and someone said to you do you wanna go nightclubbing you could jump up and go out and enjoy your night in your greasy dress or suit lol So you can override any action caused. Another saving grace with this is when you want to remove it pop in the bath or shower and it rinses off easily leaving no greasy residue or smell behind, though if you've been to bed in it you probably would want to wash your bedding as the bed stinks of it! lol

      I have used this in the bath too and quite honestly it's all a bit pointless. Getting 4-5 drops into the bath water is impossible to achieve because it doesn't have a dropper as such to measure it out of so you end up tipping alot in. Then instead of the oil dispersing it sits on the top of the bath, you get no bubbles or foam just clear water and a bit of a smell but you can see the oil sat there so really no skin benefits are given or anything like that and no I don't feel relaxed after that so I stopped trying that method lol


      Helps to relax you through massage, is pleasant enough to use but don't think you'll buy this and goodnight Vienna cos it isn't like that at all. It's nice enough to use and if your having problems sleeping then by all means give it a go and maybe if you have someone else massaging you it would work slightly better you never know lol or not as be the case! I wouldn't say go buy it unless you can afford to take the chance on it!

      Only available in Boots.


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