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Burt's Bees Aloe & Buttermilk Body Lotion

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Body Milk / Further Category: Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2013 23:03
      Very helpful



      a lovely, soothing body lotion which is let down by the cheap smell

      ~Aloe and Buttermilk Body Lotion~

      'Soothingly Sensitive'

      This body lotion is part of the Burt's Bees beauty range. It is made from 99.41% natural ingredients and hasn't been tested on any animals. It is also free from parabens and is hypoallergenic.

      Burt's Bees claim that this body lotion will leave your skin soft and moisturised for up to 24 hours. It contains natural extracts of linden flower, rosemary, calendula, chamomile and St John's worts. Other ingredients include the aloe and buttermilk for their soothing properties, sunflower oil for nourishment, vitamin E for it's protection properties and also vegetable glycerin to retail the skins natural moisture.

      This body lotion is presented in a simple, pale yellow and white tube. The tube has the important product information on it and an illustration of an aloe plant.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Burt's Bees products are available from Boots and www.burtsbees.co.uk. Expect to pay £9.99 for a 170g tube.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I received a few small bottles of this in a set last year. I am a fan of the Burt's Bees products but I have to admit that this Aloe and Buttermilk Body Lotion isn't one of my favourites.This range of products has a lot going for it. It isn't cheap but there is a lot of skin friendly ingredients packed into their products to make them as natural as possible. The packaging is simple and user friendly too.

      I would say that the Burt's Bees body lotions are more suited to when my skin is feeling a little neglected. They aren't highly fragranced like the body lotions and creams that come with perfume sets but they are scented. This lotion has a runny but not overly thin consistency - it is quite substantial. I find that it spreads well across my skin and because of the soothing ingredients, it leaves my skin feeling instantly cool and refreshed.

      A little goes a long way with this body lotion. I feel like I am applying a nice, cooling aftersun lotion when using this and it does take a short while of rubbing it into my skin for it to absorb fully and leave no residue on the surface of my skin. After it has fully sunk in to my skin, my skin does feel really refreshed. This body lotion is ideal at calming and comforting my dry, sensitive skin as well as leaving it feeling soft and smooth to the touch. I find that if I apply this in the morning, most of my skin remains moisturised for the whole day but the rougher areas start to reappear after 8 hours so it isn't an intense lotion suited to extra dry skin in my experience. The cooling effects of this body lotion last for an hour or so but my skin continues to feel fresh and soothed after this time has passed.

      The one aspect of this body lotion which disappoints me is the smell. When I first started using this body lotion, I recognised the scent. It is quite strong and reminded me of really cheap handwash that you might be forced to use in public toilets - not pleasant and not for me as love my Dove handwash! After a while on my skin, the scent does settle and becomes more 'aloe' smelling and reminds me of being on holiday for some strange reason. Perhaps it smells like an aftersun my Mum used to buy? Anyway, thankfully the scent isn't too overpowering after a short while and can easily be covered up with a body spray or perfume. I personally prefer to use this body lotion when I am not going out the house as I don't want to smell like cheap handwash!


      Overall I would say that whilst I appreciate the way that this body lotion treats my skin to a cool, soothing experience, I cannot get used to the smell. I much prefer the Milk and Honey body lotion from this range as it smells much nicer and leaves my skin feeling really good too. This particular body lotion is perfect for when my skin is flaring up. I slather it on and allow the skin friendly ingredients to calm the irritation and reduce any redness. It would be ideal for sunburn but not anymore so than a regular aftersun. This is a quick and effortlessly experience but not something which I need to do on a daily basis. This lotion is very gentle on my skin and despite being quite a thin consistency, my little bottles are lasting well.

      I can recommend this for its cooling effect on skin but would say to keep an open mind about the smell at first. It won't be for everyone and whilst I would rather it didn't smell so cheap, this is the only fault I can find with regards to this body lotion.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        15.01.2010 16:39



        Great Natural, healing moisturiser, great for sensitive skin, last a long time, good value for money

        This moisturiser not only smells devine, but it actually works and its natural! So many products that we buy and put onto our skin contain parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate, as well as many other nasties, that we are feeding our largest orgin in our body, our skin! This product is almost 100% natural and it manages to smell great, naturally too! I have extremely sensitive skin and Burts Bees has finaly given me the option of having soft skin without stinging! I also suffer from ecezma and this product seems to help my condition too! Its not cheap, however it is really worth it, you dont need to use alot of this product and its light on application, not heavy, but does last and do the job in hand!
        The natural benefits of the Aloe Vera also play a huge part in natural healing of the skin. One of the best christmas presents I recieved this year!


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        22.04.2009 19:58
        Very helpful



        A fantastic body lotion.

        Burt's Bees "Soothingly Sensitive" Aloe & Buttermilk Body Lotion:

        I like to try new things and last year I treated myself to a "Burt's Bees Essential Body Kit" which contained eight little "trial-sized" products for me to try. I loved all of them and after dropping many hints the other half got me a full sized bottle of the Aloe & Buttermilk body lotion that was my favourite out of the lot!

        Burt's Bees is a BIG company now but it still manages that small, family business feel. All the products feel home-made and really special. The story is a lovely one and www.burtsbees.co.uk tells it perfectly so go take a look if you wish. What I will say is that they have stayed true to their values; they use natural products where ever possible and look after the environment too.

        I love the packaging on Burt's Bees products. (I know a lot you don't see the point in talking packaging but for some us it is important). I like to have nice packaging so my beauty products look good in my bedroom or bathroom. On more expensive products rubbish packaging is unforgivable; you are paying for it after all! Burt's Bees products have a slightly retro, rural, folky touch which like I said, I love but I know they are not to everyone's taste, I have even heard one person claim they look cheap but I think they look charming.

        This particular product is in a honey coloured plastic bottle with a screw top lid. The lid isn't the most practical in the world because when you have the product all over your hands it can be tricky to put the lid back on but it is a small gripe. I like the milk churn decoration and the picture of an Aloe plant too.

        The first thing you notice, (and in my opinion the best thing about the product and all the other Burt's Bees products I have tried), is the smell. It is simply divine. As soon as you unscrew the lid you get hit by a milky, warm almost spicy smell. As the smell develops you can make out the fresh, green scent of the Aloe cutting through the milkyness. It manages to be refreshing and comforting all at the same time. The smell lingers on my skin all day after use, (or all night if I put it on before bedtime so I can smell it when I wake up). If I am stressed or unhappy I put this on and it really helps relax me.

        The lotion is a good consistency; not too thick so you can't get it out of the bottle and not too thin so it doesn't pour out all at once. Once it meets the heat of your body it becomes quite runny. The lotion is easily absorbed into my skin leaving no trace or oil or grease. The colour is nice too, a kind of milky, honey colour. I could almost eat this stuff!

        After use my skin feels soft, supple and soothed. I get very dry, itchy skin on my legs and before this it was a real struggle to keep it under control. Using more natural products eased it somewhat, as did not bathing too often but it still bothers me and this body lotion not only makes my skin more moisturised but also soothes the horrible, sore itchiness I get too. In no way does this irritate my skin and it leaves my hands soft after use as well. If anyone has similar problems I would definitely recommend they try this, it really is worth it. Even if you don't have problem skin this would still be a real treat to use.

        When I said Burt's Bees use natural products they don't do that thing that a lot of cosmetics firms do where they simply say "we use natural stuff" they put their money where their mouth is and on the products you will find a percentage of natural products used. This lotion is 99.41% natural; very specific if you ask me.

        There are no nasty sounding chemicals with names as long as your arm and the ingredients list clarifies what the individual ingredients are, for instance, Stearic Acid is followed by "vegetable fat" in brackets so you know what it is without having to have a chemistry degree!

        The lotion is also Paraben, (a group of chemicals that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal), and Pthalate, (which are mainly used as plasticizers added to plastics to make them more flexible), free. (Wikipedia as always is a good source of information about these chemicals).

        The bottle is made of 90% post consumer recycled material and is recyclable itself if your local authority has the facilities.

        So as I said Burt's Bees are not simply paying lip service to the natural/good for the environment band wagon but they believe in these things and they are not afraid to show it. I really wish more companies would give us the facts like this!

        Price wise Burt's Bees aren't the cheapest products out there; my little bag of treats cost me £14.95 and the 8floz bottle cost £12.00 from Littlewoods and Debenhams respectively. I have found a great site, www.myburtsbees.co.uk, which sells a wide range of Burt's Bees products for a little less than elsewhere. They also offer a loyalty programme and have a few shops around the UK. It is also possible to buy these products, (for quite a bit less), from sites in the US and have them shipped over but this is only worth it if you really stock up!

        So in conclusion I think this is the best body lotion I have ever used. I can't believe how nice it makes my skin feel and how nice it is to use generally. I always get compliments on how nice I smell when I use this, even the other half notices, which is saying something! I think the quality of the product more than justifies the price. Try this if you can.


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      • Product Details

        Natural lotion with butter milk, aloe and botanicals to naturally soothe sensitive skin / The pulpy, expressed juice of the aloe vera plant, is famous for its moisturizing and soothing properties, as well as for its ability to aid in healing /