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Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Body Lotion

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Brand: Calvin Klein / Type: Body Lotion

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2010 23:05
      Very helpful




      Calvin Klein (CK) is a worldwide fashion brand. Although well known for their catwalk clothes range, they also have an extensive collection of homewear and beauty products.

      ===Product and Range===

      CK has a perfume and aftershave range. This includes scents known as Obession and CKIn2U. One of the scents is Etenity Moment. This includes an EDP, a body lotion and a shower gel. This review relates to the body lotion.

      Eternity Moment Body Lotion was co produced by a company called Coty Prestige. It is a perfumed body lotion designed to fragrance your skin. It can be use on its own or before spritzing the Eternity Moment perfume for a layered effect.

      Eternity Moment, is described as being a scent inspired by love, pleasure and blended with the hope of promise and discovery. It is also known to be a fresh floral and dew kissed scent ideal for romantic occasions. It has a formulation which includes shea butter to soften and protect skin.


      This body lotion comes in a tall, rectangular bottle. The bottle is made of thick plastic and has a peachy tone but is transparent. It comes complete with a straight edged, rectangular lid which houses a flip top covering a dispensing hole.

      The information on the bottle is offered in dark, silver writing which stands out well on the peachy background. The front of the bottle has the Eternity Moment name etched at the top. At the bottom, the CK logo can be found. The back of the bottle offers us the size and contact details for the company.

      The bottle is made from recycled plastic and can be used for 12 months after first opening.


      It isn't often that a combination of notes are given to us for a body lotion, well certainly not any I have used. It is often the case than some body lotions do not smell particularly like their corresponding perfume. This body lotion has the same notes which I will list below.

      Top notes - succulent lychee, guava and pomergranate flower make up the opening notes.

      Heart notes - Chinese pink peony, passion flower and nymphea offer an intense floral experience.

      Base notes - once the scent has settled, musks, rose wood and raspberry cashmere leave their mark on the skin.

      ===Availability and Price===

      CK Eternity Moment Body Lotion comes in a 200ml size. It appears to be only available online so I have searched for the best prices shown below :

      Amazon @ £29.99
      Ebay @ £14.99 buy it now + £1.99 postage (seller ID - perfume_spray)

      ===My Opinion===

      I have sensitive skin that reacts to certain perfumed products. For years I avoided using the body lotions which came in gift sets through fear of breaking out in a nasty rash. I have since discovered that this only appears to happen very rarely and my skin has now become accustomed to expensive body lotions. I don't personally go out and pay full price for these though..I get them in my beauty lots from ebay and from my sister! I actually obtained a 100ml gift set size of Eternity Moment Body Lotion at a recent carboot sale for the bargain price of 50p! It is now proudly on my special shelf next to my Dior and Gucci lotions and damn it looks pretty!

      Now if someone mentions Calvin Klein to me..I immediately think of those sexy boxers..you know the ones. Gorgeously crisp white or jet black with the logo round the top..oh certain men look well hot with them peeping over the top of jeans..but ahem anyway..stop daydreaming Laura! I have sampled a few of CK scents and although I have never personally used Eternity Moment EDP before, I have sampled in the delights of the shower gel in the past and was pleased by it.

      My bottle is the exact same as the 200ml just smaller. I like the style of the bottle. Its rectangular shape allows it to appear simple and clean cut whilst the peach colour is girly and pretty. I am not impressed with the way the lotion is dispensed though. The flip top cap is ok but the hole inside is surrounded by raised edges. It is ok when you first open it as the lotion is around the top but once you have used quite a bit, squeezing the bottle becomes awkward and the raised edges don't help. I find that I need to give it a hard bang to send some my way which often causes mess..not good!

      The notes I mentioned before, indicate that this body lotion should be quite floral but with musky and fruity undertones and finishing scents. Whilst I am not a professional on individually fragrance notes, I will do my best to describe how this lotion smells.

      The lotion itself has a thick and creamy consistency. It adopts an off white colour and from the outset smells fresh and delicate. I apply my expensive body lotions to my arm and chest area as I feel these areas are more noticeable to myself and others and should smell lovely! When I finally manage to dispense some lotion directly onto my arm, it is cooling and instantly soothing on my skin. I appreciate the thickness of the lotion as I begin to massage it into my skin. As the lotion seeps into my skin, my skin feels refreshed and the scent intensifies with each stroke. The lotion does take a while to fully sink into my skin and whilst it is doing so, I leaves a light, stickiness on the surface of my skin. Not really ideal for when you are in a rush but once it has soaked in, the skin is smooth and pleasant to touch. This distinct feeling lasts on the skin aslong as the fragrance is evident and much longer afterwards.

      The scent before applying isn't overly strong but like I said before, it does start to build up as I apply. I first notice something delicate..a delicate flower perhaps. At first it appeared lonely but was soon joined by a fresh, fruity note which blended well. I appreciated the delicate scent as I find some scents too overpowering.

      Further on, the scent became more apparent on my skin and as time went on, it became stronger. I found this to be unusual as normally lotions are stronger on application but this one seemed to have a reversed effect which was strange but not unwelcome. The scent was undoubtely floral but not in your face floral. It was fresh and inviting and didn't make me smell like my wee granny! My faith has been restored in floral notes thanks to this combination.

      My favourite scent combination was the one which left its mark on my skin for several hours. The base note combination came through after about an hour and lasted for around 7hours which is impressive for a body lotion and could certainly rival a perfume! The scent left on my skin was a superb mix of warmth and muskiness with a touch of sour, fruitiness which I can only determine came from the raspberry note.

      Whilst this body lotion went through 3 different scent phases, it never lost its freshness which is suprising considering the different notes within. Although freshness was evident throughout, there was a stunning background feel which offered something a bit more sensual and this is clearly why it is referred to as a romantic scent. I don't get taken on dates anymore, but if I did, I could imagine wearing this body lotion and receiving compliments. It is so delicate yet powerful and I often rub a tad extra onto my wrists and neck to avoid having to use a perfume too as anything other than Eternity Moment would ruin the overall ambience and for the price you pay..that is simply not an option.

      This body lotion won't be to everyones tastes but I do say give it a try as it suprised me greatly and I will be looking out for more bottles at carboots and online to keep my collection alive. It is a gorgeous scent and lasts so long that it could double up as a perfume so a great investment.

      Thanks for reading.


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