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Cellex C Stretch Mark Cream

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Brand: Cellex-C / Type: Body Lotion / Texture: Cream

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2009 16:15
      Very helpful



      A cream to fade stretch marks.

      One of the survey sites I am currently a member of requires its panel members to test products from time to time. I absolutely love this as it means you receive a product for free, get to test it and then get to keep it. Over the past couple of years I've tested quite a few different products, from the rather mundane deodorants to the more exciting cosmetics. Most recently I was invited to test a stretch mark cream, I had to fill in a short survey where I had to declare that I really did have stretch marks (I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to lie about that!) and then I got invited to test a stretch mark cream... lovely! Well it couldn't do any harm could it? I agreed and waited for the cream to land on my doormat, fully expecting it to be a product that you'd find on the shelves in Boots.

      The product that landed on my doormat wasn't one that was stocked in my local Boots but instead it was Cellex-C Stretch Mark Cream. The Cellex-C brand is an American brand which currently uses the face of Joan Collins to advertise its products. It's quite an exclusive brand judging from the prices that are attached to many of its products and it's a brand that is heavily supported by science with its website providing scientific evidence and research for all of its products. The product range includes cleansers, complexion creams, eye gels, skin hydrating complexes, skin tightening cream, speed peel facial gel and of course stretch mark cream. Overall it's clearly a skin care range that aims to target against the signs of ageing but judging from the range of products they have it seems somehow incomplete.

      The Cellex-C Stretch Mark Cream comes in a small white pot which contains 250ml of the cream. The pot itself is fairly plain really and certainly doesn't support the high price tag. On the front of the pot is some basic information including the brand and product name whereas the back of the pot contains more information including the ingredients list. To open the pot you simply need to unscrew the white lid and to close the pot you need to screw it back on, not always the easiest job in the world if your hands are greasy from applying the cream. Overall I wasn't impressed with the packaging; it definitely looks very clinical, more like something that you'd get on a prescription from the doctor really. This does seem to be commonplace with the whole Cellex-C range though as all of the packaging is clinical and plain.

      The cream itself is yellow in colour and has quite a strange smell, it's not at all perfumed and they've certainly not tried hard to make it smell nice. It has a very slight burnt smell to it mixed with chemicals, that's the only way I can think to describe it. It's certainly not runny in terms of consistency but isn't quite as thick as a body butter, it's somewhere in between. To apply the cream you simply need to scoop a small amount out of the pot with your fingers and then apply to the area that is affected by the stretch marks. The cream is really easily absorbed and it did create a slight tingling sensation for about the first five minutes after I'd applied it. It wasn't at all greasy and it did leave my skin feeling quite moisturised and soft to the touch, the rather odd smell also diminished with time thank goodness!

      The company I was testing the product for asked me to use it every day on the target areas for a month in total. I applied it each night before going to bed although it does say you can apply it at anytime during the day. Now in order for you to understand the results I'm going to have to share with you the details of my stretch marks. Luckily it's not really a strange disease or illness that causes them as most women will have stretch marks, especially after they've had a baby (which does worry me a little bit as I've never had a baby!) but they are a common occurrence. Stretch marks simply occur when the skin is stretched and as I'm nearly six foot tall I like to think my skin was stretched when I was growing! As a result I've got stretch marks on the backs of my legs and, quite bizarrely, on my knees as well.

      Week 1 - After using the stretch mark cream for a week I can't say I noticed any change at all. My stretch marks were still as visible, despite trying to convince myself they had faded!

      Week 2 - After using the stretch mark cream for two weeks there didn't appear to be any chance at all. I was fast losing hope at this point and getting ready to slander the brand and product!

      Week 3 - While applying the cream one evening during the third week I did a double take, the very faint stretch marks that had been on my knees had pretty much vanished, I could hardly see them! The ones on the backs of my legs were still visible though.

      Week 4 - By the end of the testing period the stretch marks that had been on my knees had disappeared completely which was certainly an achievement. The ones on the backs of my legs were still very evident thought so it clearly doesn't work on the more obvious ones!

      Apart from considering this cream to be some sort of vanishing product there does seem to be some sort of scientific explanation behind the results I encountered. It encourages fibroplasts to generate collagen and elastic fibres which are fundamental in preventing stretch marks so by doing this it stops new ones appearing, this means the cream is ideal for using throughout pregnancy to help stop stretch marks. It contains 10% vitamin C to aid in healthy skin and collagen support too. It also contains various botanical oils which are all thought to have very positive effects on the skin and stretch marks too. The cream is actually recommended to use during pregnancy to help stop any stretch marks from forming although it can also be used to help minimise more mature stretch marks as it did in my case.

      So what do I think? Well apart from the rather acidic smell of this cream I can see that it does work if you are prepared to persevere with it. It's certainly not magical and it won't remove your stretch marks overnight but it can certainly help to diminish and fade some of them. From looking at other reviews on the internet it seems that the cream is most effective during pregnancy so I'd certainly recommend trying it during that stage. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the very large issue of the price, it's a hefty and massive £46 for a 250ml pot so it's a large price to pay really. I probably used roughly about half the pot during my four week trial and I certainly wouldn't bother to invest in a new one. I personally think there are far cheaper products out there that do just as good a job, without breaking the bank!

      Thanks for reading.


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