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Champney's Citrus Glow Hydrating Body Lotion

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Brand: Champney's / Type: Body Lotion / What it does: Hydrates,

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2011 15:47
      Very helpful



      A reasonably priced quality body moisturiser

      I have a sneaking suspicion that this lotion was bough from Sainsburys. All the clues lead to that: they sell it there, there is a large Sainsburys opposite the hospital I used to work in, and this was a leaving present from said hospital. I don't care where it came from. It's still Champneys and it's still lush.

      This was one of my first exposures to luxury body lotions. I've used tons of more basic ones in the past, from Body Shop body butters to E45 and generally finish a bottle thinking that I like body lotion, but any old one will do. They're all a bit samey, and with so many things that can be a little off (smell, consistency, bottle) I'm yet to find one that is perfect. That said, this one comes pretty close.

      This body lotion comes in a downward facing tube. It looks like a high class product with gold and burgundy accents and classic lettering. On the back there's all sorts of 'science' to blind you, the crux of the matter being that this is a citrus scented lotion suitable for dry or normal skin, with special ingredients to help it deliver this.

      The lotion comes out as a thick, white cream. The opening is small so you get a thin trail of it. When I first got it I had to be careful not to squeeze too hard as the tube was so full, but now it's down to just 1/3 it's easier to control. It's lasted well because I went away for months leaving it behind in the UK, but I'm pleased with how it hasn't deteriorated, even after being left for that long after being opened. The smell is the same, even though it's no longer air tight, and the cream hasn't dried out or gone hard at all.

      The lotion has a wonderful, fruity smell. It is like a flowery citrus, strong and heady, perhaps more like autumn or winter, and is definitely a more adult smell than I'm used to. It's not what I was expecting from something called 'Citrus Glow' but I wasn't disappointed, just surprised. The smell dissipates a little as you rub it in, becoming softer over the day but, like a perfume, a hint of the scent lingers for hours. It reminds me of essential oils and would be great to use for a back massage.

      The lotion is designed for dry to normal skin, but unlike with hair or faces where you really do have to choose the correct greasy / dry / coloured product appropriate for you, I don't think that matters too much with body parts. I like the lotion because it is nice and thick - I've found cheap ones can be runny, and therefore will run out more quickly. This one requires a small but noticeable squidge of the bottle to come out, and emerges in neat, small blobs so you can control how much you use. I find the promise of being easily absorbed is one that this product does live up to. I don't like creams you have to rub and rub to get them to disappear, especially when I'm in a rush in the morning, and this really does need next to no time. Though the lotion is white, it goes on clear and disappears almost instantly, with no vigorous rubbing needed. My skin immediately looks and feels smoother, but again, not sticky.

      While it leaves skin silky and soft immediately after application, but at the moment I'm more concerned with how long it lasts. I came back from West Africa with tanned limbs, and am desperately trying to keep the colour until next week when I head to South America. I always think the key to keeping colour is moisturised skin as it's less likely to flake off, taking the tan with it. This cream works well, but I do think you need to apply it twice a day. There are some 24 hour moisturisers out there that really last all day and night, but this isn't one (though doesn't claim to be).

      This is an effective daily moisturiser but more of a pamper product than a dermatological one. It smells great and feels like a treat to use. It works well on normal skin, but for severely dry skin you might need something stronger.

      This is available on the Champneys website for £6.50 for a 200ml bottle. It's a little more than I'd normally spend on lotion, but not as expensive as I thought it might be, and I might treat myself to it again in future.


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