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Chapmneys Vitamiracle Ultra Smooth Body Lotion

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Brand: Chapmney's / Type: Body Lotion / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2010 15:24
      Very helpful



      Get the spa treatment at home.

      Having recently tried the Champneys Vitamiracle Rejuvenating Hand and Nail Cream with great success, I was keen to try the Champneys Vitamiracle Ultra Smooth Body Lotion, which I also received for Christmas. Just in case you don't know, Champneys is a brand of spa resorts in the UK. In 2004 they launched the Champneys collection, which is a range of products that are designed to offer spa like luxury at a reasonable cost. The products are sold in Sainsburys stores and are also available to buy online from the Champneys website (www.champneys.com). I've checked in my local Sainsburys store and the Vitamiracle Ultra Smooth Body Lotion costs £8.00 for 200ml (February 2010).

      The product contains a special formula of ingredients which include meadowfoam seed oil to help moisturise and protect skin. Hydractin and papaya extract help smooth the skin and keep it hydrated and antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E fight premature ageing and promote younger looking skin. It is tried, tested and approved by Champneys Therapists, in addition to being Dermatologically Tested.

      As with the majority of the Champneys range, the product comes in a simple classic white box bearing the gold Champneys logo on the front. Inside the box is a 200ml clear tube (good for seeing how much product is left) which also bears the same stylish logo and has a gold coloured flip lip. The product is cream in colour and also has a lovely lightweight creamy consistency to it. It has a musky, expensive smelling type fragrance. The fragrance reminds me of being pampered in a spa (I wish). I guess the 'spa like' fragrance makes sense though, as after all that's what Champneys is.

      After getting out the shower I tend to squeeze a blob approximately the size of a fifty pence piece onto my hand and then massage the product onto my legs and arms. On application it feels light and cooling on the skin. It does not irritate it like some perfumed moisturisers can, even after shaving. As it's not as thick as a lot of body creams, it doesn't take long at all to massage into the skin and it also sinks in quickly. So it's good to use if you are in a rush in the morning. As after application I can more or less get dressed straightaway, as there is no greasiness. It just leaves my skin feeling soothed, supple and conditioned. I have fairly dry skin and I quite often find that body creams are initially moisturising but then a couple of hours later it's as though I've never applied the cream, as my skin has dried out. I haven't found this to be the case with this product, my skin remains soft and feels hydrated throughout the day. The fragrance does remain on the skin for several hours after application. Though it does seem to adapt and become sweeter smelling. The fragrance is a lot more subtle than when first applied. I actually much prefer the smell after it's had time to settle down as it looses some of its muskiness and becomes more discreetly sensual.

      I've been applying the product everyday for three weeks and my legs and arms have got used to the pampering. I would not say my skin looks any younger but it does feel and smell better, so I'm happy with that. The product has a fairly long shelf life of 24 months. Depending on how often it is used a tube could last quite a while, I still have over three quarters remaining.

      I would definitely buy this product myself. Because of the price, probably not on a regular basis but more when I feel I'm in need of a bit of luxury and pampering.

      Thanks for reading.


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        18.03.2009 18:19
        Very helpful



        See review.

        For my birthday at the beginning of February my friend at work brought me a lovely little pampering set, included in this set were the essential that you would need for say, after a bath, hence this review!

        The product I will now review is -"Champney's vitamiracle ultra smooth body lotion"

        Now for any of you that are unaware of this fact, Champney's is a rather large and exclusive health spa, offering all the wonderful treatments that the celebrities of today feel are essential, but us mere mortals would find far too expensive to afford!
        Alongside with that part of their business most health spa's have there branded items that promise a little of the quality that you would hopefully receive if attending the spa, with the same results but the comfort of your own home.

        The treatments in the set I received are not what I would deem miniatures, but are only the 50ml equivalent.

        The tube is what I would state as an upside down design, ie it stands on it's lid. I prefer this design as you are more likely to be able to squeeze every last drop from within.
        The tube itself is clear, with the contents being visible within, this being a creamy and very obviously thick white concoction.
        Finally for that extra little bit of class, there is a gold lid/base with a flip top, which is very easy to open and click shut with slippery and greasy hands.

        There is the briefest of information on the front of the tube, this simply being the brand name, the product name, the fact that is being marketed and sold as a "spa treatment" and finally the statement that cream will give you "smoother, softer and younger skin".

        On the back of the tube it is a different matter completely, the information is practically crammed on there, so if you wear glasses you may actually struggle to read some of it.
        The product is described as - "An intensive, lightweight body moisturiser specially formulated with a blend of vitamins, skin-compatible meadow foam seed oil and natural plant extracts to moisturise and protect skin during the day."

        It then goes on to say that it contains more vitamins than third world country (joking!) and will make your body change from Jo Brands (me!), into Angelina Jolie (never me!), with the final statement flourish that after this elixir has been applied I will never ever age!

        Ok, I didn't really need all that information, the simple fact that is a spa treatment is enough to have me running the bath, wine in one hand and a good book in the other!

        Ok, so I have had my bath and shaved my poor pins and they are now in dire need of moisture! I flipped open the lid and had a good sniff, there is nothing more appealing to me than a delicious and expensive smelling cream, this was no exception and did not let me down.
        The scent is creamy and slightly herbal but nothing over powering, and this delightful scent stays on your skin for a good hour after application, even with all the sprays and perfume I wear ,it lingers delicately as a base scent with the other things I wear being an add on.

        The cream itself is not as thick as you would imagine or it looks through the tube. You only need a small amount, for each of my legs I used a 10p piece sized amount. I always emulsify between my hands as I find once wormed up a little the cream sinks better into my skin.

        The cream glides on smoothly and rubs in reasonably quickly, though if you put too much on you will end up with the white streaks and having to tub in for a good 20 minutes longer!
        There is no stinging sensation, which Is something that I do suffer with due to sensitive skin, I have been slightly wary about using it the first couple of times in case my skin does react, but there has been no problems whatsoever.

        My skin, after the cream has been rubbed in completely is transformed. After the first application my skin was smooth and soft. After the third or fourth application I noticed my skin was less bumpy and lovely and shiny. I no longer got my dry patches, and even my poor old flaky knees looked a hundred times better!

        As I stated earlier this particular tube contains 50 ml, so in time terms this lasted me around a week, not long you may think, but I used it every day and I also put some on my arms and chest.
        It does state on the back also, that this product has a shelflife of 24 months, but unless you really dislike the product I cannot imagine it taking that long to use it up!

        This particular set was purchased from Sainsburys, for the sum of £7.00, but the products are available direct visit - www.chapneys.co.uk

        I do recommend that you try the starter set first, to get a feel for the products and to see if you like them as much as I did, this way when you buy the bigger and probably more expensive bottles you know they won't go to waste!

        Thanks for reading x


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        An intensive, lightweight body moisturiser specially formulated with a blend of vitamins /

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