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Christian Lacroix Nuit Body Lotion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon Christian Lacroix / Type: Body Lotion / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2014 10:39
      Very helpful



      Lovely for Layering

      My sister bought me the Christian Lacroix Nuit fragrance gift set last Christmas and included was this body lotion.

      It comes in a 150ml tube which is a lovely deep purple colour with a silver design surrounding the words, ‘Christian Lacroix Nuit’.
      The tube sits on its flip cap lid which is made from the same coloured plastic.
      I like the design of the packaging for this body lotion.

      Christian Lacroix’s Nuit range is sold exclusively by Avon so can be purchased online at avonshop.co.uk or you can order it from the Avon brochure via your local Avon representative. I have seen the body lotion in the sale for around £2.00.

      In Use
      The body lotion has a lovely scent, which is just like that of the fragrance.
      The notes are listed as bergamot, neroli, honeysuckle, jasmine, tuberose, narcissus, amber, incense, musk and woody notes.
      I find the scent of this body lotion quite spicy and sensual. It is described as a floral oriental scent, but I notice the spicier notes before the florals.
      With the summer long gone I have noticed I am turning to deeper and darker scents for the autumn and winter months. I tried a light, summer fragrance the other day and it just wasn’t cutting it any more and I felt as though I had grown out of it, but I suspect that’s only for another 6 months until the spring arrives again.
      I can really detect the woody notes in this body lotion.
      The body lotion is white in colour and it feels quite thin and creamy and I mean that in a good way. Being thin, I find it easier to rub in to my skin. It also sinks into my skin really quickly.
      The body lotion is quite thin in consistency and I have found that you don’t need to use a lot of it per application. A small amount will cover a large surface area so you have to be careful not to squeeze too much out of the tube at once.
      With this body lotion there is no stickiness or residue left on my skin and my skin doesn’t feel as though I have a product on it like I do with some lotions.
      It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The scent also lingers on my skin after applying the body lotion and it is quite strong so it is great for layering with the perfume to help the perfume last longer on my skin.
      I’m not usually a massive fan of spicy scents, often finding them a bit too harsh for my tastes, but this is one I really love.
      I love both the body lotion and the fragrance and I would definitely consider purchasing them both again in the future. The perfume is really nice and the body lotion is good quality and the two work well together to build up the scent.


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      28.12.2012 11:05
      Very helpful



      A fragrant lotion that leaves skin soft and hydrated

      ~~The Product 'Avon's Christian Lacroix Nuit Body Lotion' ~ 'Body Image'!~~

      Avon excelled themselves as a company when they introduced this particular body lotion. It certainly ticked all the boxes on the advertising front. Of course, Avon have always manages to hype up there products with very descriptive language, almost promising a kind of 'beam me up Scotty' promise that the product in question contained that very power to transport one too far away lands of beauty and serenity. Even promising that wearing such cosmetics could possibly ensure the most delectable of partners! Well, one just needs to look at the appearance of this product to sense that the contents are luxurious and fragrant!

      The lotion is contained in a smooth plastic tube that descends in size towards the flip top lid. Upon this gorgeous shimmering mauve/lilac container are the words noting the name in silvery white lettering adorned by feathery motifs. On the reverse of the label are the usual symbols detailing shelf life, in this case, twelve months. Also that it is recyclable, usage details in various languages and Company addresses.

      One of the team that collaborated with Avon to bring in this distinct product from 2007 was the renowned designer Christian Lacroix. It was in 2011 though that this new addition, 'Nuit', was added to the range. Noteworthy is the 'nose' behind the fragrance, Carlos Benaim. Born in Morocco he trained as 'a chemical engineer' and later in 1967 entered training at the International Flavours and Fragrances. Carlos Benaim is senior perfumer at the IFF. 'Carlos Benaïm 'was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Society of Perfumers in 2004'.

      The fragrance of Christian Lacroix Nuit is characterized 'as an intoxicating and mysterious forbidden fragrance fantasy that awakens passions and excites the senses'. Well, I'm not sure I'm up to any of that malarkey, but does that evocative description live up to its name for this body lotion?

      ~~My Personal Usage Experience ~ 'Body Parts'!~~

      Opening the 150ml tube is very simplistic. The flip top lid is fairly easy to open the first time but thereafter, no effort is required. The practical finger indentation makes the hardened plastic cap open fluidly (excuse the pun!) Upon opening, a most subtle aroma is revealed, a soft floral scent, but this affords no indication of the true aromatic delights when applied! I generally pop a good measure of the lotion into the palm of my hand, roughly a dessert spoon full. Be warned, this is a fairly fluid liquid! The moisturizer is pure white and cool to the touch.

      I sit on my bed after a shower and being towel dry begin the process, starting from my ankles and working my way up my legs, applying the lotion in a circular motion to promote easier utilization, concentration and absorption. I have especially dry feet and legs, though it does not apply the lotion to my feet as this makes walking a little too slippery! I have foot creams that I make use of after using this product. I tend to apply more cream to my ankles, calves and legs to almost all other body parts!

      The emollient spreads in a gorgeous flowing manner across my skin. The initial coldness of the cream is absorbed and natural body heat along with massaging into the skin leaves a refreshing sensation. The cosmetic is immersed into the skin quickly, leaving the most wonderful slightly moist feel which gives a most hydrated texture to the body.

      I continue to apply the balm over my body but in sections, while enjoying the amazing bouquet of this luxurious cream. I finish off with the final application to my neck. I do not use perfumed lotions to my face as I have other creams specifically for this task. I mentioned the initial fragrance as being floral when taking in the odour from the opened lid. But when applying the creamy moisturizer, the true perfume is released. I can easily detect the musk woodsy notes that live up to the 'sensuous' hype!

      Although the white floral notes are still slightly apparent it is the incense and amber notes that really take their place as being the main notes to this exotic scented lotion. After a while, these top notes settle to a soft amber and jasmine while retaining its prominent balmy musky notes. Throughout the day, it is noticeable enough for folk to comment. Although, as fragrances do, go unnoticed after a while buy the wearer, the strong notes, though certainly not over powering, are most apparent to others nearby.

      ~~Would I recommend? ~ 'Body and Soul'!~~

      Yes I certainly would recommend this lovely beautifully aromatic lotion. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. The cream is absorbed so easily and quickly into the skin that I can put on clothing soon after without concerns of marking. My skin is left feeling lusciously soft and fragrant, which last through the day long into the evening.

      I purchased this attractive product through my Avon Representative but it is available online throughout many outlets including EBay, for as little as £2.95 with postage and packing included!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this little gem :~)


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