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Clinique Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream

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4 Reviews

Brand: Clinique / Body Cream / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Body Cream / What it does: Smoothes,

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    4 Reviews
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      11.08.2011 15:27
      Very helpful



      2/5 some good points but a lot more bad points.

      Clinique samples is something that me and my Mum have plenty of, and anyone who reads my reviews will know that I'm currently saving hard to move into a flat with my partner and therefore I'm using up my samples instead of buying new products as I already have lots. One product that I've been using over the past few weeks is Clinique Turnaround Smoothing Cream, I have a small 15ml sample tube however the usual size is 150ml. The tube costs £23.50 from Boots, however having a look around online its available slightly cheaper elsewhere but obviously postage will have to be paid, on most websites it's considerably more the most I've seen is £30.

      The cream comes in a quite brightly coloured blue tube; this makes me think of the product as very natural and refreshing as it reminds me of water. There's also silver writing bearing the Clinique logo and the product name the packaging is very simple, a bit too simple in my opinion, especially for such an expensive product. The lid is a flip top lid which is very easy to use and allows the cream to easily be dispensed; my only moan about this is that the cream is quite runny so a lot can easily come out by accident.

      I use my smoothing cream after a shower when I've just dried off my skin, rather like I would with a body lotion. The cream is quite thin as I said before meaning it doesn't really have that thick and luxurious feel often experience with premium products which I like. Having said this though the thinness does mean that the cream goes on easily but I find I need to use quite a lot to get a good coverage, however the cream is very easily absorbed. The smell of the cream is quite clinical which I don't like, I prefer either a nice subtle scent or none at all. I mostly use the cream on my arms, elbows and knees as it is expensive I tend to use it sparingly on other areas, Clinique recommend this cream is used twice a day which would work out to be very pricy!

      After use my skin does feel soft and smooth, any patches of rough or dry skin feel hydrated. I have to say though that it does work best on the driest areas and for the price I would expect complete all over hydration. My skin does stay soft in between uses and as promised this product does seem to balance out uneven skin tone.

      I'm in two minds about Clinique Turnaround Smoothing Cream, it does work on dry cream but doesn't make skin soft overall. The product is expensive and in my opinion this isn't reflected in the quality, it's thin, smells clinical and you need to use a lot to get good coverage. The cream's good if you have patches of dry skin but for use all over the body I think it's best to stick to a cheaper, more effective alternative.


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      05.08.2011 12:21
      Very helpful



      A fab gentle exfoliating body cream that really works!

      Having just written a few negative reviews about Clinique products I am pleased to be able to write a glowing one. This product is an exfoliating cream, but it doesn't have any scratchy beads or salt crystals to scrub at your skin, it's smooth and it doesn't have to be washed off. That's quite a unique exfoliater and I really liked the idea of how gentle it was, but did it work?

      Well I used it after a shower on slightly damp skin, it's very lightweight and was absorbed very quickly into my skin. It made my skin look as though it ws glowing, but it has no glittery bits in it. It wasn't sticky, it didn't cling to my clothes or rub off on my sheets and it made my skin feel fabulously smooth and silky.

      It doesn't have a smell and so I could wear a perfume with it, which I often find a problem with other perfumed moisturisers. This product costs £24.50 for 100ml, which I admit is quite a lot of money, but it works so in my opinion is worth it!


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      16.05.2011 21:34
      Very helpful



      worth it

      Clinique is a premium beauty brand specialising in skincare and makeup products. They also have a small choice of body care products.


      Whilst the Clinique Turnaround range mainly focuses on facial products, they offer 1 body related product which is known as Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream.

      This cream is designed to be smoothed over the body (excluding the face) twice a day. It claims to refine the skin leaving it silky. It should reduce dry patches on common areas such as the feet, elbows and knees to leave them hydrated and soft. The cream is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested. It also claims to even out skintone and deflake the skin.


      The cream is housed within a bright blue plastic tube with white writing. The dispensing hole is at the bottom under a flip top lid.

      ~~Availability and Price~~

      The fullsize can be purchased from Clinique beauty counters (Debenhams/Frasers etc). 150ml is priced at £23.50. It may be worth waiting for the special gift with purchase offers where you can take advantage of a free giftset with any 2 purchases.

      ~~My Experience~~

      I am always looking for new products which make my skin look and feel good. I suffer with dry areas across my body and moreso on my arms which is down to a skin condition. It need to be careful what I try as my skin is really sensitive and can react to certain types of products. Whilst I adore my body butters, I like to try something different once in a while.

      Clinique is a brand I am very familiar with but moreso with their skincare and makeup. The body care range has never enticed me as I feel the prices are extortionate compared to brands such as Nivea and Soap and Glory. I had the opportunity to use this Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream. My size is 50ml which came as part of a set and the only difference in design is the cap..this one has a screw on cap as opposed to a flip top cap.

      ~~Smooth Me, Turn Me Around~~

      I apply my body creams post shower in the morning and before bed. Whilst I prefer something scented, I have stuck with this one to determine how well it performs. The packaging is modern enough and suitable for its use. I can comfortably grip the tube and dispense a small amount of the cream onto my palms and then apply it to my freshly dried skin.

      The cream isn't as thick as I would have expected. It is shiny white and has a cool and almost lotion like consistency. I can appreciated that Clinique claim this to be fragrance free but something just doesn't appeal to me here..there is a weird, plasticky scent about the cream which I can't get used to and I just wish there was a pleasenter aroma considering I am applying this twice a day!

      I prefer to concentrate applying this cream to the driest areas and just skim a small amount over the rest of my body. My arms are particularly bad as I said before and can be uncomfortable with dryness to the extent that I itch non stop and end up agitating my skin further. I also suffer with dry patches on my knees and noticeable dryness up and down my legs which is down to shaving.

      Spreading this cream across my skin proves favourable. The cream feels light and a tad oily on my skin which I wasn't keen on at first but got used to. It offers an immediately soothing boost which is fully appreciated by my skin. The cream melts into the skin cooling it as it sinks in and leaving a visible layer of oil ontop of my skin. Taking a good 10mins to fully settle, the results become known.

      ~~Its a Turnaround...~~

      So..this barely improves my ok bits of skin..it works best on the dry patches which impressed me no end. It is tempting just to apply a normal body butter over the rest of my body and just use this cream on the really dry bits. This would also prevent me complaining about the unpleasant plastic aroma! Anyway, on my arms, bottom of legs and knees, this works wonders.

      Within a few moments of the cream sinking into my skin, these areas are visually and touchably improved. The skin brightens up and appears smoother and less distressed due to the lack of dryness present. To the touch, there is no itchy flakey bits sitting on my skin and all I can feel is a silky softness with a slight powdery coating. Thankfully, the softness lasts throughout the day and I only need to apply a small amount after my night time shower to see me through to the morning. I have noticed that with continuous use, my dryness has improved in these areas.

      ~~Conclusion and Recommendation~~

      I recommend this body cream for specifically dry areas but not as an overall body cream. It doesn't seem to hydrate my normal skin all that much..certainly not in the way a body butter does but for very dry and small areas, it works wonders. To this effect, I could see me buying the full size when my tube has finished but perhaps looking for it at a reduced price. Using only in specific areas, allows the tube to last me a long time. I recommend this cream to you all...just wished it smelled a little more appealing.

      Thanks for reading.:D


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        12.05.2011 19:19
        Very helpful



        A gentle exfoliating body lotion which softens, smoothes and hydrates the skin

        As a rule, I am not a big fan of Clinique having been let down by a few of their products over the years. However after having heard so many positive reviews about this particular product, I went against my better judgment and purchased it. And I am so glad that I did.

        Clinique Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream is an exfoliating product that is intended for use on the body. The purpose of an exfoliator is to remove the dead and dull skin cells from the body and to reveal the radiant and healthy layer of skin underneath. Exfoliation allows your skin to breath, moisture to be absorbed more easily and makes your skin feel silky smooth and velvety soft.

        An exfoliating product is nothing new and there are many different varieties and brands that are available on the market. What is new though, is the way in which this product exfoliates the skin. Exfoliating products usually have hard particles in them which buff and polish the surface of the skin and the exfoliating beads help to remove the dead skin. This product however, is remarkably smooth and does not need to be washed away.

        Using this advanced form of exfoliation, Clinique claims that this product will leave your skin silkier and smoother than the usual polishing products. It promises to smooth out even the tough areas like elbows and knees while hydrating the skin and keeping it nourished.

        How does the product work?
        The lotion contains Salicylic Acid which exfoliates the skin by encouraging the shedding of dead skin cells. It is a substance commonly found in acne treatment because it keeps pores clearer so if you get blemishes on your back or shoulder, then it should help with that too.

        Despite its name, it is a gentle substance that is suitable for use on sensitive skin. The lotion also contains proteins which ensure that the Salicylic Acid is performing at its best.

        The product also contains Urea which is the body's natural form of moisture. It prepares the skin to accept the moisture from this lotion and allows the skin to retain it. It also allows the skin to be hydrated at an extremely deep level.

        Shea Butter is included which is one of natures greatest moisturisers and it is extremely nutritious for the skin as it is enriched with so many different vitamins. It acts as an antioxidant which means your skin stays looking younger for longer. The substance also gives the skin an improved elasticity which means it appears more toned. As Shea butter comes from a nut source, this product will not be suitable for people with nut allergies.

        Also included are ingredients to ensure that the skin can retain this moisture and also ingredients which make your skin tone more even. And finally some Sea Whip extract is thrown into the mix in order to soothe and cool the skin while fighting against free radicals that may be lurking in the body and preventing them from causing premature aging.

        How do you use the product?
        This product is to be applied to clean and dry skin. The product can be used twice daily and is to be massaged into the skin, in the same way as a body moisturiser, on the whole body until it has been fully absorbed. This product is not suitable for use on the face.

        The product is packaged in a lovely pale blue tube with a click top lid that flips open and shut in order to access the product. It stands on its lid so it makes your bathroom look tidy too which is good as I'm a bit of a neat freak.

        The product doesn't come cheap costing around £20 for 150ml although you may find it cheaper if you shop around. It can be purchased from most large department stores, including Boots and it can also be bought from many online websites.

        In my opinion, this product is something special. It removes all of the dry flakes from my legs and arms meaning that they look healthier and more radiant. It leaves my skin just as smooth as my more obvious exfoliators do and the effects are fast. It made on immediate difference to my skin that wasn't very dry and within a week had made a different to my knees and elbows.

        The lotion is also fantastic at preventing any unsightly and uncomfortable ingrowing hairs from developing. I think it's due to the fact that you can use this twice daily whereas with other exfoliants I have been restricted to twice a week usage.

        It is a pleasure to use because it doesn't leave you feeling sticky or uncomfortable and the lotion is so thick and luxurious that it really feels like you are giving your skin a treat. This product is so gentle on your skin and it makes my skin glow with health. It is supposed to be fragrance free but I can detect a fresh clean smell from it which is really refreshing.

        The only problem that I have with this product is its size. Because it is a product for all over body usage then 150ml is really not very much for the price. Mine seemed to be gone in a flash and I haven't had the spare money to buy another yet. Although I really love this product, you don't seem to get much of it for your money.

        Other than that, I think this product is a lovely alternative to the harsher body exfoliants and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and glowing with health.


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