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Coty L'aimant Body Lotion

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Brand: Coty / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      22.12.2010 15:29
      Very helpful



      Plenty of longevity from this product

      ~Coty L'Aimant Lait Pour Le Corps~

      The Coty fragrance house very thoughtfully created the Coty L'Aimant fragrance that we all know, as long ago as in 1927 although the matching body lotion that goes with the fragrance must be a more recent addition. The Lait Pour Le Corps or body lotion from the range matches in well with the actual fragrance yet also works as a stand alone body fragrancer in is own right too. I feel that the Coty L'Amaint blend has stood the test of time as it is still worn and loved today by many women of all ages including myself to some extent. The body lotion that goes with the main fragrance is pretty and easy to wear and can be used to layer the fragrance nicely when used with care.

      Whilst I cannot say that the fragranced body lotion is something that I buy all the time I do use it when I buy the gift sets or am given them and when I feel the in the mood to wear the creamy and pretty old fashioned scented lotion applied lightly to my skin, it never ceases to perform well when worn as a daytime fragranced body lotion. The texture of the lotion is creamy and light and thick enough to go onto my skin without it feeling too runny or thin and I find it easy to apply and allow to soak in gently. A 150ml tube of body lotion will last for quite some time as a little can go a long way and as long as the lid is closed down safely after each use it should not dry out at all even if left unused for some time.

      ~How does it feel?~

      When wearing this I do feel that the fragranced body lotion can give off a slightly formal air at times and is well suited to those moments when you are dressed to impress, as when worn lightly it exudes a soft creamy tone that is subtle and classy that softens the skin as it perfumes it. I feel that the Coty L'Aimant fragrance on its own is very easy to wear although I do like the fact that it that can be combined well with the matching fragranced body lotion when I want to make it last even longer.

      The body lotion product is one that I have found can give a lovely enveloping all over fragranced effect, that works really well on freshly washed skin as it soaks in with ease leaving my skin hydrated and perfumed all at the same time. The softening effect of the body lotion is rather nice, as I find that when the lotion is evenly applied I do notice a smoothing and softening of my skin which I like. The pretty yet old fashioned fragrance that comes from the body lotion seems to be able to last for ages and I feel that it endures well throughout the course of the day.

      ~ Do others think it smells pongy or pretty?

      When I wear the fragranced body lotion along with the matching fragrance I rather like the fact that I get compliments about it and people often ask what it is that I am wearing. When I reply that it is Coty L'Aimant with the matching body lotion, I often get some very interesting comments from those same people who have it in their minds that the fragrance is not one that can still be worn by anyone under the age of 90! Well ladies (and gents we can't leave them out as they have money to buy pretty perfumed gifts for the women in their lives too!) I am here to spread the news that this is not a scented body lotion reserved for very old unfashionable ladies, it is still as wearable as it ever was when worn lightly and on the right occasion. Should you over do the Coty L'Aimant fragrance when applying it and then layer it up with this to thickly, you may end up with a fragranced effect that enters the room long before you ever do and almost has to be dragged screaming from the room after you leave.

      ~How do you feel it smells?~

      The top notes of the fragrance itself include bergamot and neroli which I really like, as the combination of the two works well together. When I apply the body lotion I get a distinctly similar light tangy citrusy feel from the body lotion when it is still wet and hasn't fully soaked into my skin. I feel this is rather enjoyable and gives off a very fresh and clean scent from the outset that mellows over time. I feel that the tangy element of strawberry is not as present in the body lotion although the warm peachy softness that I like in the fragrance is still there in the lotion.

      Within the Coty L'Aimant fragrance blend there is a lovely mix of ingredients that gives a classic and pretty feel to a fragranced lotion that evokes a glamorous sense of elegance when worn lightly on the skin. I like the way that the body lotion uses the pretty and timeless floral trio of soft rose, sweet jasmine and orchid to give a sweetened and long lasting scent that is not too over taken by the creamy base of the body lotion. The use of ingredients such as sandalwood and vanilla in the fragranced lotion add to the warmer feel it begins to have over time and makes it last longer when I wear it.

      I find the fragranced feel of the body lotion can last all day although it does soften over time and is not as full on as when it is first applied. The mix of woody and spicy vetiver in the lotion, along with the other base notes gives the whole thing a well rounded finish and a good amount of longevity that I find very pleasing. In my opinion the body lotion is strong enough to be worn as a stand alone item to give a much softer Coty L'aiamant fragranced effect should you not want to chance your arm at fragrance layering and risk smelling too much like your granny.

      ~Summary and rating~

      I have worn the Coty L'Aimant fragranced body lotion as a stand alone product and it has performed rather well lasting for a good part of the day. The scented lotion can also be combined with the matching body spray if wanted and I do like the way the body spray has a similar creamy feel to it, with a lighter citrus themed opening when the two are worn together. If wearing the body spray I don't need to use another form of deodorant as I feel that can ruin the layered effect of both the body spray and the scented body lotion.

      The fragrance itself can also be worn with the body lotion to give a more polished finish, although in my opinion care should be taken not to over do the two when used together, I feel that less is most certainly more in that case. I feel that if I am in the right mood, the use of the Coty L'Aimant fragranced body lotion can be further enhanceed with the use of a light dusting of the toning body powder when I can find it on sale and it offers yet another way of extending the life of the fragrance on the skin.

      Wearing the dusting powder lightly applied after the body lotion dries down can make a good base for wear alongside it, although it does heighten the already powdery tone that the fragrance imparts and that may be something that could put off a few fragrance wearers perhaps. Over all I feel that the body lotion is rather nice to wear and as a gift set including a body lotion, fragrance and matching body spray can often cost not much more than £10 to £15, I feel it offers good value and as such I feel it ought to get a 4 star product rating.


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        16.05.2009 22:09
        Very helpful




        I absolutely love the fragrance of Coty L'Aimant and it really is an all time firm favourite of mine (although the people around me don't tend to appreciate this old fashioned scent these days lol) so when I saw this, because I love the scent so much and it usually costs about £5.49 a tube normally (in places like Boots) and was on offer for 99p in a discount shop I thought if nothing else I'd wear it alone and in bed cos the smell pleases me if nothing else and it may give me soft, supple and hydrating skin ta boot lol.

        The Packaging....

        Exactly as depicted in the review photograph at the top of this review! It's a 150ml darkish pink bottle with a gold twist on/off cap/lid to the bottom of it concealing a small hole. In all gold writing I'm told on the front that it is Coty L'Aimant 'Paris' Body Lotion (Lait Pour Le Corps) and is as I have said 150ml in size. On the back of the tube I'm told it is made in Monaco, the recycle symbol is displayed and contact details for Coty are given. A very nice, simple bottle this is and it looks elegant and is very much in keeping with other Coty products available to buy.

        The Lotion....

        White, glossy and fairly thick however it does squeeze out of the tube with ease and blends beautifully into the skin with ease and no fuss leaving skin feeling slightly moisturised, soft to the touch and supple. It isn't a heavy lotion to work in to skin and it dries immediately really leaving no residue on the skin or anything so you can dress pretty much straight away after applying this.

        Smell wise well if your at all familiar with Coty L'Aimant this is totally the same. It's a a mature, well blended mix of bergamot, neroli, peach, strawberry, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood. It's rich and old fashioned and has a huge floral heart to it because of the jasmine in the main but the sweetness of the strawberry gives it an airy feel and then the vanilla and sandalwood sort of grounds it and gives it depth. For me, it's gorgeous and rich and very highly fragranced and with any of the Coty L'Aimant products I find that whatever I use I can use in the morning and that it stays put usually to the following day, and this is no different!


        Its a nice body lotion and does give a nice smooth texture to the skin but for me this is really for lovers of the fragrance more than anything else as something to 'layer' with the the other products or to wear alone say in the summer just to smell great rather than trusting it to be a fabulous body lotion so to speak. So personally, I would wear this more to smell great but I'd know it is gently looking after my skin. If I really need a body lotion I wouldn't pick this though as I know the benefits with this are limited. A nice product though and it lasts ages fragrancing the skin and as you don't need much as a little goes a long way it works out economical too!

        Nice product for fans!


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