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Coty L'aimant Luxury Dusting Powder

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Brand: Coty / Powder / Type: Dusting Powder / Subcategory: Powder

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2008 08:01
      Very helpful



      Too much work involved with this I hate it!

      I never use talcum powder it's just not my thing. I probably own a couple of bottles of some nice stuff somewhere but I'm simply not a fan at all. It's rubbish on dry skin, collecting around skin it shouldn't, clogs up on top of greasy skin and helps to congest pores and stop it breathing and that's without transfer of powder onto clothes! Yuk!

      So although Coty L'aimant is by far and away my favourite ever fragrance of which I own alot of stuff of from within the range of purchasing the talc never crossed my mind though I've seen it of course in the plastic tall pink bottle and in this format before. So I was shocked when a friend bought it for me as a treat. I wanted to say what possessed you, you daft bint??? but she was so pleased with this purchase of something she thought I'd loved so I bit my tongue very hard and kept stum and said thank you very much and grinned like a Cheshire cat at her lol

      The Packaging....

      Well its a 100g quite large round recyclable pot. The base is like a fawn coloured plastic and in there is the white powder and on top of that there is a white puff with a dark pink bow attached to the top of it. Over that the lid is dark pink with gold writing on it telling me it is Coty L'aimant, Paris. Then there is like a pink bow drawn on all round the top with L'aimant written all over it in small white writing on the cardboard lid. Under that also in white writing I'm told it is Luxury Dusting Powder and round the back there is a large white bar-code. On the base there is a dark pink contrasted pink round sticker on there and all in white writing I'm once again told it is Dusting Powder, Ingredients are listed, size is stated (as I've listed already),the recycle symbol is shown, once again there is another bar-code and finally contact details for Coty are given. The lid is see through plastic so you can see the puff through it and the whole thing looks really old fashioned, quaint and girly all at the same time and it does look pretty on my dressing table to be honest! lol

      Using It....

      Well dusting powder is in my experience the same as talcum powder. The powder itself is a brilliant white and this stuff although it looks like talc has a very nice quality appearance about it. It's still rather smooth and well blended and as you use it lumps simply fall out of it as you dust on with the puff.

      To apply it of course you simply grab the bow on top of the puff, tap or shakes the puff a little to get rid of too excess powder and gently sweep the all over your body (or where desired).

      Firstly lets talk about the fragrance because that's probably the reason that you are looking at purchasing this after-all! lol

      Coty say that this is an infusion of Bergamot, Neroli, Peach, Strawberry, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Vetiver and Sandalwood. To my nostrils within this product I can really smell the vanilla in the main followed by the richness of the sandalwood and sweetened up and uplifted by the other ingredients mentioned. Be under no illusion this is a smell your granny would no doubt love. It's old fashioned, floral, intoxicating and a blow your socks off strong scent. However to me it evokes my youth memories at it was the first perfume I was ever bought just for me, one my nan wore, the perfume I always wore when dating my first bf (who actually did once say you smell like me Nan which wasn't good at the time because I was 18 and she was 80! For me though it's just very rich, warm and spicy and make me feel calm and safe. So much so now that I use these bath and body products alone (I am single after all) and I top to tail myself in the stuff and it makes me feel wonderful! However people do pucker their noses up nowadays if they sniff this and when you wear this fragrance out and about you have to be really careful of how much you apply and to where because the hotter you get the more fragrant you become which for some of us of course is an excellent thing but for people around us may turn them off and running for the hills due to a bile feeling running through them. My parents as an example hate this and my Lee Stafford and jean Paul Gaultier collection. So if you like old fashioned, old world fragrances that take you back to when people held hands instead of ripped each-others clothes off before marriage this could be for you! lol

      So yes using it....We could end my review here and say nightmare! Ok so the white puff is big and fluffy and of good quality. It's easy enough to use if gripped by the pink bow but the problem is this... It rests on-top of the powder. If you knock it, it falls over or it just basically gets shook up the puff gets over loaded with powder. You can of course see it heavy on the puff although both the powder and the puff are white but it grips on and it's hard to shake off considering the puff sits in the there perfectly so you end up shaking the powder everywhere! Even then when you think you have got enough off powder off you slide the puff over your skin and it just goes on far too thickly and I mean far too thickly and there's nothing you can do to stop it! All your stuck with is a thick layer of white powder , everywhere.

      Yes it softens skin but in a fake way and that softness is simply the powder and fingers slide through it.The only thing to then do is wipe it off with hands or a cloth or something which is a messy buisness but it is do-able but what a fuss! I feel like I'd be best to vacuum myself!

      In Conclusion....

      A lovely smelling dusting powder/talcum powder but wow it's a messy product to use. Too much messing about is required with this and there is no way even once I've really dusted myself off I would dare wear dark clothes because of transfer. Skin feels ok and has no adverse effects or anything but what a load of mess. Even just sat here writing a review I've managed to get the stuff all over my bed! Nightmare as I said and not recommended unless you can apply it somewhere like standing in the bath (so you can rinse it out after application) a spare towel is needed and your not bothered about your bedding (cos that's the only place your fit for after using this). Lovely idea as a gift, give it away for heavens sake lol

      About £5.00 a tub in places like Boots and Superdrug. Makes a nice gift but if you really want a talc simply buy the easier to use bottle!


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