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Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion

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Brand: Cowshed / Type: Body Lotion / Contents: 300ml / Parabene free: yes / For Vegetarians: yes

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    2 Reviews
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      07.01.2012 23:41
      1 Comment



      A nice lotion but quite average and not worth the money

      I can't quite make up my mind about this body lotion. At first I found the scent a bit overwhelming and disliked it but it's really growing on me now. I think it's a real love or hate scent. It's got a strong scent of lemongrass and rosemary which some may find a little too herb like and medicinal. The smell is so strong you can't really wear any perfume with it as it would probably clash quite badly (unless you have any lemongrass and rosemary based perfume!). The first time I used it my friends enquired what it was that they could smell.
      The lotion itself is quick a nice thick consistency. It sank into my skin really well and didn't leave any greasy residue sat on top of my skin like some lotions can. I found a little went a long way and you can get a lot of coverage out of it. I have very dry patches of skin on my legs and although the lotion wasn't rich enough to combat those areas it did leave most of my legs nice and soft but I found that this did not last for a very long time. I would recommend this for people with normal skin types.
      The bottle itself is in really nice looking modern packaging but could do with a pump to dispense the lotion as I can imagine it being a bit of a nightmare trying to get the last bits out.
      Overall an okay lotion if you like strong herby smells but maybe best to buy it if you see it in the sales as I think it's quite expensive for what it is.


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        29.04.2011 10:27
        Very helpful



        A very inferior moisturising lotion from Cowshed

        If you are familiar with my reviews you will be aware that I recently reviewed Cowshed's Knackered Cow Body Lotion and my experience with using the product was extremely negative. Whilst I had never heard of this brand until I was made aware of the 100 ml body lotions that were accompanying a recent edition of a magazine I went out and made two purchases. As my experience with using Knackered Cow was awful I was initially a little apprehensive in trying out the second body lotion, which is named Wild Cow. However, as I am someone who cannot abide waste I decided to take the plunge and give it a try and this review discusses my experience with using the lotion.


        I mentioned the packaging in my review for Knackered Cow, but if you did not read it I will provide a little information here too. The bottle I own contains 100 ml of body lotion with the full size version of 300 ml costing £18. Therefore, my bottle is allegedly worth £6 and is of a fairly good size, making it ideal for taking on holidays or slipping into a handbag. Its' appearance is both expensive looking and very modern with both its' white coloured background and white label edged with a blue border. We are provided with several images of black ferns and advised of the scent of the lotion in various shades of blue text.

        Whilst there were six different fragrances of lotion offered with the magazine I chose the two scents that I believed to be the most appealing. Wild Cow offers us a blend of essential oils of lemon grass, ginger and rosemary. It was the lemon grass that made my mind up, particularly as I was looking for an uplifting and zesty fragrance. Identical to that of the other fragrance, the text on the reverse of the bottle is extremely difficult to read, as the manufacturer has used the smallest and lightest colour text. Whilst I do not wear corrective lenses I found myself squinting to be able to read any of the words, which would be impossible for those who are poor sighted.


        The plastic bottle is fairly sturdy with a black screw top lid and as a result, I experienced identical problems with this fragrance as I did with Knackered Cow and that is the lotion is extremely difficult to dispense. There is no cover over the top of the opening to enable the lotion to be carefully squeezed out, so instead I had no choice but to tightly squeeze the bottle and bang it quite vigorously to enable it to deliver a huge splodge of white and extremely thick lotion. The fragrance is much more favourable than Knackered Cow, which was allegedly lavender, as the first aroma that greets me is lemon grass, which is fairly powerful. I cannot state that I am a real fan of the aroma of ginger, but was pleased to witness that its' presence is fairly minimal and it calmingly sits in the background making this lotion quite pleasant. However, if I decide to take a good sniff of the bottle I can feel the ginger causing my nose to tickle, as if I'm about to suffer with a major sneezing fit.

        Whilst the aroma is favourable, unfortunately, that is the only positive with this lotion, as identical to that of Knackered Cow, there are no moisturising properties whatsoever and I experienced great difficulties, as the lotion would not fully absorb into my skin. I found that despite my efforts to keep rubbing it into my skin, it left a white covering, which refused to disappear for quite some time and the only way I can describe its' appearance is similar to that of calamine lotion. I cannot advise that the lotion is greasy, but I simply cannot bear lotions and creams that do not quickly absorb, particularly if their moisturising properties are non-existent. Again, I was able to witness a strange texture on my skin directly after application and although I suffered no dryness I might as well have not bothered. I tried the lotion on a good few occasions, as I thought I must have been doing something wrong, particularly as I would associate this brand as premium, but the only thing premium here is the price!

        Unfortunately, the gorgeous lemon aroma vanished after approximately thirty minutes of application, which was bitterly disappointing, but I continued to use the entire bottle although I was aware that it was not delivering any moisture to my skin. Consequently, this is not a product I can recommend and I give it one star solely for its' short-lived aroma. My experience with this product is that it is very inferior and does not offer the results that I expected from a lotion that is so very expensive. The name of this product is quite appropriate, as the best place for this lotion is buried deep in a large cowpat in the cowshed! I was definitely not amoosed!


        As with all products of this nature we are provided with a rather lengthy list of ingredients on the reverse of the bottle. Whilst I do not intend copying them into this review I would advise that the lotion contains essential oils and organic ingredients. The lotion is suited to vegetarians and is paraben, petrochemical and sulphate free. It is advisable to carry out a skin test prior to use although I admit this is not something I did, but I suffered no adverse reactions when using other than sheer frustration! As you are probably aware, pregnant or breast feeding women should seek medical advice prior to using due to the essential oil content. There are only two positives with this product and that is that it smells very fresh and zesty with the other being that the bottle is recyclable.


        If you have £18 spare that is what it will cost you to purchase the full sized 300 ml version of this body lotion. However, I would not recommend you do so. Cowshed products can be purchased from a number of retailers, such as John Lewis, Amazon and the Cowshed website.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Hydrate your skin with this revitalising body lotion. Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion is a green, fresh blend that leaves the mind feeling revitalised with essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. Lemongrass refreshes and cleanses, ginger awaken the senses whilst rosemary sharpens the mind.- No Parabens / No Petrochemicals / No Sulphates / No Artificial Colours / Suitable for Vegetarians.