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Deadseasource Nourish Shea Body Cream

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3 Reviews
  • It wasn't expensive
  • Leaves awful white ghosting
  • Does not soak in
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    3 Reviews
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      08.11.2014 00:09
      Very helpful


      • "It wasn't expensive"


      • "Only fit for the bin"
      • "Leaves awful white ghosting "
      • "Does not soak in"

      An absolutely rubbish product that went in the bin

      My 50 ml tub of Dead Sea Source Nourish with Shea Body Butter was one of four small tubs I got in a gift pack along with three other ‘flavours’. I bought them because I travel a lot for work and need small packs so that I can just carry hand luggage and still get through the airport security.This size tub is easily enough to see me through a couple of short work trips and once the tubs are empty, I use them for other products like conditioner and sunblock so nothing gets wasted.

      I have been to the Dead Sea and seen the many spas and treatment centres along its banks. I floated in the water in the way every tourist going to Israel must and then when I’d eventually got all the icky nasty salty slimy stuff off my skin, I was happy to leave the sea behind and not rush back. The benefits of the minerals from the Dead Sea are widely lauded and I have no reason to challenge them. The box this came in tells me that the sea has the highest content of natural minerals in the world a larger tub of the ginger product which I also have claims that it has 21 different minerals of which 12 are unique to the Dead Sea. My background as a geochemist makes me decidedly sceptical about that claim of uniqueness but I’m willing to act the gullible consumer.

      The texture of this product is heading in the direction of cream cheese. Imagine rubbing Philadelphia all over your skin and you’re not far off the effect of this one. The tub was jettisoned in a hotel bathroom after I found that it didn’t soak into my skin at all and left me looking like Coco the Clown had rubbed white face paint all over his arms. It was worse than the worst sunblock ghosting that I’ve ever suffered. I wetted a tissue and wiped it off me as there was no way I could leave the hotel looking like that. I can’t even tell you too much about how it smelled (other than vaguely lemony) because I didn’t let it hang around long enough to find out.

      This product was a total disaster - zero out of 10 from me.


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      30.01.2011 19:49
      Very helpful



      A quality cream disapointingly packaged.

      The Dead Sea Source range of products contains minerals exclusive to the Dead Sea and thus this range is renowned for it's natural well being properties. There are various products within the range and this one is part of the Nourish with Shea variety. There are also De-tox, Indulge and De-stress ranges available.

      Price and availability.
      Dead Sea Source products are available from a small variety of stockists, the largest of which is Boots. I purchased my travel size version from Boots and paid £2.03 for 50ml. The full size 350ml version is available for £7.14.

      The product I have differs to that pictured. The travel size doesn't come in a tub, it comes in a tube that sits on a clear screw top lid. The tube is pearlescent yellow with bronze/gold lettering. The colour scheme creates a sense of luxury. There is an ethnic pattern that is repeated on all Dead Sea Source products and so I assume it is their logo. It is a good choice as it reflects the origins of the minerals present in these products. The reverse of the tube has the usual toiletry information such as, serial number, ingredients, contact information and a description of the product and what to expect. A slight problem with the travel size tube is that the opening where you squeeze the product out is a bit strange. Sometimes the product comes out really thick but most of the time it comes out in really thin lines. Either way you do have a lot of control over how much you dispense so you can't accidentally over do it. The tube is of good quality which adds to the appeal of the product and nods towards its luxurious nature but this creates a big downside to the packaging as it's difficult to get the last bits of product out, it sits in the edges of the tube and the thick plastic makes it hard to squeeze and move the product. My solution is to cut the end off when you know it's almost finished. A little frustrating as I expect a good quality product to be accompanied with functional packaging.

      The packaging claims the Dead Sea Source Nourish with Shea Body Cream will leave skin 'soft, smooth and hydrated' and I have to agree. The product is thick and rich but absorbs quite easily and leaves no greasy residue. I could most definitely feel the Shea butter and on looking through the ingredients and finding Cocoa butter and Mango butter it's no wonder this cream moisturises so well.
      The lotion has a delicate fragrance which according to the packaging is 'Lemon. Elemi and Pimentoberry'. To me it smells sweet with a hint of lemon. Almost fizzy. It's a light fragrance and one of my favourite lotion fragrances. The effects of the body cream last for several hours as does the subtle fragrance.
      I think 'nourish' is the correct title for this product as it does feel like you are taking care of your skin and feeding it something nutritious. It is luxury product and very appropriately put in the indulgent bathing section of Boots. The thickness of the cream is both a help and a hindrance. The cream is very rich and provides a high level of moisture but it does not spread very far meaning a travel size tube will probably only do one decent full body application and a bit left over. Unfortunately I cannot comment on how far a full size tub goes.
      This product has me torn as I would give the body cream itself 5 stars as it does it's job exceptionally well, it's effects last and it's fragrance is beautiful but when factoring in the cost per application and the problems with the packaging it drags it down to only a 3 star product for me. It will have to stay an indulgent product for occasional use for me.


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      06.03.2008 13:44
      Very helpful



      An extemely nourishing, creamy but dry skin butter. Its essential oils can irritate skin.

      ~ Introduction ~

      I received Nourishea Body Cream for Valentine's as part of a deadseasource gift set that also included a Nourishea Body Scrub and Shower Gel. Deadseasource is a rewly revamped range of bodycare products using minerals from the dead sea which are known for their beautifying effects. Deadseasource products are available to buy in bigger Boots stores in the spa section along with Sanctuary products and alike.

      ~ The packaging ~

      The cream sits in a fairly large plastic tub that has a screw-on lid. It doesn't have any additional packaging unless it's part of a gift set, when it's packed in a carton bag.

      ~ What does it contain? ~

      - 21 different types of minerals, 12 unique to the Dead Sea,
      - Organic Shea
      - Essential oils of lemon, elemi and Pimento berry

      All these extracts loaded with beneficial properties to the skin I promises to help to leave skin soft, smooth and hydrated.
      I'm going to go a little bit more detail with elemi and pimento berry as these two ingredients are less known.

      ~ Elemi ~

      Elemi is an exotic tree native to the Phillippines related to trees that secrete resins of frankincense and myrrh.

      Properties: anti-aging, rejuvenating, reduces wrinkles, antiseptic, wound-healing, relaxant

      Uses: skin care (especially for mature skin), respiratory problems, dry cough, nervous exhaustion, stress

      Constituents: phellandrene, dipentene, elemol, elemicin, terpineol, carvone, terpinolene and other compounds.

      ~ Pimento berry (allspice) ~

      Allspice is an evergreen tree of tropical America (notably the West Indies) that has aromatic berries.

      Properties: Anesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, muscle relaxant, stimulant, tonic

      Uses: arthritis, fatigue, muscle cramp, rheumatism, stiffness, chills, coughs, bronchitis, cramps, indigestion,
      nausea, depression, neuralgia, tension, stress

      Constituents: eugenol, beta-caryophyllene, 1,8-Cineole, Limonene, alpha-phellandrene and other compounds.

      ~ What does it smell like? ~

      I've been working with aromatherapy oils and blends and have smelled hundreds of perfumes and I haven't come across anything that smells remotely like this body cream. I would describe allspice as a slightly sharp yet sweet and spicy aroma somewhat resembling clove but more peppery. It's then blended with fresh, citrusy and exotic elemi, and produces a quite gourmand accord with an aroma of a creamy, spicy lemon tart. My boyfriend just calls it the 'cake scent'. A unique, invigorating and calming scent that diffuses joyful harmony for the senses and mind.

      ~ What does it do to my skin? ~

      What first surprised me first was how thick and solid the cream was and that it even had a richer, drier consitency than a body butter. This is because the essential oils used in the cream only dissolve in oil but not in water. You can surely tell the cream doesn't contain a lot of water which is a good thing though it does make the cream harder to work with. Water actually acts as a barrier on our semi-permeable skin, fills up the pores and repels the nourishing oils and stopping them from being absorbed. Oils are recognise by the skin so for very dry, flaky skin dermatologists always suggest using dry oils such as avocado oil or apricot kernel oil and avoid water-based lotions that dry the skin even more.

      After shower my skin feels tight, dry and sometimes even scaly especially on my legs, arms and back so after toweling I spread a good scoop the size of a teaspoon onto my skin and work it in using a few sweeping motions. The cream disappears almost instantly! It does get absorbed quickly despite its consistency and it would be because of the minimum amount of water as I explained earlier. A minute later you can't tell that you've just massaged in a generous amount of some thick, rich cream! The only sign you did is that the skin now feels smooth, velvety and nourished, and has banished all white patches and itchiness. My skin certainly feels as nourished as it looks!

      Almost immediately after starting the work the cream in I noticed a slight irritation, a tight, tingly, slightly itchy feeling. The discomfort didn't last long, by the time I finished applying the cream all over the body and get dressed, it all disappeared. This irritation is due to my high sensitivity to cinnamon and more specifically, eugenol, which is one of the constituents of cinnamon, clove and allspice oils. In the first few days I was thinking about stopping using this cream from fear of ending up with greater sensitivity to some of its chemicals.

      Two things though convinced me that even for me, this cream is safe to use. Firstly, the irritants in Nourishea don't seem to sensitise, which means with use you're likely to react less and less to the substance unlike with most allergens. I noticed just how much my skin texture and its elasticity has improved, keeping it hydrated and prevents it from drying. The fantastic, exotic smell is the other reason I keep using it. It subtly lingers on the skin for ours as it seems to cleverly blend in with the notes of the fragrance on top and give it a nice, rich, velvety base.

      ~ How safe is it? ~

      Elemi a non-toxic and non-irritant substance, except to very sensitive skin. Do not use during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

      Pimento berry oil is a skin and mucous membrane irritant so a dilution of less than 1% is suggested.

      Eugenol is found in essential oils of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and is widely used in perfumes, food flavorings and in medicine. It can cause eczema on contact with the skin and should be avoided by people who have perfume allergy. Pimento berry essential oil contains eugenol, so caution of recommended.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      Thumbs up

      - Exceptionally nourishing, protecting and anti-aging
      - Has a unique smell that's calming and invigorating

      Thumbs down

      - Due to its thick texture it runs out quickly (in two weeks I used up about 1/4)
      - Might cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin, contains eugenol.

      ~ Price / where to buy ~

      Boots: £6.99 / 350ml

      Originality: 5 / 5
      Composition: 4 / 5
      Safety: 4 / 5
      Overall rating: 4 / 5

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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    • Product Details

      Contains 12 unique minerals from the Dead Sea / This body cream is loaded with properties beneficial to hydrate and smooth the skin /

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