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Decleor Relax Intense Fruit Seeds Scrub

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Brand: Decleor / Exfoliator / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Scrub / Contents: 200ml / What it does: Exfoliates, destresses / Skin type: All skin types / Quality Standard: Fair trade / Parabene free: yes

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2013 12:04
      Very helpful



      An excellent exfoliator

      In the middle of a mass clean out of lotions and potions, I cam across Decleor Relax intense fruit seed scrub, sitting on my shelf unopened. I must have bought it at some point or have been given it, but whatever the case I had clearly forgotten about it and having just thrown out the last of my Soap & Glory body scrub, I had something new to try.

      On the packaging you are told that this product is "Inspired by their "Red Island" and "Madagascar Escape" professional treatments, Decleor has launched a unique sensory relaxation ritual with Relax Intense. Specially designed to create a journey of the senses in your own home" this makes it sound quite intense. Online this product retails for around £20 which is fairly expensive for a body scrub, though not the most expensive product I have bought.

      The tub is similar in size and shape to Soap & Glory's Flake Away, only this tub contains 200ml of the scrub. The tub is also see-through and you can inside that there is a vivid purple/red coloured scrub and decorating the tub you will find very little, there is the name of the company, the product and a flower. The lid is a screw on and off lid. So not the most exciting of packaging, quite minimal.

      When it comes to using the scrub, which you can use in either the bath or the shower, I prefer the latter myself, you need to scoop some of the scrub out and put it onto a wet cloth, sponge or whatever it is you decide to use. The scrub itself is quite surprising because it isn't at all like I was expecting it to be, infact its consistency makes it more of a gel and to be honest I found it a little odd to start with, its almost like using a Lush shower jelly and some old fashioned hair gel that is bright green and sold in a non-descript tub, its just not that slippery and you can also see the fruit seeds, though quite small, which then reminded me of Jam. As for the exotic fragrance, I have to say it was barely noticeable, I was expecting to open the tub and be hit with some dominant smelling ingredients, but there was a slight hint of oranges and nothing more.

      As this product is designed to exfoliate, it is suggested that you apply to your skin and then in a circular motion work your way across and around your body allowing the chosen ingredients to do their jobs and it is designed to be used once or twice a week as an intensive treatment, rather than everyday. The ingredients themselves produce quite an extensive list. Starting with Vertiver Oil which is soothing and relaxing, on the skin it is nourishing and moisturising and is said to be beneficial for those people who suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. Ylang-Ylang comes next and it has properties which help the skin to correct the production of sebum, so for those people who suffer from greasy skin, this is useful to you as well as those with dry skin. It also helps combat and relieve stress and tension. Tonka Bean also features and it helps to clean congested skin and is also highly moisturising. Those ingredients aside, this product is one which exfoliates and to do that it used three different items. Firstly there is Acai Seeds which forms part of the scrub for removing the harder bits of rough and dry skin, the seeds themselves, which are the ones you can see are quite brash and abrasive on the skin, so you do need to be careful on certain parts of the skin, like your stomach, where it is much more sensitive. Next comes Argan Husks from and they provide a gentler exfoliation and as the dry and rough skin has been removed by the Acai seeds, the job of the Argan husks is to remove anything lingering behind, both ingredients working together. Finally there is Orange Peel which cleanses and removes dead skin. Also noted within the list of ingredients you are told that this product is made with no parabens and is preservative-free.

      As you use the scrub on your skin, you can feel it working as you press harder and massage the skin, because of the gel like consistency of the scrub, it does take some getting used too because it is slightly thicker than a cream but not as thick as Soap and Glory's Flake Away which tends to stick to the sponge when put there, this gel isn't as rigid and if you use too much it falls off the sponge. Once you begin to massage this onto your skin, there aroma does become more noticeable, though I still wouldn't describe it as being exotic, the orange scent with a hint of Vanilla are the dominant smells for me and together they are really nice.

      After using this product, my skin felt really soft and smooth, again the orange scent was still present on my skin and the vanilla scent was hardly noticeable. I do tend to have a problem with dry skin on my shins, I have always had it and most products that I have used of this nature have managed to remove most of the dry skin, this product removed all of the dry skin and my skin was soft and smooth to the touch, so whilst I was slightly disappointed not to have an exotic smell, I was extremely happy with the results.

      I cant remember how this product came to be sitting on my shelf and I don't remember buying it either, but I am glad I found it sitting there because for me it is one of those products which is a rare find, you like it enough to use it and are happy that it does such a good job, but, you only want to use it in extreme circumstances because the job it does is brilliant and would be a waste to use it for everyday exfoliating.


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    • Product Details

      Inspired by their 'Red Island' and 'Madagascar Escape' professional treatments, Decleor has launched a unique sensory relaxation ritual with Relax Intense / Specially designed to create a journey of the senses in your own home, with four new and luxurious products / Relax Intense offers all the benefits of a Decleor salon treatment / Decleor Relax Intense Fruit Seeds Scrub with its delicious texture: Gently eliminates dead cells with its natural exfoliating particles (Orange peel, Argan and Acai seeds) / Softens the skin and relaxes the senses (Essential Oils of Tonka Bean, Ylang-Ylang and Vetiver) / Result: The skin is soft, supple and silky / Directions for use: Once or twice a week, apply Decleor Relax Intense Fruit Seeds Scrub to damp skin and exfoliate with circular movements / Rinse thoroughly / With no parabens / Preservative-free / With no mineral oils / Colourant-free / Decleor's Vetiver Essential Oil, sourced in Madagascar, is a fair-trade product / This action helps improve the living and working conditions of 40 producers in the village of Marolaona / It is part of Decleor's programme to develop the living and environmental conditions of Madagascar / Decleor's commitment to the environment makes your beauty sustainable /

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