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Delon Body Butter

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3 Reviews

Brand: Delon / Type: Body Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    3 Reviews
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      17.09.2007 22:34
      Very helpful



      Body butter

      Delon Body Butter

      I had never heard of these products, but having been given some of them a few months ago, have been using them, and am quite impressed.

      ~~Product and Packaging~~

      The body butter itself comes in a large green plastic tub- great, we like plastic rather than glass. It has a screw on/off lid, and looks rather nice in the bathroom with its unobtrusive picture of an olive, and no obvious bright pictures.

      Unscrew the lid, and there it is, in all its resplendent green glory. Not an unpleasant green, definitely a kind of olive green.

      Loath as I am to stick in my finger, and spoil the level perfection of the thing, when I do, I find that the butter is more a thick cream than a definite butter; this pleases me because I have had some body butters which kind of solidify into quite a hard impenetrable mass.

      The butter is very lightly scented, nothing overwhelming, and certainly nothing which would have to be masked, or which would detract from any perfume you were wearing. Not being very good at smells, I would say it smell a little bit cucumbery (my own descriptive word), but I could be totally wrong about it, and just using the fact that it’s green to say it smells of cucumber. Anyway, it’s not a smell to be avoided at all costs.

      ~~Using it~~

      Simple…dip in finger, apply to skin and massage.

      It is quickly absorbed, so it won’t take lots of massaging to get rid of residue.

      ~~Price and availability~~

      The website, www.labdelon.com gives advice on where the product can be bought, but the products can also be bought online, although the prices given are in dollars. I have no idea of the conversion rate, so can’t give the price in sterling, but for a 200ml tub, this sells online for $34.50.

      ~~What I think of it~~

      I like this body butter, and would definitely buy another tub. It’s a non greasy butter which is easily absorbed, and does leave skin feeling soft and moisturised without any of that “wet” feeling so often experienced after applying some creams.

      The product is not tested on animals, and uses no animal ingredients, so for anyone watching out for these kind of things, it’s a good buy.

      I like the fact that it’s in a big tub, and more importantly that the tub is plastic- no danger of glass on the tiled floor. The fact that it’s a tub, and not in a bottle means that I can see exactly how much I have got left, and can scrape my finger round the edge and the bottom of the tub for the very last bit.

      One little word of warning- don’t leave it on a sunny window sill, as I did. It’s a butter, and butter melts. I didn’t like it one little bit when I opened my butter tub to find it had practically liquefied. All is well now, and the process has been reversed- it’s a butter once more, and no harm seems to have befallen it.

      A pleasantly scented, non greasy and moisturising body butter which I would recommend.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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        09.02.2007 23:45



        i found the mango intensive moistrizer at a discount store. it is great on my dry skin. i go tan all the time and in the winter my skin gets really dry. it is fantastic. i was wanting to know where to find it. i live in burlington,n.c. and have not seen it any where.


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        09.01.2007 16:18
        Very helpful



        Pampered by a 200 ml tub!


        First of all I would like to explain how I came by these wonderful body butters.
        My ‘other half ‘ knew that I had been hunting for over a year for a product similar to one that I had found in Bangkok.
        I loved my Thai Coconut body butter that I had found over there, but could not find anything that came close to it in the UK albeit the Body shop came a close second!

        So, for Christmas this year he wrapped up a pack of 5 body butters all in a presentation package.
        The package contained Olive, Mango, Coconut, White Chocolate and Raspberry/Black current. The tubs themselves are pretty , the Olive one being a green tub, White Chocolate (white) no surprises there then, Coconut (brown), Mango (orange) Raspberry/Black current (red). Purchased in Costco, so I knew he must have seen a bargain, being the true Scotsman he is!

        I was so excited to see if they lived up to their promise, and since Christmas have used alternative tubs each day.


        All have the basic ingredients being Cyclomerhicone, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Polysorbate 60, Glyercin, Dimethicone, PEG-100 stearate, Beeswax, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polyacrylamide/C14-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Isonbutylparaben, N-Butylparaben Disodium EDTA, BHT, FD&C, but each individual cream of course has its’ added ingredients as well as the basic ones to give them that individual fragrant aroma.


        I find I need body creams as I have very dry skin, and do not use them just for a pampering session, but if I must use them for necessity then why not enjoy the luxury too?! It makes a nice change from petroleum jellies and the like!

        I was a bit dubious initially as my skin can re-act sometimes to strong smelling aromas, but I have to say I have had no fights with these lovely butters on my skin….they are wonderfully gentle, yet the Mango aroma can be rather strong when you first apply it, but it just soaks into the skin, and leaves you feeling all soft and cuddly, and at the same time making you feel so ‘well’ and ‘pampered’!
        I can see why my ‘other half’ went for this as a gift (think he wants to eat me all the time now)! Who am I to stop him…..I mean I would want to eat him too if he used this (perhaps he will start)!

        Each of these formulas’ have properties in them which really do nourish and hydrate your skin but the really exciting part is it enhances the state of mind too! I really did find I feel better, and even if I cannot explain fully to you, how good I feel using these, you have to trust me on this…..I honestly feel a sense of better ‘well being’ after applying these butters !

        When I first used these, I found they apply very smoothly, and there was no need for intensive rubbing to get it absorbed into the skin…it leaves no residue of stickiness or greasiness….just a fine smooth refreshed looking skin, absolute luxury, and as I said, as soon as you have applied it you feel so exhilarated!

        All day long the butter lasts, and I find I do not need to apply anymore throughout the day until my night time shower . I do apply more to my arms and elbows throughout the day, however, as I just love the feeling of it, whether I actually need to apply more or not! I am just total smitten with my 200ml tubs!

        I have only been using it since Christmas, so hope I do not need to come back with my tail between my legs saying I have a massive incurable rash because of my use of this, but I somehow doubt it, as I would use it even as a well being ‘pick me up‘ and the butters themselves ‘feel‘ light enough not to irritate the skin of anyone who might have a extra dry or sensitive skin as I do!
        So if anyone is wary about trying certain products because of skin allergies etc….then honestly, my skin is so hard to live with, yet, this product was so much a welcome to me, as I do suffer from intermittent Psoriasis and a bit wary of certain skin products, but this one has proved to be a winner with me!

        It is one Christmas present that I will cherish, and so happy to have found!


        Good news is Delon claim that they do not use animals to test their products, and no animal ingredients are used. This is important to me, as I am against testing on animals!

        Now, the packaging on this gift type collection, states that yes, they are Delon + Body Butter (Luxurious Body Moisturizers, but if you look at the back of the package it tells you that it was imported by Costco Wholesale UK Ltd., so not sure if you can obtain this certain gift pack anywhere else, though I do know that while looking for this product online, I came across a few E-Bay sellers, who were advertising the individual tubs, varying between £2.99 to £3.99 per tub, but cannot find the actual gift pack anywhere including Costco!

        Delon is actually based in Canada and if you go into their website www.labdelon.com it tells you that this company has been running for 64 years.

        I was also amazed to see that it guides you to retailers who stock their products, and this included of course, Costco, along with Brooks, Sam’s Club & Target. This puzzled me a bit as I am sure you must be able to purchase this in more retail shops than that! As I said before though, I did find that it was being sold on E-Bay, in individual tubs, but my present was obviously exclusive to Costco, and as it was a gift, I do not know how much was paid for the 5 tubs in the gift package, but I can only assume it was in the region of about £15-£20?
        My partner will not divulge what he paid for it, and was quite ‘put out’ even when I told him it was only to inform everyone in this review! I did look up Costco and spent a long time looking for it, but to not avail!

        I know E-Bay will be a definite way to get it! So all I need to do now is find my favourite in these five tubs and buy it individually!

        Pure luxury in a little tub!

        J x


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